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Origin Protocol - протокол создания торговых площадок


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Описание проекта: протокол создания торговых площадок на блокчейне.

Официальный сайт: https://www.originprotocol.com/

Команда: Josh Fraser, Matthew Liu, Coleman Maher, Yu Pan, Micah Alcorn, Kay Yoo, Franck Chastagnol, Mila Choi, Tom Linton,  Anna Wang, Nick Poulden, Domen Grabec, Shahul Hameed, Mike Shultz, Aure Gimon, Max Unger

Цена на раунде Coinlist: $0.136 (06/2018)

Инвесторы: Pantera Capital, Foundation Capital, Blocktower Capital, 1kx, Blockchain.com, PreAngel Fund, FBG, Danhua Capital, Kenetic Capital, Hashed, Steve Chen (Youtube), Alexia Ohanian (Reddit), Garry Tan (Y Combinator), Steve Jang (Uber), Kamal Ravikant

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/originprotocol

Twitter: https://twitter.com/originprotocol

Medium: https://medium.com/originprotocol

Youtube: https://youtube.com/c/originprotocol

Telegram: https://t.me/originprotocol

Discord: https://discord.gg/jyxpUSe

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/originprotocol/

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Прислали декабрьский отчёт.

Цели: обработать 1000 сделок купли/продажи к концу первого квартала. (не очень много, но уже какой-то всеми так ожидаемый адопшн).

Интересное: токен выпускать пока не собираемся, находимся в режиме ожидания, оцениваем рыночные кондиции.

Цифры: изменили свою систему идентфикации, что теперь она стоит $0.01-0.03, вместо $6-10 ранее.

Обычное: до конца года хотят выпустить MVP Marketplace.

Аудит: закончили аудит в Trail of Bits. Для тех, кто не знает - аудит там стоит от $250к. Хоть не на ламбы, и то хорошо. Имхо для проектов такого уровня это хорошее вложение.



Скрытый текст

Happy holidays! 

We wish all of our investors a restful holiday season and happy new year. Here at our Origin we are excited about our work in Q1 of 2019. We will be shifting gears from just demonstrating our technology to focusing on real-world adoption starting in January. 

The team has identified four "customers" of our platform: 

  • End users (individual buyers/sellers)
  • Marketplace operators (aka DApp creators)
  • Investors/token holders
  • Platform developers (open-source engineers)

All our engineering and business/community initiatives will be directly tied to metrics around these customer types. Our high-level goal is to process 1000 buy/sell transactions by the end of Q1. While this number is modest from a "traditional app" standpoint, it will allow us to prove to ourselves that our technology is ready to be scaled up to a wide-range of use cases, verticals, and geographic regions in Q2. 

Recently, there has been news of several projects shutting down (Basis) or laying off substantial parts of their workforces (Thunder Token, Status). We want to assure our investors that we have several years of runway remaining (even with depressed crypto prices). While we plan to be frugal, we will continue to hire and grow where appropriate. We also continue to believe we are operating well within the confines of US regulations. 

Please keep the contents of this update email confidential. 

Product Development 

Since Mainnet Beta in October, we have spent the rest of this quarter laying the groundwork for more exciting features next year. 


  • We're just about to complete our work on multiple-unit listings and have made significant headway on fractional usage listings. This allows us to tackle the e-commerce (e.g. Shopify, Amazon) and rentals (e.g. GetAround, Airbnb) opportunities that we think will drive the most gross merchandise value (GMV) through the platform.
  • Listings are now editable (not surprisingly one of our most requested features).
  • We re-worked our identity solution to enable $0.01-0.03 user profiles as opposed to a prohibitive $6-10 (launching soon). We will no longer be using the ERC-725 standard since we don't need on-chain validation of claims (we can do it in JavaScript which is a lot cheaper). However, we will still be working with the community and friends we've made through the ERC-725 Alliance and will continue collaborating on that standard, especially on shared schemas for claims and attestations that can be used across identity providers.
  • We've made early inroads on mobile where we expect all our future growth to come from. Our mobile wallet development is underway and is scheduled for early Q1 testing; this will provide a way to interact with Origin and partner marketplaces without Metamask. We've also made many UX improvements to our mobile web DApp since that is where 80% of our web traffic is now coming from.
  • End of the quarter work continues for our Marketplace Creator. We will have an MVP by year-end that will allow the creation of basic marketplaces with just a web form. We are very excited about this first product targeted at our marketplace partners.
  • We should just meet the deadline to launch a new user onboarding/activation experience designed to shepherd more users into Origin messaging and identity so they can be engaged repeat users.
  • We completed our smart contract audits with top auditing firm Trailofbits recently. We will be sharing the results after we've had a chance to address their feedback.
  • We built an in-house token vesting and distribution tool, dubbed T3. This will be important for our future token distributions. We are releasing this open-source to allow other companies in the crypto space to use it for employee, advisor, and investor token releases.
  • We improved our test automation to increase developer productivity and code quality. This will make it easier for new and old developers alike to contribute to Origin.
Here's a sneak peak at our roadmap for Q1. 


  • Launch and iteration for the Marketplace Creator. It's time to get multiple third-party marketplaces live to demonstrate that we are a platform, not just our own DApp.
  • Launching a user acquisition growth engine that rewards users with Origin tokens. We want to broaden into our second (and possibly third) use case(s) for our token.
  • Supporting ERC-20 tokens, including stablecoins and partner tokens, as mediums of exchange. Solving the currency volatility problem and enabling partners to use their own tokens will be important in driving adoption.
  • Completion and iteration of our Mobile and Fractional usage work.
  • Refactoring and hardening of our protocol layer to prepare for the release of Origin-js and more custom applications (likely sometime in Q2).
  • Possible experimentation with "no-gas/meta transactions" in an effort to further reduce friction for new users to use the platform.

Community efforts 

At the end of Q4, we traveled to the Beyond Blocks and BUIDL conferences. In Korea, we threw a very successful meetup with Carry Protocol. We also were interviewed for multiple new press articles and also met with our existing partners Metaps+ and Wehome to discuss integration. As previously reported, Jon Hearty went to Spain and Europe to pitch Origin. Of note, he participated in the first vacation rental on the blockchain with one of our first marketplace partners, Trips. 

We unfortunately ended up canceling some of our US meetups. Apologies if you were hoping to see us in your city. 

In Q1, we plan to reduce our travel and instead scale up our new Virtual Meetups initiative. We presented over video chat at a Bucharest meetup this month as an experiment and considered it a success. We will aim to replicate this multiple times in Q1. In addition, Mila (Korea) and Anna (Greater China) will experiment with presenting Origin locally without the need for US team members to travel abroad except for the most high-profile events. 

On the business development side, we will be developing a new partnership pipeline and collateral/case studies to get our first third-party marketplaces onboard. We'll also launch a couple in-house marketplaces to serve as viable examples of how our Marketplace Creator works. 

Token updates 

There aren't any significant updates to our distribution plans this month. We are still in a holding pattern as we complete high-impact features and assess the market and regulatory conditions. 


One of our rockstar open-source engineers, Nick Poulden, has finally joined Origin full-timefter we pursued him for months. Nick did groundbreaking work on our Marketplace contract, ERC-725, and Origin token as a part-time contributor. We are thrilled that he is now full-time and expect many more hugely impactful contributions going forward. 

We've interviewed candidates for an executive assistant/office manager and a media and PR specialist, but still haven't found candidates that meet our high bars. If you know of any exceptional people, please let us know. 


As we roll out the Marketplace Creator, please refer potential partnership candidates to Jon (jon@originprotocol.com) and Coleman (coleman@originprotocol.com). We're looking to build out our pipeline for early success cases. 

If you are interested in hosting a virtual meetup for us (no matter where you live), please get in touch with Jon. This could be an exciting, but low-effort way for us to collaborate together more deeply. It would simply involve you finding a suitable venue that we could present into, and assisting us with getting the word out to locals. 


