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Лудки маст дай! Или как уберечь себя от факапа с фармингом.   Тут попался на глаза хороший тред-твит о том, как бы не вляпаться в скамину, пытаясь стать миллиардером(ну блин, а как же?) на д

Классное саммари от @Mia по поводу шума вокруг $FEW в крипто твиттере: Оригинал - https://t.me/miacoins/202   Few understand Занимательная история разгорелась в твиттере вчера ближ

Сегодня наконец-то сел разбираться с проектом Synthetix, бывшие Havven, и почему же они за 3.5 недели увеличили количество залоченных средств в 4.5 раза, с $4М до $18M, и ворвались в топ4 DeFi Pulse.

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Новый АММ, с майнингом ликвидностью на старте: https://medium.com/sushiswap/the-sushiswap-project-c4049ea9941e

Фишка нового АММ в том, что токен sushi будет получать ещё и 0.05% от всех комиссий протокола. В общем полная пирамида )


Позвали топовые аудиторские компании проаудировать их, предложили 5 эфирок, но потока желающих пока не много.


Сайт: https://sushiswap.org/

Твиттер: https://twitter.com/sushiswap

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5 часов назад, cp287 сказал:

Позвали топовые аудиторские компании проаудировать их, предложили 5 эфирок, но потока желающих пока не много.



Как-то немного предложили для топов. А для остальных ещё и твиттер по заданным условиям надо иметь чтобы аудитором быть 😁

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Хороший обзор того, что происходило в сфере управления ДеФи последнее время:


Governance Rush 🌾👨‍🌾


If you missed a few governance things of the past few weeks, this is for you.


Fellow farmers, unite! We have been collectively turning these fertile lands (not your sister, don't worry) into wastelands. Coming as a swarm in full force and annihilating the entire supply of crops within days, Ethereum lands start to feel the effects. But fear no more, we must collectively now decide on how to keep the crops growing while buying a house every second week...


This isn't really a joke. And it's not DeFI policing either! It's governance, ser. 👮‍♀️


So we have yEarn making proposals in MakerDAO, Aave supporting yEarn, then you try to vote for a gauge increase in renBTC pool by asking your CRV friends to pamp your REN bags... super fun, right? The combination of these things makes for powerful play controlling hundreds of millions of dollars.


You see, people chase yields, always and forever. When you increase the yield on sBTC CRV gauge to triple digits, it automatically makes for a good case to get some sBTC and put it into the pool. That immediately influences the fees on swaps, the volumes, and the interest for sBTC itself. Even centralized platforms like FTX and NEXO jump in. Now go a bit further and look at YAM. So you deposit COMP SNX and other governance coins. With high yields, you end up increasing the demand for these governance coins. That boosts the DeFi index for traders, borrowing rates for Compound and Aave, and so on. The indirect effect of semi-ponzis helping more legitimate projects: twitter.com/Rewkang/status/1296737576166944768


Here are some cool snippets:


  • Yearn and YAM deciding to allocate some of the reserves to Gitcoin open-source projects: twitter.com/bantg/status/1298591059606474753. 
  •  Curve DAO started and was immediately seeing the boost in Compound APY rewards. The Michael wanted to vote as a founder and fat-fingered a huge governance part… but holders came together and reduced his vote strength. 
  • Since veCRV has VoteLock against gaming it via lending-borrowing governance tokens, Y contract had to be first approved to vote for the boost in CRV rewards, meaning for about a week longer Y is waiting to vote for the boost: twitter.com/iearnfinance/status/1298858608533397504. But as we see, the gauges are somewhat similar to how the initial weight started.
  • Credit Delegation launched by Aave, and then immediately proposed by Aave to include it in yVaults to increase APY: twitter.com/iearnfinance/status/1298303842296135680
  • Like many other protocols, farming issuance long-term neither captures more TVL nor is a good idea for price performance. Compound is trying to find an answer to this question: twitter.com/compoundfinance/status/1298720987144286209
  • SNX’s DAO, Yearn’s YCombinator idea, MetaCartel Ventures and Moloch DAO being more active, and so on. A lot of cool initiatives! We will talk about them later.

PS: this in now way relates to scam DAOs your paid chat admins are launching. Those are not experiments but are blatant moneygrabs. Cancelling such people is a must.


So how much does this governance cost? 🤷


We have been on the governance train since over 2 years ago! Check this post, for instance - t.me/blockchain_lobsters/441. Back then, governance participation was just a mere single digit percentage of token holders. Even when there were some incentives, the market didn’t want this… Now we are in a bullish market, governance actually yields strong yCRV rewards like in YFI, so it makes more sense to participate! The levels of inclusion and in the double digits now of token holders.


But like with any governance, it’s still basically plutocracy. Smart people will say “go for Quadratic voting sir” and they will be right, but it doesn’t fix things 100%. See this cool metric: twitter.com/AndreCronjeTech/status/1297757154691162112. The participation is still quite low, and hundreds of millions of intertwined economic effects are in the hands of a few (responsible) people. Which is how it has always been, so that is not a surprise. But the question is how to activate those other people?


So what fixes this apathy? 🤔


The experiment I am eyeing - PowerPool


This won’t fix everything either. But it’s pretty interesting.


So when Anton made a twitter post about asking on how to increase governance participation - many thought “ser just give extra rewards”: twitter.com/k06a/status/1298347312603897857. Moreover, staking LP tokens is also not the best idea at all times as galaxy brain Tarun points out: twitter.com/tarunchitra/status/1298359745426993159. And as we see from Andre’s post, even big yCRV (real dividends!) do not turn traders into passionate protocol participations. Most people just won’t do it. 


источник: tg - Lobster DAO

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Прикольная идея по фармингу NFT-токенов-мемов с Виталиком Бутериным, Сергеем Назаровым и CZ: https://medium.com/@dontbuymeme/announcing-the-meme-protocol-yield-farming-meets-nfts-1a9820f7058b

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26.08.2020 в 23:16, cp287 сказал:

AMM Dodo (https://app.dodoex.io/) открыли неограниченные депозиты для провайдеров ликвидности в паре ETH-USDC и LINK-USDC и были добавлены на 1inch.



Опубликовали роадмэп и раскрыли сид инвесторов



Изменено пользователем MrSkill
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Сайт, позволяющий посмотреть насколько какой-либо продукт DeFi прошёл проверку безопасности и насколько она близка к лучшим стандартам индустрии: https://defisafety.com/

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Запущен новый стандарт DEX - OpenDEX https://blog.exchangeunion.com/launching-opendex-the-decentralized-exchange-standard-b907d2a99b5a
OpenDEX меняет правила игры для децентрализованных бирж, устанавливая стандарт в мире фрагментированных пулов ликвидности и несовместимых протоколов с целью создания единой глобальной децентрализованной сети обмена. Сегодня мы выпустили первый стабильный выпуск xud, эталонной реализации OpenDEX, что сделало его первой в производственной среде децентрализованной обменной сетью 3 уровня (привет пионерам из бывшего стартапа Lightning Sparkswap)! OpenDEX обеспечивает встроенные межцепочечные торги, мгновенные расчеты через сети Lightning и Connext, децентрализованный обмен ордерами и, что наиболее важно, механизм для увеличения ликвидности

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