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Rchain [RHOC] - децентрализованная платформа для создания приложений с высоким уровнем масштабирования.


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Один из лид-разрабов: I just re-ran the projection to include the last couple weeks. Things are slowing down: new ETA is April 15, 2020   Речь про меркури. То есть в лучшем случае все с

Деньги собраны, казино продолжает работу)

Держите свои токены при себе)

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leiterhaus:Today at 10:49 PM
As of an hour ago, the board voted to open the ports.
Today we will file the consent decree.

leiterhaus:Today at 10:50 PM
This closes the matter of the RHOC.
We filed the exemption for the REV.
It does not completely close the matter.

However, the DFI has shown that they cannot act in a manner that makes the jurisdiction of Washington state a safe place to do business.
So,we are actively looking for a new jurisdiction.
The only viable approach to addressing the issue in Washington is lobbying the state legislature which is time consuming, and expensive.

The board is now gathering information regarding possible jurisdictions.
The community is invited to help with this information gathering stage.

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💥💥The RChain mainnet is live💥💥

You can check your mainnet REV balance if you want:
1) Get your REV address from your Ethereum address: https://tgrospic.github.io/rnode-client-js/
2) Query a read-only node with your REV address: http://rhobot.net/rho-bot/balance.html


Но, как и написано в цитатах выше, пока праздника не будет - переводы заморожены до урегулирования вопроса юрисдикции, в которой будет зареган кооператив/компания

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BitMax will host public sale of CasperLabs (CLX) on March 30. In September 2019 CasperLabs has closed $14.5M USD private fundraising round with participation from Acuitas Group Holdings, Arrington XRP Capital, Consensus Capital, MW Partners and Hashkey Capital among others.

According to CoinDesk, BitMax will automatically stake CLX for buyers when the mainnet launches later this year, after which there will be an enforced 90-day lock up to prevent prompt sell-offs. More details to be released.


Обгоняют по всем фронтам. Инфы по дропу для холдеров Rhoc до сих пор нет (но и не пишут, что его не будет)

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Делистинг с Кукоина. Необходимо вывести средства до 8го мая. Непонятно только при чем тут rhoc, если уже rev.


Долгожданный мейннет запустился 1.5 месяца назад, имеем ноль бирж (ноль ликвидности) и полную невостребованность сети (переводы ограничены).



MRW: https://myrchainwallet.com/
Dappy: https://dappy.tech/
Rui: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/rui锐/jkjnjhfcoeoogcdmdhmckfchlbecholg
Capo: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.icapo.capo
RNode web client: https://tgrospic.github.io/rnode-client-js/

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Technical update: https://youtu.be/6Jfo2JLM6us
Calling everyone who wants to help develop RChain: https://youtu.be/6Jfo2JLM6us?t=261
Last finalized state discussion: https://youtu.be/6Jfo2JLM6us?t=440
KuCoin situation: https://youtu.be/6Jfo2JLM6us?t=573
1-hour walkthrough of the whole RChain architecture: https://youtu.be/6Jfo2JLM6us?t=697


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Напоминаю, что необходимо вывести средства с Кукоина до 8го мая, иначе они пропадут. Ссылки на создание кошельков чуть выше.


Но депнуть можно и на другую биржу! Сегодня объявили листинг на бирже MXC:



Рисованные объемы, ликвидность ниже в сравнении с Кукоином, но в любом случае это положительные сдвиги и хорошая новость :party-popper:

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АМА Грега (@leithaus) на канале mxc перед листингом. Инсайдов нет, но есть краткий FAQ о проекте (и харизма Грега в последнем вопросе этого поста).


Molly MXC (PM You is SCAMMER), [30.04.20 06:13]
Q1.What is the ecosystem of RChain?

What is the role of REV in the ecosystem?

Lucius Meredith, [30.04.20 06:15]
Great question! We’re still figuring that out! At a minimum it includes the membership of the Cooperative, the Validators and staking community, the dApps and dApp developers and the larger community of token holders and users of dApps.
The REV is central to the secure functioning of the network.
REV prevents dos attacks on the global computer that the RChain network implements.
It also secures transaction validation through staking.


Molly MXC (PM You is SCAMMER), [30.04.20 06:19]
Q2.What are the ways in which RChain makes a profit and what is its economic model? How can it be profitable for both your project and the investors?