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Origin wallet был добавлен в App Store. Это было очень важно, так как 80% траффика к ним приходило с мобильных устройств.


Origin wallet выполняет три функции:

  1. Является криптокошельком Ethereum;
  2. Является децентрализованным мессенджером, в котором покупатель может задать вопросы продавцу;
  3. Уведомляет об операциях в блокчейне (так как они идут с задержкой), таких как создание листинга, принятие/отклонение предложения;


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Сегодня прислали письмо, в котором сообщили, что, учитывая рекомендации юристов, самая ранняя дата распространения токенов - август 2019 года. Превращаемся в ждунов.

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Origin прислали отчёт за март (видимо в этом месяце больше работать не собираются :pouting:). 


Из новостей:

  • запустили программу Origin Rewards. В первом этапе можно будет получить до 1000 OGN (если есть желание, то можно зарегистрироваться по моей рефке), что, несмотря на тщательно скрываемую цену токена, по моим подсчётам должно быть около 30$ по цене последнего раунда. За простой KYC дали 100 токенов, что, соответственно, около 3 долларов. Остальные токены дают за приглашения людей, за размещение продажи и осуществление продажи;
  • на следующей неделе объявят первую интеграцию со стабильной монетой, чтобы покупатели и продавцы могли рассчитываться как они привыкли, например в долларах;
  • теперь фреймворк децентрализованных предложений может использовать GraphQL, что позволит создавать новые функции значительно быстрее.
  • стимулируют использование протокола через две собственные торговые площадки, PeerArt и CryptoMerch;
  • проводят исследования по использованию подарочных карт и обслуживанию людей, которые не имеют банковского счёта;
  • цель в 1000 транзакций в сети к концу квартала не достигнута. Удалось достичь около 200 транзакций.


Источник: рассылка для инвесторов

Скрытый текст
We are just about at quarter end. On the product and engineering front, we've been busy at work completing our three remaining large projects.
  • This morning, we just launched Origin Rewards (formerly known as Token Growth Engine) publicly. Please sign up to earn OGN and share the news liberally.
  • Next week, we are also publicly launching our first stablecoin integration, making it possibly for buyers and sellers to avoid currency volatility on Origin.
  • We completed upgrading our DApp framework to using GraphQL. This means we can now build new features significantly faster than before. This also serves as the foundation for the future release of our developer libraries.
We're pleased to report that this means that we have hit every major planned launch on our initial roadmap at the beginning of Q1.
On the business side, we continued to drive usage through our two in-house marketplaces, PeerArt and CryptoMerch. We're now turning our vertical research and experimentation towards gift cards and serving the unbanked.
One area that we unfortunately fell short on was reaching our goal to drive 1000 transactions through the network by quarter end. We will end up at slightly below 200 transactions. This is a fairly large miss. However, we believe we have learned a ton with our fast engineering launch cycles and know what we need to fix to drive growth in Q2 and beyond. We need to make our product easier to use for end users and to hone in on specific markets that will actually benefit from the advantages of crypto.
Please keep the contents of this update email confidential. Please reply all to investor-relations@originprotocol.com if you have any questions/comments.
Customer development
We have started several customer development processes in the past month.
  • Micah, Aure, and myself have kicked off our biweekly user studies. You received an email about this last week. We'd love your participation! You can sign up on my calendar to schedule a session.
  • Jon, Mila, and Anna have been focusing on in-person and virtual (video chat) meetups. We recently shifted our focus from just presenting the high-level vision of Origin to running step-by-step user onboarding sessions for our DApp. By the end of the meetups, our attendees are Origin users that have verified their identities and also made their first purchases on the platform.
    • In Q2, we plan to scale this project aggressively so that people all over the world will become early users of Origin.
  • Coleman is leading the research, customer interview, and potential partnership efforts for gift cards. We are excited about building a marketplace in gift cards for several reasons.
    • There is a very large $100B+ annual market in gift cards, and there are several existing gift card to crypto marketplaces that have sizable transaction volume.
    • Building a peer-to-peer gift card market fits well into the Four Whys of what motivates us at Origin.
      • Reducing fees - gift card marketplaces currently charge spreads as low as 1% but also upwards of 30%. There's margin to be saved in the latter scenarios. 
      • Promoting free commerce - We believe we can allow for peer-to-peer transactions without some of the imposed restrictions and lack of privacy that centralized players have
      • Giving users a stake in the network - This is accomplished by enabling these users to participate in Origin Rewards
      • Serving the unbanked - Less affluent Americans and others worldwide that don't have bank accounts are using gift cards (and also prepaid debit cards, though we are unlikely to go that route) to store value and transact
  • Kay and Austin are talking to users and businesses in Venezuela that are quickly adopting cryptocurrency to counter the insane hyperinflation in that economic system. We are learning about how everyday users are motivated to adopt crypto because their existing fiat currency is virtually worthless. We're not entirely sure what the right vertical or product fit will be in this area, but believe there will be many opportunities that gradually unfold to us or potential partners in the developing world.
Product development
As mentioned in the summary, this past month the engineering team has been busy launching three major projects: Origin Rewards, our first stablecoin integration, and an upgrade to use GraphQL.
Origin Rewards launched this morning to users worldwide (minus in the United States due to regulatory uncertainty). Check it out using my personal invite link. We'll both get Origin Tokens (OGN) when you sign up!
  • The program is designed to reward our users for simply using the platform. You can earn Origin Tokens (OGN) in a variety ways. Sign up and verify your profile to begin earning. Then, invite new users to Origin or make your first purchase to get even more OGN. You also get OGN when you successfully complete your first sale.
  • We believe this initiative is very important because it will spur new usage of our DApp and also make our platform more decentralized. Having a broad token holder base is beneficial for our users, investors, and partners because it means everyone's incentives are aligned. It is also beneficial from a regulatory perspective, as one official at the SEC has made comments about Ethereum not being a security because it is sufficiently decentralized.
  • Note that all tokens earned in Origin Rewards will be distributed AFTER each campaign. Right now, we are giving everyone a sneak peek at the April 2019 campaign. Tokens earned in this campaign will be distributed in early May.
  • Also note that tokens are currently locked to the platform and not transferrable. In the future, we anticipate tokens will be unlocked and can be transferred.
  • Tokens distributed in Origin Rewards are coming out of existing company reserves. We are not minting new tokens or using inflation to fund this growth initiative.
Our integration with our first stablecoin partner will be publicly launched next week.
  • This launch is important because it allows buyers and sellers to mitigate currency volatility risk. We believe this will increase adoption on both sides.
  • It also means that users can now price their listings in fiat currency (while still using crypto to complete the transaction). We believe it's way easier for users to think of selling a $500 used iPhone vs. 3.646 ETH ($500 at ETH's price at the time of this writing).
  • Importantly, this launch also lays the groundwork for the integration of future stablecoins, partner tokens, and potentially Origin Tokens (OGN) as payment tokens in the future.
Our GraphQL launch was the culmination of a multi-month effort to make our DApp faster to both use and build on. GraphQL is an open-source framework published by Facebook that promises to be the future of defining web APIs. The DApp looks very similarly to how it did a month ago, but our ability to rapidly build new features is greatly increased with the new codebase.
Beyond the above, we also worked on a few smaller initiatives:
  • After learning what was important to our users for Origin Messaging (secure, fast, and reliable), we decided to re-build our messaging system. On the downside, we are no longer using OrbitDB (decentralized storage and transport on IPFS). On the plus side, messages are now much much more reliable and faster while remaining fully encrypted. You can read about the update here.
  • Stan updated our fractional usage efforts to include hourly calendars. Now, sellers will be able to list their bikes, tools, services, etc in hourly intervals as opposed to only daily intervals. Give it a try by creating a listing in the ‘For Rent’ category. 
Here's a quick sneak peek of Q2. We'll be moving aggressively to launch multiple iterations of our Android and iOS apps. Mobile is where most of our current traffic is; in addition, using local mobile wallets means users can avoid many of the user experience challenges of Metamask (a huge problem area for our early users based on user interviews and studies). Regarding wallet management, we are going to experiment with one or two methods to make it easier for users to deal with the hassle of managing their own private keys and/or seed phrases. We'll also be experimenting with several strategies to remove or subsidize gas from as many user interactions as possible (outside of the core buyer/seller transaction flow). For example, we expect user identities and listings to be created without requiring users to pay for their own gas.
Token distribution and other updates
As mentioned in last week's email titled 'Action required - Origin Token distribution timeline and Investor Airdrop', we have several token updates.
  • Investor token distribution is delayed. The earliest we would be able to distribute is end of August 2019, though this is not necessarily when we would distribute. Our requirement is that we can distribute tokens in a compliant way. Please reference that email for additional details.
  • Investors can claim 250 OGN as part of our Investor Airdrop. The deadline to register is this Friday 3/29/19.
As we know we are going to be investing heavily in mobile, please keep your eyes out for strong Android and iOS developers, preferably those that have extensive experience using ReactNative 
In-person chats
As always, if you're an investor that'd like to chat about Origin in-person, please contact one of the members of our distributed team for more info.
We're happy to announce that two of our team members are expecting newborns in the next 1-2 months. Domen and Tom will both be welcoming infant engineers to their households. We can't wait until they get up to speed on our codebase and join us as software engineering interns. Hurray for crypto babies!
We wanted to give a special shout out to Sam Harrison, Managing Partner of Blockchain Ventures, for being investor of the month. Sam has been one of our most active users of the DApp and is currently the leading purchaser of art on PeerArt, purchasing multiple BTC raccoons. Sam's also heading up Blockchain.com's fund, and is a great investor to connect with.
Finally, here are a few pics from a recent outing where we welcomed Domen on his first visit to SF headquarters.
Here's to a strong start to Q2!


