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Внезапно пришло письмо на фондовую почту, о скоро приближающемся приватном раунде https://reserve.org/. Не помню как я подписался на них, но посмотрел список тех, кто будет разгружаться об обычных инвесторов, т.е. список фондов, и прифигел. Там и коинбейз, и DCG, и Sam Altman, и Тиль, DG, и ещё куча всяких крутых чуваков.

И письмо составлено в соответствующей манере: 

Скрытый текст
Happy holidays from Reserve!
The private sale of Reserve Shares will be opening in January. Thanks for registering your interest! As we've received interest from 670 funds and accredited investors, we won't have time to speak to everyone who has signed up. I'm reaching out now to let you know, so that you can reserve a place in line.
If there is still allocation available after speaking with investors who have already signed up, we may open the sale publicly on Coinlist. That said, we will prioritize investors who have reserved a place in line, so we may not end up advertising the sale publicly.
Reserving Your Place in Line
If you'd like to meet with us to discuss investing in this upcoming private sale of Reserve Shares, reply to this email with answers to the following questions:
  1. Which country would you be making the investment from?
  2. How much would you be interested in investing if you decide to participate?
About Reserve
We're in position to launch the Reserve stablecoin in Q1 2019 (of course unexpected events can always stretch timelines, but this is the current plan). We've been running live tests on the Ethereum testnet since the summer, and at this point we are implementing our regulatory strategy before we go live.
We continue to be more and more excited about what we’re building and what it will mean for the world to release it. It’s been quite a journey, starting from the basic thesis that a stable store of value and means of exchange can be brought to all corners of the world, and then actually building the technology and travelling to the parts of the world that need it most to see how we can deliver this new currency.
We're raising more capital in preparation for the launch so that we can cover the costs of going to market. We're about to start hiring an in-country sales team in our initial target market, launching paid advertising campaigns, and offering incentives for users and merchants to adopt Reserve.
Frequently Asked Questions
Which specific market are you going to go into and how are you going to get users to adopt Reserve over alternatives?
We are not ready to announce the full details of our go-to-market strategy yet, but we can share that we have been spending time on the ground studying Argentina, Angola, and Venezuela, and have mapped out an offering we believe to have a very strong product/market fit. The initial market we are going into is ripe for mass-adoption of stable cryptocurrencies, and once we are ready to go live we will make a full announcement of what we are building and who we are partnering with to roll this out. If we speak to you personally about investing, we can share more details about our strategy.
Does the news about Basis shutting down for regulatory reasons apply to Reserve?
No. We recognized this problem in advance and specifically designed our protocol to avoid it.
How is Reserve positioned to compete against other stablecoins?
Most stablecoins are aiming to overtake Tether. We are aiming to overtake Bitcoin and to replace fiat currencies in countries that can't keep inflation under control. Our approaches to designing the Reserve protocol and going to market are specifically tailored to this outcome. We intend to bring the best product to market, in the parts of the world that need it the most, with a large dedicated growth team. We tend to think the risk of Reserve not succeeding has more to do with the actual difficulty of the challenge than it does with competition. At this moment, we do not think that any other project can compete in terms of product design and go-to-market strategy.
Isn't it a bad idea to raise money in a bear market?
By speaking to our existing investors about participating in the upcoming round and checking in with founders of other high-profile stablecoin projects that are closing rounds right now, we've learned that the market can tell the difference between run-of-the-mill ICOs and legitimate cryptocurrencies that truly have the potential to replace fiat money.
What are the terms of the sale?
We're taking the normal venture fundraising approach of setting terms with a lead investor. Once we have finalized terms, we will communicate them to other interested investors who have reserved their place in line.
Enjoy your holidays, and we look forward to speaking to you in the new year!
–Nevin and the Reserve core team


Суть: нам пишут пожарные, пишет милиция, пляшите перед нами, может мы возьмём ваши деньги.

Мы можем запустить наш стейблкоин уже в первом квартале (очень нравятся такие формулировки. Типа смотрите, у вас времени мало, быстрая инвестиция. А на самом деле может и можете, а запустите хорошо если в первой половине 19-го). Условия вам не скажем, но вы скажите сколько хотите в нас занести, и мы подумаем взять ли ваши деньги.


В такие игры играть я уже научился. Напишем им, что всё зависит от условий, но (т.к. думаю, что они хотят брать от 500к) мы обычно инвестируем в такие стабильные проекты от 200к до 1.5М. Естественно чтобы просто узнать условия, а потом, увидев х20 от сид раунда успешно их скипнуть (а что ещё ждать при таком количестве супер имён? Знаем мы чем их всех завлекают)

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очнулись после НГ праздников, прислали письмо, предлагают созвониться в ближайшие две недели. Созвонимся, что же английский не попрактиковать.

Сразу видно подход к делу. Неспешащий, вальяжный. Денег видимо у них хватает, уже добирать с фишей пытаются.

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Сами назначили встречу, сами перенесли ещё на неделю за 4 часа до её начала. П - профессионализм. Видимо недостаточно зима ударила по собирателям, что 2 из 2 таких случая в этом году. Скоро опять пруф оф лавы устраивать начнут.

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Опять опоздали. Я и так подумывал их проучить,а когда они не написали во время, то через 8 минут уже решил им не отвечать сразу. Видимо ребята принимали душ из денег.

Ответил через час, сказал что ждал их 5 минут, и потом стал заниматься делами. Как говорят в Бразилии (в шутку конечно) "so violencia educa", что на могучий наш переводится как "только жестокость обучает".

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