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  • The rationale for naming this pool leak as "impermanent" is the factual statement that, if ETH price reverts back to the starting point, you will get your missing ETHs back.
  • But this presentation is completely misleading because it's as if: you lose the girl when she's popular, and you get her back when she gets dumped. So she's your "Impermanent Girlfriend"? Who would want that!? The proper way to do this is to prevent her from being stolen from you in the first place.


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At heart, we are a team of crack scientists naturally gravitated towards the craziest designs that we believe will build out a better future. Some of our ideas, like "concentrated liquidity", have been validated, but others are still to be validated. This is the frontier of AMM designs and we have studied everything we can find. So we must just try.

The botched rollout on Day 1 was a rude awakening for us. We are custodians of nearly half a billion dollars of your hard-earned money, and we must be 100% responsible and conservative about its safety.


So here's the rollout plan:

1. The aggressively innovative delayed trading and single-sided deposit functionalities will be rolled out in the next few days.

2. Their size will be severely limited initially so as to minimize LP risks. The initial size limit will be only $80k per trade, and we will increase them slowly as we study their effects. In light of the ridiculously overkill size our pools, the impact of these trades should be nearly invisible compared to the price volatility of ETH and/or BTC.

3. These functionalities will be only available on the "ETH-DAI" pair initially. For this very slight but additional risk, the pool weight will increase from 25% to 27.5%.

4. We will not be starting the trade mining program until later.

5. We will start a smaller gas rebates program (this is NOT the launch day gas costs remedies which will still be made in full).


The exact timing of these rollouts will be announced soon so that LPs can get ready. We expect to roll out in less than 48 hours. Announcements will be made in advance.

Thank you for our new lesson: Aggressive innovation, but responsibly

Ограничат торговлю сначала только по 80к за раз, начнут только с пула ETH-DAI, за это будут на ETH-DAI чуть больше сыпать, пока не начнут программу майнинга торгами, но начнут возвращать чуть комиссий.

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Big updates on Product, Tokens, and Community.


Hope everyone had a fantastic long weekend! We certainly had an eventful one!


Product | "Aggressive Innovation, Responsibly"


- Additional security for enabling trading is ready. We spent most of this time creating a custom simulation framework to run tens of thousands of trades through our system to bound all sources of numerical errors.
- We will launch a 5th pool as a staging ground. The pool will be LINK-ETH. We need about $5m TVL to commence trading on this pool and will shift 1.5% pool weights (1.5% * total weekly LP reward; the other pools will retain 98.5% of the rewards) towards it.
- More details will be released soon.


Tokens | "Thinking Long Term"


- Rates halved, TVL didn't blink an eye. Wow.
- We heartily thank our LP family for thinking long term with us. You won't be disappointed. We have so so much more to show you.
- The Optimistic APY (based on near $1B valuation) is proving very realistic. We will start using $1B valuation to compute estimated APYs.
- Public Sale is coming up after trading launch is rolled out.


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ETH-LINK pool is now open for deposits. LP Rewards will start around this time tomorrow (Apr 9th, 15:30 GMT). Trading and single-sided deposits will also start around that same time tomorrow. LP Fam take note: - 1.5% of total LP rewards will go to the LINK pool (98.5% of LP rewards still go to the 4 older pools). - We target a ETH-LINK pool size of $5mil. At $5mil target pool size, LPs will earn around 2x the APY of other pools. This represents what we currently think is a good reward to offset the additional Cyclical Imbalance (CI) risks. Please take the time to understand the next point, and refrain from FOMO. - When trading starts tomorrow, you take on CI risk. Your pool ratio will change because of LINK price changes relative to ETH. Your pool ratio will also change because you will be buying and selling LINK to noise traders AT FAIR PRICES. However, because of our trade delay mechanism, you won't be losing money to frontrunners and arbitrageurs.


источник: discord The Integral  

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