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Пришёл апрельский отчёт для инвесторов:

Скрытый текст
A lot has happened in the past month at Origin. This month we saw our most significant increase in usage. We're now at over 3.7k Mainnet wallets that have interacted with Origin, with 11k MAUs (including users browsing without wallets).
Here are the key highlights regarding product launches and ongoing development of our business initiatives.
  • Last weekend, we released our Android and iOS marketplace apps. This is an upgrade from our previous wallet-only apps. Now, our DApp is embedded within our native apps, allowing users to buy and sell within a single interface. Please download the updated app, give us positive reviews, and provide us with feedback.
  • With the public launch of Origin Rewards, we've seen a measurable increase in the usage on our DApp. You can earn more Origin Tokens (OGN) by using and sharing the DApp.
  • We officially launched our integration with Maker DAI. Users can now list their goods and services in fiat and transact without having to deal with currency volatility.
  • The team has run multiple tests and interviewed dozens of users in the gift card space in an effort to validate demand for an Origin-powered gift-card marketplace.
  • We've also begun explorations in video live-streaming and services for the unbanked as we continue to imagine multiple use cases that can be powered by the Origin platform.
More details below. 
Product development
As mentioned above, we re-launched our mobile apps recently. We did this for two main reasons:
  • 80% of our traffic is coming from mobile already
  • While we are committed to having our DApp work in third-party wallets such as Metamask or Coinbase Wallet, a singular app with a local wallet reduces many of the complex parts of our user experience
This is just the first step of several we have planned to build a much improved mobile experience. Look forward to a speedier, more responsive app and better onboarding experience in the future. Again, we encourage our investors to download and use our Android and iOS apps.
In early April, we shared the news about Origin Rewards with our entire email list. This created a temporary large spike in usage, though we haven't been able to maintain that engagement just yet. We are optimistic that as we streamline the experience we will achieve more sustained growth in the upcoming months.
We have also identified behavior from some bad actors that are trying to game the system (duplicate accounts to earn more OGN). We've implemented a number of anti-fraud measures to combat this behavior going forward.
Regarding stablecoins, sellers can now accept DAI instead of ETH. This means that users are shielded from currency volatility. On the buy-side, we are allowing users to dynamically swap ETH to DAI, so there is no hard requirement that users already hold DAI in their wallets. We're still working to optimize this experience though as it is still rough around the edges.
Looking forward to the rest of the quarter, we hope to achieve the following:
  • Launch a prototype of Meta-transactions. This will enable users to use our DApps without having to pay gas to update their profiles, create listings, or leave reviews. We believe this will be one of the most important launches in improving usability and increasing usage of our platform. The only time that users will need to "spend" crypto is when they are buying products and services.
  • Further advance our mobile apps. We believe we've made significant progress with this most recent launch, but we still have a lot of work to do in this area.
  • Launch our email, SMS, and push notifications service to re-engage users and shepherd them through transactions flows.
  • Launch a prototype app in the gift card space.
Customer development
We've been continuing to run biweekly user research studies. It's been very informative to see our users walk through various parts of our DApp.
  • Recently, we've learned that our current identity flow is confusing some users. Users don't realize that they need to publish their identities to the blockchain (and pay gas) after verifying their email, phone number, and social media profiles. As a result, they are fully completing their profiles. The future Meta-transactions launch will greatly reduce this problem.
  • We've also observed how users are using our new stablecoin launch. Currently, our ETH to DAI swap takes too many steps and is too slow, so we're working to simplify this process.
We're always looking for new candidates for our studies, so please sign up on our UX calendar if you would like to get a sneak peek of what we are working on.
Coleman and Josh have been leading efforts to better understand the large existing market for buying/selling gift cards with crypto. We've learned a lot in the past few weeks and now believe there is significant opportunity in building an internal marketplace in this vertical.
  • We've interviewed and identified multiple customer archetypes in the space, including bulk sellers, drop shippers (bulk buyers), traders (they make money off of spreads), and individual buyers and sellers. From performing trades with these users on existing marketplaces and conducting many customer interviews, we've learned a ton about their pain points and needs. Stay tuned for future announcements in this area.
  • If you are an investor that is interested in getting Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and/or Uber credit at a 5-20% discount from face value, please get in touch. We're running additional experiments and want to help pair gift card buyers with sellers.
Kay, Austin, and Aure have been spending time understanding the Venezuela market. We've learned of the many challenges the people of that region are facing. Beyond dealing with hyperinflation, the citizens of Venezuela are also subject to frequent power cuts and poor smart phone and Internet penetration. We're still in the process of figuring out if there is a viable market that we can target with an Origin marketplace.
In the next few weeks, we will be running a live-streaming for crypto experiment that Yu Pan is leading. We've already prototyped an initial version to show the flexibility of the Origin platform in addressing new use cases.
Token distribution and other updates
Thanks to all investors that participated in the Origin Investor Airdrop. We distributed tokens to over 400 investors that registered. With the upcoming distribution from the April Origin Rewards campaign, we will further increase the distribution of OGN in advance of a full platform launch.
We've made progress in setting up foreign entities for our eventual larger token distribution (for our three fundraising rounds). We've registered a Singapore non-profit as the next step in this initiative and are now working on setting up our Malta issuing entity.
This week, Micah and Mila are presenting at several meetups in Seoul. Together they are working to onboard local users to our platform with our step-by-step tutorials.
Jon will be presenting over video chat to meetups in Austin, Belgrade, and Chennai later this week.
We're thrilled to welcome Shahul to our extended engineering team. Shahul is based in India, and is the latest to join our global team across the US, Europe, Asia, and New Zealand.
As hinted in last month's email, we are announcing our first Origin baby. Congratulations to Tom and his family on the birth of his new child, Florence!

Из интересного:

  • на прошлой неделе выпустили приложения для Android и iOS;
  • начали интеграцию с DAI как со стабильным токеном;
  • 80% трафика идёт с мобильных приложений;
  • поймали мультиаккеров и пытаются от них защититься;
  • хотят сделать мета-транзакции, чтобы пользователям dApp не надо было платить за газ (интересно посмотреть как это будет реализовано);
  • запустили службу электронной почты, SMS и пуш-уведомлений;
  • запустили прототип приложения среди подарочных карт;
  • создали некоммерческую организацию в Сингапуре и работают над созданием юр. лица на Мальте;
  • планируют более крупное распределение токенов в виде трёх раундов продаж.
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Пришёл майский отчёт для инвесторов (радует, что шлют как часы):

Скрытый текст

In May, we’ve spent a lot of time heads down building and iterating in advance of several releases planned for June. 