Lucius Meredith, [30.04.20 06:20]
Excellent question! RChain has several revenue streams. The Cooperative, just like any other validator, makes transaction fees from the nodes the Cooperative runs. It also takes a very small fee for the network maintenance and governance services it provides. It also has a solutions group that provides architectural and development services for dApps and dApp developers. Finally, it earns revenue from investment in dApps and community projects. Members of the Cooperative get dividends in the form of discounts on REV, in addition to appreciation of the token.


Molly MXC (PM You is SCAMMER), [30.04.20 06:26]
3.Is RChain ready for a qualitative leap in dApps technology & do you think dApps will rule over the regular centralized apps in a few upcoming years?

Lucius Meredith, [30.04.20 06:27]
Yes, we certainly are and we believe we are the only ones looking at the reality of the technical challenge for that to happen. A decentralized Facebook would require 100 trillion smart contracts running concurrently. What architecture currently contemplated can support those kind of numbers? We have a roadmap to get there.
i’ve not heard one single project outside of RChain talk about the magnitude of the challenge to realize the dream of a quantum leap in dApp technology. dApps will rule if we can reach those numbers.


Molly MXC (PM You is SCAMMER), [30.04.20 06:31]
Q4.To become a member of CO-OP we need to invest 20$ and adittional 10$ for maintaining our membership, so what will be the benifits we can get in joining CO-OP?

Lucius Meredith, [30.04.20 06:32]
Being a member of RChain Cooperative means you can vote on items of business and elect the board. In other words you have a both a direct and indirect say in the governance of the protocol and the development of the technology and how the Cooperative uses its treasury.


Molly MXC (PM You is SCAMMER), [30.04.20 06:34]
5.What is the core feature that creates the value of RChain? Can you tell some highlights from them?

Lucius Meredith, [30.04.20 06:36]
There are two pieces that work together under the yoke of correct-by-construction methodology. The first is the rho-calculus, which defines a concurrent execution, storage, and query model. Essentially, it’s Internet 3.0 semantics. The second is the behavioral types generated from the LADL algorithm. These guarantee network security for user defined smart contracts.



Дальше произошло непонятное. Был этап общения с комьюнити и в чатик накидали около 50 вопросов, в том числе очень острых (о многих факапах последних лет). Но ведущая предложила выбрать 5 вопросов и ответить на них. 


Zero Knowledge, [30.04.20 06:40]
How will RChain expand in the future as regarding team members. Growing a company can be hard. Growing to fast is not always good. Will you expand to other countries? What will be the primary focus? Growing the team or expand to other regions?

Lucius Meredith, [30.04.20 06:45]
[In reply to Zero Knowledge]
This is important! We seek a combination of talent, persistence, flexibility, good humor, and focus. This is pretty much unicorn territory and so we can only grow as fast as unicorns are born.


Khoidarelest, [30.04.20 06:40]
What’s the key difference between ETH Casper and RChain Casper? Why not just build on top of Ethereum and Casper? 

Lucius Meredith, [30.04.20 06:50]
[In reply to Khoidarelest]
This is a useful question. Ethereum execution is sequential. Therefore all transactions must be serialized. This will never scale, in fact it’s anti-scaling. As you add resources it slows down. RChain uses a concurrent execution model. So, we don’t have to serialize transactions that don’t touch shared resources.


eljovan3s, [30.04.20 06:41]
Who is on the team of RCHAIN, what are their backgrounds & credentials, and do they have any public track records?

Lucius Meredith, [30.04.20 06:58]
[In reply to eljovan3s]
Thanks for asking about this. You can see this on our website. But, i can say for myself that i hold patents on the first Internet scale smart contracting system, BizTalk Process Orchestration, which i delivered as a Microsoft product. It set Internet standards including WSDL, BEPL, BPML, and inspired WS-Choreography. This was in 2000.


eljovan3s, [30.04.20 06:41]
RCHAIN aims to bring innovative technologies, right? So how will these innovative technologies help theblockchain industry to work more transparently and securely against hackers?

Lucius Meredith, [30.04.20 07:02]
[In reply to eljovan3s]
The biggest contribution in this regard is the spatial-behavioral type systems generated by the LADL algorithm. To learn more read my article with Jack Petterson about how our types would have prevented the DAO bug!


