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Reflexer [RAI] - крипто-нативная единица на основе залога ETH


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В четверг раздадут FLX:


@everyone we made the snapshot for the first FLX distribution that we plan to do on Thursday! 

We decided to give 1 FLX to every address that had at least a Safe open (with debt in it) for 7 days (cumulative) since 17th February :blush: Aside from this, all the mint, LP, mint+LP, PRAI and CREAM rewards remain the same.

You can test the claim functionality on Kovan using:

You just have to connect your wallet and if you are in the distribution, you should see a popup and a button on the top right side of the screen that you can click and then claim.

You can inspect all the scripts used as well as the full snapshot here:

Please let us know if you encounter any problem claiming on Kovan! We want to test everything and make sure the mainnet process will be as smooth as possible.

Thank you for being a money god summoner and spearheading the first on-chain PI controller :pray:


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