We are looking to get early feedback on several of these initiatives and are looking for a number of investors to participate in usability tests with us. Please sign up directly on my calendar to participate in a study and help us continually improve the Origin platform.
You can also help by helping us translate our various apps and websites. We've been dependent on our international community to localize to dozens of languages. For investors that know a foreign language, please contact Anna at anna@originprotocol.com and she can walk you through the onboarding process. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Here’s the TLDR for the month:

  • We completed our first Origin Rewards distribution earlier this month. Over 1400 community members have received OGN for using the platform. If you haven’t enrolled in Origin Rewards yet, you can do so to begin earning additional tokens.

  • Very recently, we silently released both our peer-to-peer video streaming marketplace app (Project Chai) and gift card app and are quietly testing both with early users.

  • Significant progress has been made on getting meta-transactions and the next version of our mobile app to production by the end of June.

  • On the community side, we have been pushing harder on both in-person and virtual events recently. We’ve done events in Korea, Singapore, China, Venezuela, and of course the US.

  • We’re up to 5.3k unique wallets and 1.4k finalized transactions. One of our more interesting items, the Trevor Jones augmented reality print,  just sold for 1.67ETH.

Product Development

Based on initial user feedback on our mobile apps that we launched last month, we are already well underway on an updated release in June that should significantly smooth out the buying and selling experiences. Key features include:

  • A mobile-first re-design to improve the conversion funnel

  • Meta-transactions so new users can get started without needing ETH to create profiles or listings

  • Completed localization to our top international languages


We’ve also quietly released two additional marketplace prototypes that are targeted at specific verticals.

  • Our goal is to determine the viability of these specific marketplace verticals. Currently, these both are still very much in the experimental phase.

  • Project 'Chai' is a peer-to-peer video streaming marketplace. It is part Earn.com and part influencer-to-fan engagement.

  • Project 'AmazonCards' allows users to automatically buy Amazon gift cards from gift card sellers at significant discounts using crypto as the payment rail.

  • We're not quite ready to unveil these to the entire world, but if you are interested in being an early alpha tester of either of these, please let us know and we will determine if you are a good test candidate.


We’ve also made additional progress across several other fronts on our core product.

  • Our mobile app has been enhanced to include better authentication, recovery phrase backup prompts, and localization to multiple new languages. We've also added email and push notifications to alert users of unread messages.

  • We added Google and website attestations to increase the number of profile attestation options for users.

  • We’ve taken the first step to rank our search and browse results to surface higher quality listings.

  • We've also recently rolled out 'performance mode'. When we first designed our platform it was meant to be 100% decentralized. Users communicated directly to the blockchain and IPFS and messaging was decentralized over OrbitDB. However, with the surge of new users, listings, and messages, our users complained about the speed that the DApp would take to load. Performance was degraded. As a result we rolled out our caching layer for search/browse and a centralized messaging service (still fully encrypted) to make the site performant. We will still offer a 100% decentralized mode, giving users the option as to whether they want to trust Origin for caching/speed optimizations or use the fully trustless decentralized mode (but with slower performance).

Origin Token
Last month, we rewarded over 1400 wallets with Origin Tokens (OGN) at the close of the April campaign. We're excited at giving more community members opportunities to participate as we build out our decentralized commerce network. Now that we are in our second month of Origin Rewards, we're continuing to explore how to best incentivize the health and growth of the network.
  • For this second month, we changed the incentives we offered for Origin Rewards in the month of May and also tightened up our fraud detection mechanisms.
    • We removed the ability to earn Origin Tokens (OGN) for buying and selling arbitrary listings (as we saw some low-quality listings and transactions being created in the April campaign). This has unfortunately seen a decrease in usage of Origin Rewards, but we believe it is important to only reward legitimate growth of the network.
  • In our upcoming June campaign, we plan to offer many more featured listings at multiple price points to encourage buyers to purchase from some of our partner sellers.
  • As a reminder, Origin Rewards is beneficial to the overall health and growth of the network. It's bringing new users to the platform with just small amounts of OGN being distributed. These users can then immediately use OGN on the DApp, but cannot transfer tokens outside of the platform. As we get more and more decentralized by increasing the number of wallets holding and using OGN, it becomes less likely that OGN will be deemed a security by various regulatory bodies.
We've received some inquiries about token distribution for our previous fundraising rounds. At this time, we do not have a specific date to announce, but can reiterate that we will need to wait until at least until September (if not longer) based on our current understanding of applicable laws.



Multiple Origin team members attended several events in the past month.

  • Origin x MakerDAO Meetup: We held our first meetup with MakerDAO Korea earlier this month in Seoul. Mila led the presentation with a live demo of Origin's mobile DApp, with one of our SF members (Kay) presenting virtually. This was a great opportunity for us to showcase our DAI stablecoin integration to our Korean community.
  • Plug and Play Tech Center: We were invited by our investors (SNZ Holding and DHVC) to present at Plug and Play's Blockchain Lab alongside great projects like Cosmos, Harmony, and Icon in Sunnyvale. Kay shared an overview of Origin’s mission and technology, and we were honored to be hosted by Plug and Play for the second time.
  • Chicago Universities Blockchain Week: Austin presented a live Origin mobile DApp demo at Northwestern University to university students and local blockchain fans. In addition, he participated in a panel alongside Christian Kaczmarczyk of BlockFi. We want to thank the Chicago Blockchain Center and the Blockchain Education Network for all their efforts organizing these events.
  • Women in Blockchain: Anna represented Origin at the Women in Blockchain meetup in Singapore alongside representatives from ConsenSys & MarkerDAO. Anna presented an overview of Origin's mission and technology.
  • Virtual presentation with Maecenas: Anna led a virtual presentation with Maecenas in China to discuss how blockchain is disrupting the art industry. 420+ tuned in.
  • ETHCon Seoul Conference: Mila and Anna represented Origin at ETHCon Seoul conference that was held this past weekend. They led a live 1:1 demo of Origin Marketplace mobile DApp at the Origin booth, and helped us gain strong attraction from more than 300 conference attendees. 
  • Venezuela Meetup: We held our first Origin meetup in Venezuela this morning. Together with local advocates in the region (special thanks to Team Aktio!), Austin, Kay and Aure gave a demo of the Origin mobile DApp to local university students in Venezuela. We had 75 attendees who signed up for the event, and this was a meaningful opportunity to educate local Venezuelans about our technology and the benefits of blockchain/cryptocurrencies in their hyperinflationary economy.



Last month we called out Shahul as a key new member that was contributing on a part-time basis. This month, we are pleased to announce that we were so impressed with his work that we’ve asked him to join  full-time. Shahul will be our first full-time engineer based out of Asia!


More good news


Domen decided to follow in Tom’s footsteps and welcomed a beautiful new daughter, Sofia, to the world. We’re on our second Origin baby and counting.


Из интересного:

  • выпустили p2p-приложение для потокового видео (Project Chai) и приложение с подарочными картами;
  • значительный прогресс в мета-транзакциях и мобильном приложении. Релиз ожидается в конце июня;
  • редизайн мобильного приложения;
  • локализация на самые популярные языки;
  • в приложении добавлена улучшенная аутентификация, добавлены аттестации Google и веб-сайтов, улучшен поиск, сделали кэширование, так как при увеличении количества пользователей децентрализованное решение через IPFS производительность была ухудшена и пользователи жаловались на это.
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  • 4 weeks later...