На самом деле это был третий вопрос, но хочется его выделить. Грег такой Грег!




Min Seo, [30.04.20 06:41]
Too many projects disappear in this tough market conditions. How do you ensure the sustainability of RChain? What is the receipt of success?

Lucius Meredith, [30.04.20 06:55]
[In reply to Min Seo]
That is such an important question. We keep going because it’s not about the market for us. It’s about helping the planet and the people who live here handle the consequences of climate change. If you have watched the economic trends, you will see this has already become a multi trillion $ market. So, we will reap economic benefits. But that is not our aim. Our aim is to serve in this time of extreme need.




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05.05.2020 в 07:59, T сказал:

Скорее всего будет что-то вроде 3-4 центов за токен


Чуть покатались (хай по 6.6 центов) и вернулись в ожидаемый диапазон, спустя сутки. Без маркетинга сложно удержать толпу селлеров



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Цена катится в бездну, поэтому Rchain прибегает к любимым методам, воспеваниям:




RChain – Mainnet and beyond

RChain’s mission is to create a blockchain that can support
global coordination for solving global problems including climate change.


Seattle, WA. May 11, 2020 –

RChain Cooperative launched its mainnet blockchain on February 25, 2020. Since then, our community has developed wallets and the impressive Dappy Framework has been released. Additionally, RChain REV has been listed on MXC and HotBit exchanges. This ground swell of engagement and support comes from the fact that the RChain community understands that as RChain matures it will be able to scale in a near linear fashion, so that instead of slowing down as more resources are added, it will scale up.


Over the next few months RChain will support the ability for nodes to join, not by going all the way back to the genesis block, but by going only to the last finalized state. This will enable nodes to sync up to the blockchain quickly, and continually compact the storage they maintain.


But to really get inside what makes the RChain technology different it is important to understand that it is built as a next generation database, first and foremost. Rholang offers many advanced language features, yet it is at the end of the day a query language for a decentralized, global storage and compute platform. To learn more, check out this video, (What sets RChain apart from Ethereum...).


Technology is not the only thing that sets RChain apart. The RChain Cooperative is also a community of people who understand the gravity of the situation we face in climate change and understand that we cannot wait for government or industry. We must find a way to coordinate our response to climate change now. The RChain technology provides the basis for that coordination and response. To learn more, check out our Climate and Coordination podcasts.


RChain is led by Greg Meredith, one of the foremost visionaries in the blockchain space. Behind his leadership, and years of building and developing in the “decentralized” platform world, RChain is creating a platform that will transform blockchain technology and empower its users.


“Greg Meredith is a logician and mathematician with an astounding grasp of concurrency, formal verification, language design, and computer science. His knowledge is not compartmentalized, but rather reflects his holistic understanding of the fundamentals of theoretical computer science,” said Vlad Zamfir, founding member of Ethereum.

Current blockchains (e.g. Bitcoin and Ethereum) are struggling with scale, speed and security as well as being limited and only capable of processing approximately 10-20 transactions per second. RChain anticipates managing approximately 40,000 transactions per second (matching Visa’s processing capabilities).


The RChain platform’s smart contracts and the transactions represented therein are concurrent and formally verified by a compiler – so they’re fast, versatile, and secure all the while being easy for developers to adopt and utilize. At present, no other blockchain technology addresses these fundamental needs of the community.


Co-founder Greg Meredith said, “Because the RChain platform enables more trust on the Internet, it’s evolutionary.” He went on to say, “It enables innovators worldwide to create fast, scalable and decentralized solutions that are far less resource intensive, which is a significant improvement from existing blockchain solutions”.


Among the many possible applications of RChain’s technology; tamper-proof financial platforms, social networks, environmental agencies, and endless other options. These are solutions that enable every individual to finally control their own identity, reputation and data.


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  • 2 months later...


Staking news: For KYC'd Coop members, a new epoch is coming up so if you haven't staked before through the Coop, now is the time to do so. Go to the staking channel in the Discord for information!

Also, remember to send your REV address you'll use for voting in the annual meeting (you'll receive 100 REV), using the instructions you got in the mail.

You can use this guide if you want to create a new address: https://blog.rchain.coop/2020/07/24/creating-a-rev-address/
How to use MetaMask with RChain: https://medium.com/@jimscarver/using-metamask-with-rchain-2f05311976f



Запустили стэйкинг. Доходность 7% годовых.