Пришёл июньский отчёт для инвесторов:

Скрытый текст
Here is the end of the month update for June. 
First, we have a couple quick asks. In the second half of the year, we plan to aggressively ramp up our community and marketing efforts leading up to the eventual public launch and distribution of OGN. We're looking for investor advocates (especially non-US ones) that can help evangelize the Origin vision. There are many ways that you can help, including sharing news about the project on social media, partnering with us throw in-person and virtual meetups, introducing us to press and influencers, and connecting us to other great people in the ecosystem that we don't already know. 
Next, we are looking for more user study participants so we can continually refine our products. Please sign up directly on my calendar to participate in a 40-minute study with a member of our product team.
Lastly, we recently launched the Beta version of our livestreaming marketplace Chai. Think of this as an expert network that allows users to pay experts for their time in ETH. Today you can already book time with Joey Krug (Co-Chief Investment Office of Pantera Capital), 3lau (world renowned DJ), and others. Please download the app and give us your feedback.
Here are other summary points:
  • We are in final testing before launching the brand new Origin Marketplace apps (available on Android, iOS, and web)
  • After getting initial feedback on the MVP (minimal viable product) of our gift card marketplace, we are iterating on a few additional features before releasing a public Beta.
  • We're continuing to iterate on Origin Rewards. We will be focusing on Asia for our July campaign that begins in a few days.
  • We continue to expand our global community efforts. This month we participated in events across 3 continents: Asia, Europe, and Australia.

Remember to keep the contents of this update email confidential. Reply all to investor-relations@originprotocol.com if you have any inquiries.


Product Development

We've been hard at work trying to push multiple marketplace applications to completion in June. 
As mentioned above, we are very near the finish line with our core Origin Marketplace product. 
  • Early testers have mentioned that the user experience is significantly improved and that the app is fun to use.
  • We're iteratively pushing new features everyday from now until next week, so if you experience any instability or discover any bugs, please let us know.
  • We're doing an internal audit of our smart contracts and meta-transactions relayer before pushing to production. This is the last major piece of the launch. As a reminder, this allows new Origin users to get started without needing to acquire any crypto until they are ready to make a purchase. This significantly improves the seller-side experience.
  • Next on the horizon for the next few months is improving the buyer-side experience. Again, the goal is to minimize the requirement that buyers already have crypto in their wallets before engaging in transactions.
Our vertical-specific applications are progressing well.
  • Chai, per above, is ready for Beta testing. It is still very much a prototype, so expect there to be rapid improvements over time. If you are an expert or influencer, we'd appreciate you signing up to chat with early users.
  • Our gift card marketplace app is functionally complete but is still being polished. Users will be able to use ETH to buy highly discounted Amazon gift cards that are automatically loaded into their Amazon accounts. We are currently refining a few user experience challenges before opening this up to additional early test users.
Origin Token
We know that token distribution is a top of mind issue for our investors. We are actively working towards the public distribution of OGN by year end. We anticipate that multiple exchanges will be interested in listing OGN once investor tokens are unlocked. As we make progress in this area, our priority is to be able to distribute tokens in the near future while complying with US and applicable international laws.
Again, the earliest possible activity in this area would be no earlier than September. We aim to give you a significantly more detailed update in the next month or two.
This past month we've continued to distribute small amounts of tokens to users of the Origin mobile apps and web DApp through Origin Rewards. We now have other 2000 token holders, and the platform is gradually getting more decentralized. Having a larger number of token holders is beneficial for the platform as each user is a potential referrer of new users. As a reminder, distributed OGN is locked to the platform, and tokens are not currently transferable. 
In the past month, numerous Origin team members (Austin, Kay, and Anna) represented the team at meetups.
  • We completed virtual meetups in Finland, Canada, Spain, and Australia recently.
  • Anna spoke on a panel and was also a mentor at the National Hackathon in Singapore.
In the back half of the year, we will be taking our community development efforts up a notch. Expect us to engage with prospective partners/marketplace operators, investors, developers, and end users. Each of these types of ecosystem participants are invaluable to our community.
Specifically, we plan to focus on Greater China (including Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore) and Korea as our two most important markets for the rest of the year. Again, if you are an investor interested in helping out, we'd appreciate your support in cultivating vibrant communities in your local regions.
Members of the Origin team will be presenting and attending at the following events:
  • I will be speaking at the Asia Blockchain Summit next week in Taipei.
  • Josh will be in Seoul to take part in BUIDL in the latter part of July. You can buy your tickets directly on the Origin DApp!
  • Of course, this week, we've also been happy to host some of our friends and investors in SF as many people are in town for the Bitcoin 2019 conference.
We're thrilled to announce that we have hired another star engineer in Mike Shultz. He has been a member of our open-source contributor team for the past 3 months and has routinely tackled some of our most challenging DevOps and engineering infrastructure issues. We couldn't be happier that he will now be a full-time Origin developer.
We're actively looking for a Senior Growth Marketer to bring Origin's application usage and community development to the next level. Please refer world-class candidates to us.
In conclusion, the entire team is amped up about the next few months. There's a ton of work to do on both the technology and community teams, but we are excited and up for the challenge.
Thank you for your support.

Из интересного:

  • запустили бета-версию приложения Chai, где можно платить экспертам за их время в ETH. В данный момент в приложении доступен со-руководитель инвестиционного офиса Pantera Capital Joey Krug, известный DJ 3LAU, кофаундер Chronicled Sam Rad и другие;
  • сделают упор в компании бесплатной раздачи OGN Origin Rewards на азиатский рынок;
  • раздадут OGN до конца года, не раньше сентября. Надеются, что биржи будут заинтересованы их залистить.
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  • 1 month later...

Июльский отчёт для инвесторов:

Скрытый текст
The summer months are getting warm, and we're happy to report that things are really heating up at Origin. Please see bolded items for investors asks. We very much appreciate your active efforts in helping us reach our goals.
Here are our most important updates for the month of July:
  • We launched our brand new mobile apps and web DApp. This was met with strong approval from the whole blockchain ecosystem. For example, no less than a dozen Korean blockchain news outlets covered our launch. Our main investor ask for this month is to download the latest version of the Origin app, buy/sell on the marketplace, then invite your friends and family.
  • We have significantly expanded our community development efforts in advance of a future token distribution. Currently, we are asking investors to support us by:
    • Collaborating with us on video testimonials (details below)
    • Introducing us to local press outlets and partners that can help us host in-person meetups (especially internationally)
    • Sharing Origin news updates on social media - Tweet something positive about us and send us the link!
      • We'll pick the 5 best tweets and promote you in a yet-to-be-announced feature of Origin Rewards
  • We completed our full-team offsite earlier this month where we made many strategic decisions about our product/technology roadmap and business execution plans for the rest of the year.
Product Development
As mentioned above, we are proud to have launched a completely revamped version of our flagship app. You can download it from the iOS and Android app stores, or visit us directly at www.shoporigin.com.
  • Perhaps the most important part of this launch was our implementation of Meta Transactions, which we first rolled out quietly and formally announced a couple days ago. 
    • Meta Transactions makes our DApp much easier to use because users no longer have to pay for gas for user interactions with the blockchain. This brings us much closer in line to traditional centralized apps in terms of usability.
    • For example, we had 1500 identities created  using Meta Transactions since we quietly released it. Many of those identities would have not been completed in the old version of the DApp. 
  • Secondly, we completed re-designed the app to be mobile-first. Origin is now available across mobile devices across the world and is compatible with dozens of third-party wallet applications (e.g. imToken, TrustWallet, Coinbase Wallet). Of course, we're still compatible with Metamask on desktop experiences.
  • We've added new ways to earn Origin Tokens (OGN) as part of Origin Rewards, including new profile attestations (e.g. Kakao for Koreans) and dozens of "tokenback" offers for making purchases from our partner sellers. Expect the ways to earn OGN to continually expand in the next few months. A new campaign for August begins tomorrow, so be sure to check out new ways for users to earn OGN.
It's important to remember that the Origin Marketplace is just the first of many apps we plan to support on the broader Origin Platform. We are preparing to upgrade our ability to support more compelling partner applications in the second half of this year. For example, we want to enable Meta Transactions and OGN rewards for our partners at some point in the future.
Chai, another one of our in-house apps, was announced in last month's update. This month, we have added several features to ease the onboarding process. We have also just begun an initiative to kickstart supply-side liquidity by reaching out to many popular influencers in both the crypto and non-crypto spaces.
Token distribution
Previously, we have communicated to investors that tokens will be distributed no earlier than September to ensure that our project is operating in compliance with US and international laws.  This continues to be the case, and we do NOT have an official announcement about distribution timelines just yet. If you have heard otherwise, please consider them to be rumors.
As a reminder, currently all OGN that has been distributed via Origin Rewards and our previous Investor Airdrop are locked and not transferable.
We are continuing to work hard so that we can unlock tokens for transferring sometime after September. There are several updates regarding token distribution:
  • First, we will be in contact with investors individually via video chat, phone, and/or email in the next few weeks to discuss the distribution process as well as verify investor information. You will get more clarity at that time.
  • Next, we have finally completed a very sophisticated foreign entity restructuring that was a prerequisite for distribution. Origin is now composed of multiple entities in the Cayman Islands, Singapore, and the United States. This accomplishes two things:
    • Enables us to issue tokens from outside of the United States
    • Enables us to optimize our tax strategy so that we can operate the company with maximum capital resources
  • As you would expect for a top project like Origin, we are receiving many inbound inquiries from cryptocurrency exchanges. However, we are unable to publicly comment on the nature of any discussions until we are ready to unlock and distribute our tokens. Per above, we will be chatting with folks over individual video chats, phone calls, and emails soon.
We have been actively engaging our multiple international communities this month. One strong push we are making in the next quarter is in producing high-quality video content that can more easily communicate the Origin mission, technology, and community to our global audiences. For example, we have just begun an initiative to produce an investor testimonial series. If you are an investor that is keen to participate, we'd love to interview you in a 30-45 minute segment. Please let us know if you are available and are excited to talk about why you invested in Origin.
At the beginning of the month, I had the pleasure of participating at the Asia Blockchain Summit in Taipei. 
  • It was a pleasure to speak about Enterprise vs. Public blockchains at the conference. Special thanks go to my great friends Andrew Fai and Congressman Jason Hsu for organizing the standout conference of the year.
  • I also enjoyed having catch up conversations with many of you, our valued investors.
  • Finally, I was also honored to be the special guest speaker at BW's "Asia Blockchain Summer Party".
Josh just returned from a very productive week in Korea.
  • Primarily, Josh has begun the interview process for hiring 1-2 additional team members in Korea to work alongside Mila. If you have good referrals, please send them our way.
  • Josh also conducted 4 in-person press reviews with Chosun, Binews, Blockmedia, and HKBnews.
  • He also recorded 8 testimonial videos with our investors and friends. Look forward to seeing some of these great clips come out in the coming weeks.
  • We fielded many in-person meetings from exchanges in the region, but again, cannot comment on the details of those conversations at this moment.
Coleman recently returned from an extended trip in Southeast Asia.
  • Last week, Coleman participated in the Cointime Summit in Vietnam, organized by Jinse and others. Several exchanges have identified Vietnam as their top growth market, and Origin is also interested in this region.
  • He partnered with KuCoin to speak about Origin in front of an excited audience of 100+ in Ho Chi Minh City. This was our first time presenting in Vietnam, and we were received very warmly.
  • Coleman also enjoyed meeting up with several of our investors in Bangkok, Thailand.
Other Origin members also participated in individual community events.
  • Anna led a 'crypto dating' offline event in Singapore (7/24), in partnership with GaiGai (Singapore's most trusted dating services). Attendees learned about the basics of blockchain in a casual/intimate setting & purchased their tickets through Origin's Marketplace app.
  • Kay led a virtual presentation at Ethereum Meetup Poland (7/4), demonstrating our latest mobile app to 50+ attendees.
Going forward, the Origin team will be spending considerably more time focused on building up our communities in Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. We believe the best way to launch the 1.0 version of our platform and distribute OGN is to have a very strong coordinated effort throughout Asia and North America.
As mentioned last month we are still actively looking for a global Senior Growth Marketer to bring Origin's application usage and community development to the next level. The ideal candidate will have both engineering and marketing experience, and will be in charge of leading a highly-analytical organic and paid marketing team.
We are also looking for excellent people based in mainland China (preferably Shanghai or Beijing) and Korea (Seoul). Roles are open for social media/community management and business operations/BD. Please refer strong candidates to anna@originprotocol.com (China) and mila@originprotocol.com (Korea) respectively.
On the technology side of the business, we have recently opened up headcount for 2-3 additional engineers. We're particularly looking for full-stack engineers that are just as strong at frontend web/mobile development as they are at backend.
We flew in members of our global team to discuss both engineering and business strategies for the second half of the year in our July offsite. We had many intense working sessions, but also were able to squeeze in a couple fun activities. The team could not be more amped up about the work ahead!
As always, we are grateful for the support of each and every one of our investors. Thanks from the Origin team.

Из интересного:

  • токены будут распределены непонятно когда, но в ближайшее время со всеми инвесторами созвонятся;
  • зарегистрировали пару дополнительных предприятий на Каймановых островах и в Сингапуре для того, чтобы раздавать токены за пределами США и платить меньше налогов;
  • активно смотрят на рынок Азии, и хотят создать сообщества в Корее, Китае, Тайване, Сингапуре и Гонконге;
  • активно ищут старшего маркетолога и людей на материковом Китае и в Корее для управления сообществом и бизнес-операциями.

Удивляют как чётко и ровно они шлют отчёты каждый месяц. Другим криптопроектам у них бы поучиться.

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Августовский отчёт для инвесторов:

Скрытый текст
In the past month, we've begun active discussions with multiple top-tier exchanges that have approached us about listing OGN. The entire team is going at 100mph for the next few months as we evaluate and execute upon our options. As we have signed multiple NDAs, we cannot detail which exchanges we are engaging with until we are ready to make public announcements.
Here are other updates from the month:
  • On the product side, we made progress in the following areas:
    • We've built an investor portal/dashboard and are currently auditing it internally.
    • We're setting the stage for an aggressive Q4 that will have several important launches.
    • We launched our gift cards experiment, AmazonCards (only available in the US).
  • We have significantly ramped up our community and marketing efforts since the beginning of Q3. 
    • We are particularly focused on China and Korea and plan to increase our efforts localizing our content. We're also actively hiring for community and marketing positions in these countries.
    • We have a big focus on creating great video content that is easily shareable. If you'd like to help us by filming an investor testimonial, please let us know (marilyn@originprotocol.com). Check out this clip of YouTube founder Steve Chen talking about the team at Origin! Please help us get the word out by sharing on social media.
Product Development
We want to keep our investors apprised of a new investor portal and dashboard that we have built in advance of token distribution. 
  • We want to ensure investors are able to safely and conveniently receive tokens
  • Currently, we have completed the working product internally and are testing functionality and running security audits
On the core Origin app, we've continued to make strong progress.
  • In Origin Rewards, we enabled two new ways for early users to earn OGN.
    • Social media following
      • Users can earn OGN by following us on Twitter and Telegram
    • Social media sharing
      • We are piloting the sharing of Origin content on Twitter for rewards
      • You can earn OGN by sharing our blog posts and videos from within the app
  • Infrastructure
    • We previously announced Meta Transactions to improve user experiences by subsidizing Ethereum gas. We made several advancements to increase scalability of this feature.
    • We recently signed a deal with Alchemy, a provider of blockchain infrastructure. We're currently averaging 300k calls to the Ethereum Mainnet daily. Alchemy will be essential as we scale our data requests.
    • We replicated all our listing and identity data to a new IPFS cluster hosted by Protocol Labs (the creator of IPFS and Filecoin).
  • We're about to start the last month of Q3 hope to finish the quarter with a bang before an intense Q4
    • We're getting ready to tell the world about two previously unannounced use cases for OGN. 
    • We're adding location support to allow for better search and discovery of local goods and services.
Our vertical experiments in gift cards and video streaming are now public.
  • You can use ETH to purchase discounted gift cards on AmazonCards.
  • We've completed our first video chat sessions on Chai.
  • Note that these two experiments are still in active development, so please report any bugs that you encounter to us. Also note that we've built parts of these apps with a more centralized approach to optimize for speed. If these vertical experiments take off, we will port them to our core decentralized marketplace platform.
Token Distribution
As mentioned above, we are now actively engaged in discussions with multiple exchanges both internationally and domestically. We anticipate a first listing on a top-tier exchange in Q4.
If you haven't heard from us yet, you will over the course of this month. Please remember that we have 800+ investors, so it will take some time to connect with everyone.
Asia continues to be a big focus area for us. We continue to be excited about all the activity in the region and believe it will be a big growth area for Origin. This past month was the first time that we have spent money on regional paid marketing and press. We've retained WXY as our agency partner in China.
Both founders and other core team members will be spending more time in Asia in the rest of Q3 and in Q4. This month, I spent time in Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Beijing.
  • We spoke at multiple meetups in Mandarin Chinese (after grueling preparation).
  • We also spent considerable time engaging with potential exchange partners and understanding the local environment in China
  • Anna and I did multiple press interviews with Jinse Finance, PA News, Odaily, and Tangent.
  • We also did video testimonials with Jason from Sora Ventures and Leo from PreAngel Fund.
  • Just last night, I did an AMA with Unitimes, which was simultaneously broadcast to 13 Wechat groups (5000+ people).
Anna will be spending the next month in Shanghai and Beijing.
  • We are actively hiring for community, marketing, PR, and BD positions in China, so she will be meeting with candidates in-person. 
  • She will also be continuing BD efforts with our important partners in both cities before I return for the Wanxiang Blockchain conference/Shanghai Blockchain Week in mid-September. As an example, we are now a featured app in imToken, the most popular DApp wallet browser in China.
Coleman will also be spending time in China the next month before traveling to Russia. In Russia, he will partner to conduct our first in-person meetups and strengthen our relationships with local partners, press, and investors.
Josh and Kay just departed for another trip to Seoul to co-work with Mila. There, they will have follow-up discussions with Korean exchanges, press, and our local partners. They will also be attending the Upbit Developer conference next week.
Finally, Josh will be returning to Asia to speak at Devcon in Osaka. Tom and Micah from our engineering team will also be joining him to engage more deeply with the Ethereum community.
In Q4 we will be pushing hard on new community channels.
  • We're especially excited about our video program. In the past month, we've filmed over 35 videos for our investor testimonial and employee video series. We will push this video content, with localized subtitles, to the community in Q4 and Q1. We are looking for investors, partners, and friends of the company that would like to participate. If you would like to help us amplify our video efforts, please email us back and we'll make arrangements to interview you on camera.
  • We recently launched on Blockfolio. In a short period of time, we've already managed to get over 6k subscribers to Origin's Blockfolio Signal. Please join our community. We're excited about this opportunity to engage with a crypto-native audience that will be particularly receptive to our mission and product.
We're thrilled that exceptional product designer Aure Gimon joined our project full-time. We also recently brought on two extremely talented extended team members. June Kim is working alongside Mila in Korea. Previously, she was one of the key organizers of BUIDL. Holly Gu has joined our China team. She is experienced in marketing and also a proficient software engineer.


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01.09.2019 в 07:49, cp287 сказал:

Августовский отчёт для инвесторов:

Отчично написанный отчет. Коротко и по делу. 

Внушает оптимизма. 

Проект нравится мне все сильнее. Так держать ORIGIN.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Подошел сентябрьский отчет. Пишут как часы. Из интересного: в четвертом квартале точно будет листинг на крупной бирже (хотя я еще даже цены не знаю например).

Скрытый текст
We are continuing to negotiate with multiple top-tier exchanges to list OGN. Conversations with several exchanges have progressed to the contract stage, despite the bear market and the process taking longer than expected. As a reminder, as we have signed NDAs with every exchange, we cannot detail which exchanges we are partnering with until we are ready to make public announcements.
Last month we promised that we would be reaching out personally to everyone with some updates. Due to the large number of investors in Origin, we still haven't been able to speak to everyone yet, but are continuing to reach out to schedule 1-1 correspondences with everyone who participated in our Strategic round. If you participated in our CoinList round, expect to receive a separate update via email once we're ready to share more broadly the upcoming plans around our token release.
Be sure to check out our newly launched website!  We're really proud of it.
We also released a number of new videos that we encourage you to watch and share on your social media.  One of our favorites features many familiar names to this group including Sam Harrison (Blockchain.com), Steve Chen (Founder, YouTube), Rodolfo Gonzalez (Foundation Capital), Joey Krug (Pantera Capital), Andy Bromberg (Cofounder/President, CoinList), Dylan Jones (CEO, Refereum), Sophie Liao (Oyster VC) and Paul Veradittakit (Pantera Capital).
Other notable videos that we released this month include:
I'll be speaking at Devcon next week. Let me know if you'll be around. Looking forward to catching up with many of you there in person!
  • We blew past the major milestone of 10,000 unique wallets. We now have over 14,700 unique wallets that have used the Origin platform.
  • We continue to see strong interest in discounted gift cards on the Origin Marketplace. This month, we ran some focused campaigns on this vertical which resulted in sales of $29,475.00 USD worth of gift cards being sold on Origin during the past month.
  • Origin Rewards continues to be wildly popular. Korea took the top spot with over 2,000 users participating and referring their friends.
Product Development
  • As mentioned above, we launched a revamped marketing website for Origin. It's been a couple years since we made a major update to originprotocol.com and a revamp was long overdue. The new site does a much better job communicating our vision and all of the progress we've made over the past couple years. As we shift our focus towards educating end users and retail token purchasers, we made the conscious decision to prioritize video content over long-form walls of text. We think the new site is far better for mainstream consumption. A few specific asks, relating to this launch:
    • We could use some extra help translating the new site that just went live. We currently have Korean, Chinese, Russian, Italian and Spanish done, but could use some help getting across the finish line with the other 15+ languages that we previously supported.  If you want to join our team of 50+ volunteer translators, please sign up here  and then head over to translate.originprotocol.com to get started right away. Please message Anna (anna@originprotocol.com) if you need any help.  
    • Please help us share the new site and especially the featured videos on social media.
    • We have a big focus on creating great video content that is easily shareable. If you'd like to help us by filming an investor testimonial, please let us know (marilyn@originprotocol.com)
  • A major focus for us this month was improving the stability and reliability of the Origin marketplace. As we've continued to add feature after feature (multiple currencies, DAI support, meta-transactions, etc) the complexity of our codebase has also increased. This complexity has unfortunately started to catch up with us so we dedicated a lot of time this month to squashing bugs. 
    • The engineering team really stepped up and made a huge dent in our list of known issues.
    • We significantly increased our test coverage 
    • Daniel built a really neat Ethereum transaction visualization and tracing tool called Origin Tracer to help us better track down and fix tricky bugs going forward.
  • We released a new version of our mobile app with a long list of improvements (iOSAndroid)
  • Last year, we engaged the security firm Trail of Bits to audit our ERC20 Token and our Marketplace smart contracts. While they didn't uncover any major issues, they did uncover some bugs that needed to be fixed in advance of our Token being unlocked. This month, we deployed a new version of our marketplace contract that addresses those concerns. Trail of Bits did a follow up audit and approved our fixes. We'll be publishing their full report shortly.
  • We added support for buying and selling using OGN on the marketplace. This feature is currently wired off on the mainnet version of our DApp but we're excited to add this additional use-case for our Token once it is unlocked and trading on exchanges.
  • We were once again recognized by ConsenSys as one of the most productive engineering teams working in blockchain.  This month they ranked us as the 4th most active blockchain project by developer activity!
  • We're continuing our efforts to make sure OGN shows up by default in all of the major mobile wallets.  This month, OGN was added to BitBerry (one of the most popular mobile wallets in Korea). This received a lot of local media attention in Korea (HKB NewsCoinCatMediaCCTV NewsNewsWorksFNNewsCoinVoice
  • Doo Nam from MakerDAO made a nice video about us talking about the integration between our two products and the role of their stable coin in reducing pricing volatility on our marketplace.
  • We're continuing to make lots of progress on a major corporate partnership. We'll share specifics once it's finalized.
Token Distribution
As mentioned above, we are now actively engaged in discussions with multiple exchanges both internationally and domestically. We anticipate a first listing on a top-tier exchange in Q4.
We have also begun communicating with our investors about token distribution specifics. We're also in the process of verifying investor information. If there has been a change to your fund/personal info, now is the time to get in touch with us (investor-relations@originprotocol.com).
If you haven't heard from us yet, you will over the course of this month. Please remember that we have 800+ investors, so it will take some time to connect with everyone.
Asia continues to be a big focus area for us. We continue to be excited about all the activity in the region and believe it will be a big growth area for Origin. 
  • Origin was featured on TV with HKB News in Korea and we've seen a significant surge in usage and interest in Korea as a result.
  • Last month we shared that we had over 6k subscribers to Origin's Blockfolio Signal. That number has continued to grow. Today, we are at over 39.5k subscribers (making it our second-largest channel after our email distribution list). Please join our community there if you haven't already.
  • Matt joined Anna and Coleman in China where they went to Wanxiang, spoke at a meetup held at Neutrino, met with investors, journalists, and almost a dozen exchanges. We are continuing to grow our community team in China and invest heavily in that market.
  • Aure and I presented virtually at the La Conexion conference in Argentina
  • Kay gave a keynote and spoke on a panel at World Blockchain Forum in NYC
  • Anna did a 90 minute AMA with BW exchange
  • Upcoming events:
    • This Thursday, Origin will host its second meetup in Caracas, Venezuela in partnership with 4 local Venezuelan merchants who are selling their goods using Origin Marketplace.
    • On Saturday, I will be speaking at NodeTokyo in Tokyo.
    • Next Tuesday, I will be speaking at DevCon in Osaka. Tom and Micah will be joining me in Japan and I know many of you will also be in town. Let us know if you want to meet up. 
    • On Oct 14th, Micah is speaking at the Provenance Conference in Tokyo.