Также стали делать текстовые расшифровки комьюнити коллов. Вот, например, июльская (сложная в плане технических терминов): https://blog.rchain.coop/2020/07/22/rchain-co-op-weekly-community-debrief-188-jul-22-2020/


И ходят на подкасты: 


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Разраб, участник кооператива Rchain и посол Ren Maximilian Roszko о будущем Рчейн:


Maximilian Roszko, [27.08.20 17:27]
Some of those projects had very high raises and can spend a lot of money to get listed on exchanges, the RChain coop does not have that luxury. And even if the coop did, the aim is not to pump and dump the price, the aim is to deliver a scalable platform that is useful to users. I'm not involved in the business strategy of the Coop but it is pretty clear they are allocating resources carefully to be able to deliver the 2 major technical milestone that are in work right now, LFS and blockmerge.


Hanh, [27.08.20 17:28]
Hey guys.  Is Rchain cross-chain link? 


Maximilian Roszko, [27.08.20 17:33]
[In reply to Hanh]
I'll be pushing for integrating with Ethereum through the Ren project when LFS and blockmerge is complete


@antaeus жди прибавления через год 🙈

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Tentative Near term road map is
2021Q1 - block merge,
2021Q2 - updating PoS contract to enable external validators,
2021Q3 - Rholang v1.1 operationalization,
2021Q4 - sharding and name spaces, in that order.


Когда весь рынок за год сделал кучу иксов, рчейн держится х0.9. Стейблкоин! 

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  • 5 weeks later...

Неожиданно х9 со дна за месяц без новостей!

По слухам заключили партнерство с GSI Technology - небольшой компанией из Калифорнии, которая торгуется на Насдаке (мк 200млн$).

Движ с Касперлабсом (форк Рчейна, пилят бывшие сотрудники кооператива, см посты в этой теме) на Коинлисте может сыграть на руку.


Скролил ветку и заметил пост аж от июня 2019го - ребята чувствовали тренд! Но в DeFi так и не играли.

07.06.2019 в 03:58, T сказал:

https://rholang-china.org/ написали статью с громким названием "Why RChain is the best DeFi platform?" - https://medium.com/@node_we/why-rchain-is-the-best-defi-platform-5275bdbcc082


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Гоу возрождать легенду!


Shixi, [23.02.21 13:21]
I asked the author of the Copo Wallet to open up the wallet creation feature again, and he promised to do it by the end of the week.He had previously disabled the feature. I think it will be more convenient for new investors.

Shixi, [23.02.21 13:23]
We are responsible for docking an exchange, they are working overtime for us for the technical interface, soon we will list on it.

Shixi, [23.02.21 13:24]
They can offer free APIs and Grid Trading Service.

🐟Tuna🐟, [23.02.21 13:25]
[In reply to Shixi]
Which exchange are we talking about?

Shixi, [23.02.21 13:26]

Shixi, [23.02.21 13:47]
It's been around for a long time and one of our investors is a shareholder in it.The owner of the exchange has good credibility in the cryptocurrency community.They also don't want our list fee.

Shixi, [23.02.21 13:59]
[In reply to Katoshi Cutetamoto]
I have contacted several major exchanges before. After the opening of our external nodes, we have the opportunity to list them.

Shixi, [23.02.21 13:59]
However, there are still a few months before the opening of external nodes, so we need to strive for continued price rise in the market and increase liquidity.

Shixi, [23.02.21 14:00]
This will also become the bargaining chips of the top several exchanges in our list.

Shixi, [23.02.21 14:00]
At present, many teams are looking for me, they want to do quantitative trading, but the threshold of MXC is too high.

Shixi, [23.02.21 14:00]
We have very poor liquidity, a lot of people want to buy a lot of REVs, but there is no way to buy them.

Shixi, [23.02.21 14:01]
We have been maintaining offline promotion.

Shixi, [23.02.21 14:01]
There are currently tens of thousands of individual teams that want to join the RChain community.

Shixi, [23.02.21 14:01]
ost of them are the owners and players of Internet circles.

Shixi, [23.02.21 14:02]
I also keep updating RChain with the latest information and news about the biggest several market software in China.Mytoken,Alcoin,金果子,etc

Shixi, [23.02.21 14:02]
We are also currently working with several of the largest cryptocurrency media outlets in China.

Shixi, [23.02.21 14:03]
The COO of the largest cryptocurrency media has purchased the REV and helped us with our promotion efforts.币世界 (Bishijie

Shixi, [23.02.21 14:04]
Our most fatal problem right now is a lack of liquidity, and we need to address that.And we're not supposed to trade on just one exchange, so the exchange won't take us seriously enough.

Shixi, [23.02.21 14:04]
We've been approached by a lot of small and new exchanges, but we keep refusing because they're afraid they'll go under or run away and take the REV's of investors with them.

Shixi, [23.02.21 14:05]
But Citex has been doing it for a long time and has a good name recognition in China.

Shixi, [23.02.21 14:05]
They are also willing to engage in deep cooperation with us.

Shixi, [23.02.21 14:05]
Both EOS and DOT had a lot of hype and marketing ahead of the mainnet launch and feature launch.

Shixi, [23.02.21 14:06]
A lot of projects do that.It doesn't hinder our technological progress, it helps our popularity,

Katoshi Cutetamoto, [23.02.21 14:13]
[In reply to Shixi]
Market prominence in China is definitely important to the project.👌

Shixi, [23.02.21 14:13]
Yes, almost all new investors these days are Chinese.

Shixi, [23.02.21 14:13]
We've also done a lot of offline promotion work in different cities.

Shixi, [23.02.21 14:14]
I'm creating PPT on the purchase process, because many people have never touched cryptocurrencies.

Shixi, [23.02.21 14:15]
The completion of the block merge could be by the end of next month or longer.After the block merge completes, it waits for the external node to open.It may be in June.

Shixi, [23.02.21 14:15]
It won't be very fast.

Shixi, [23.02.21 14:21]
We will list the top10.I don't think it will be a problem after the external nodes are open.

Shixi, [23.02.21 14:21]
I believe that RChain has enough strength to prove everything.

Shixi, [23.02.21 14:22]
At present, our external node is not open. It is not a formal mainnet, which also makes the docking interface more difficult. Top10 needs to be formal.

Shixi, [23.02.21 14:25]
They also asked us to provide the list and trading data of other exchanges.

Shixi, [23.02.21 14:25]
If we have good liquidity on other exchanges and more exchanges, this will give us the opportunity to increase the list.

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  • 3 months later...

Рчейн играет в маркетинг!

Грег отправился покорять Китай, и это событие активно продвигается в китайском сообществе. 



RChain’s  efforts were also recognized by the International Finance Forum as the only invited public chain project to present their work in its 2021 spring meeting. The International Finance Forum (IFF) is one of the most influential independent international forums in the world, committed towards establishing multilateral dialogue and communications at highest level and conducting research on global financial matters. Zhou Xiaochuan, the former governor of China’s central bank, People's Bank of China, currently serves as the chairman of IFF’s general assembly. Its advisory committee consists of top level former policy makers such as Jean-Claude Trichet (former president of the European Central Bank), Masaaki Shirakawa (former governor of Bank of Japan), Horst Köhler (former IMF managing director), Paul Volcker (former president of Federal Reserve) and Robert Alexander Mundell (“father” of the euro),  also worked previously as chairmen of the IFF.

Viewing time: May 30th, 2021, 16:00-17:30, Beijing time
IFF official website: http://www.iff.org.cn/php/list.php?tid=240
Online viewing address:https://dythz.evp.mudu.tv/watch/may3knvm
Sina Finance Feature:https://finance.sina.com.cn/zt_d/gjjr/
China News Network Feature:http://www.chinanews.com/cj/z/IFF2021/index.shtml


Параллельно в чатиках пошли лозунги 



IFF is a very official forum.

If RChain's technology is not sound, the organizers won't invite us.

He did a lot of due diligence, and took lots of personal responsibility by sending us an invite.

It is beyond stupid to think you can get an invitation by spending money.

In that panel discussion, there is another speaker talked about the importance of concurrency to blockchain, I believe that is exactly why RChain was invited - they want this feature, and RChain is the only project to offer it.

We prepared this show to help RChain's technology to get the due awareness, not to let you make quick money.


Выступление и спонсорство на странных конференциях - все, как в 17-18ом. Даешь адопшен!

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