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  • 4 weeks later...

Origin в новом письме жалуются, что биржи не хотят их листить с данными локами, и говорят, что изменят локи токенов так, как решит большинство, при этом говоря, что их крупные инвесторы уже проголосовали за увеличение сроков (Pantera, Hashed, Danhua, Foundation, PreAngel, Blocktower). Т.е. они по сути говорят, что можете голосовать против, но уже всё +- решено: 4 месяца лока после выпуска токенов и выпуск токенов ежеквартально в течение двух лет). Все как обычно. Все в угоду листингов и бирж (наверняка будет какое-то IEO или продажа со скидкой по какой-то цене ниже последнего раунда).



Currently, we have obtained written sign-off from the majority of our largest investors (e.g. Pantera, Hashed, Danhua, Foundation, PreAngel, BlockTower, and dozens of other funds and individual investors), representing 100% of our Advisor Round and ~70% of our Strategic Round (the two rounds prior to the CoinList Round).


Please see the attached file for a copy of the proposed token release amendments. The form outlines the proposed maximum lockup/vesting (4-month lockup followed by 2 years of quarterly vesting) AND the company option to accelerate these conditions. The current amendment is taking in feedback from multiple exchanges to give us the most flexibility as we approach exchange listings, but the final token release schedules are still being discussed. 


Ссылка на комментарий

Вот у кого надо поучиться предоставлять отчёты, так это у Оригин:

Скрытый текст
We're continuing to gear up for the release of Origin Tokens (OGN) before the end of Q4. By now, all of you should have heard from us about the Origin Investor Portal and proposed new token release schedule. We weren't able to talk to each investor individually on the phone/video chat but are eager to hear from any investors that may want to weigh in as we get closer to the finish line with our first exchange listing.
On the product side, we have continued to build out features for the core platform and our flagship application. We've also devoted considerable resources to finalizing the Origin Investor Portal that you will be using to manage your Origin Tokens.
We've continued to expand our community efforts ahead of listing, increasing our global presence in China, Korea, Southeast Asia, and Russia of late.
Importantly, everyone should be on the lookout for an invite to the Origin Investor Portal in November. The Investor Portal will enable you to safely manage your tokens and withdraw to one or many addresses of your choosing.
If your primary email has changed since your investment, please email us ASAP to update your email as we will be sending invites to the official email on record.
On the core platform, we've been working on several important updates.
  • First, we have updated Origin profile verifications to be much faster. After talking to users and observing how long it was taking to write each identity update to chain, we've made the engineering decision to stop storing all identities on chain (identities will still be stored in IPFS). We will be able to onboard many more users (many of which were abandoning in the initial profile setup stages) with this change. This launch will occur in the next couple of days.
  • We've also quietly launched the ability for buyers to pay sellers with Origin Tokens (OGN). This is currently wired off in the UI, but will be turned on after OGN is listed and has real-time financial value. We want to allow our almost 4k OGN holders to use their tokens easily on the platform.
  • We've made significant progress on our off-chain payments MVP. This launch will enable us to test if we are able to significantly reduce friction on the buy-side. Users that do not have crypto will be able to complete their purchases with credit cards if sellers have opted to accept this payment method. If this experiment is successful, we also expect to include BTC and other non-ETH payment methods as options.
  • We are launching location-enabled listings and discovery this week. This will make it easier for our users in different countries to find relevant listings.
  • Origin Rewards continues to grow. This month, we had 1,229 participants, with 80% of the users coming from Korea and China.
The community team is currently working on two unannounced partnerships.
  • Anna is spearheading a pilot with a large, established marketplace in China to offer up their products on shoporigin.com. We are also working with a top Chinese wallet on this initiative. The end goal is to drive transactions on our platform for the users of these two established brands.
  • We're also continuing to push forward on a technical integration with a device manufacturer.
In the next few months, we will be actively pursuing additional co-marketing and integration partnerships with wallets, DApp browsers, and potential marketplace partners. If any of you believe there is a potential partner that would be especially beneficial for us to talk to, please do not hesitate to reach out or make a direct introduction.
The team has also been actively promoting Origin across the globe in the past month.
  • Josh, Micah, and Tom participated at Devcon recently. In Japan, Josh spoke at both the main event and NodeTokyo.
  • Meanwhile, Coleman traveled to Southeast Asia for our first meetup in Vietnam and met with several of our investors in Thailand. We see Southeast Asia as a new burgeoning market for crypto.
  • Zaur just attended Blockchain Life in Moscow. Over 6,000 people attended according to the organizers. Zaur met with some of our local advocates in the region.
  • Aure and Kay continued to evangelize our product offering in Venezuela. This time around, we held a meetup that featured local merchants that accept crypto. We believe that more and more merchants will begin accepting crypto to circumvent the broken financial system in the region.
  • Mila recently spoke on a panel at the Value Chain in Blockchain industry conference. Also, the Origin Korea team recently held a design thinking workshop with Blockchain 4 Humanity. There, meetup attendees discussed helping the world's unbanked with peer-to-peer marketplaces.
We're continuing to share the good news about Origin with our video campaign. This month we featured four new testimonial videos.


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  • 1 month later...

Изменили лок у инвесторов с "100% через 4 месяца после релиза" на "6% сразу, и дальше по 11.75% каждый квартал", увеличив таким образом разлок токенов на 21 месяц. Делают это из-за "top-tier exchange". Если это не Бинанс (хотя похоже на их метрики), то это фейспалм.

Прислали очередной отчёт:

Скрытый текст

Happy Thanksgiving to those that are celebrating!


This month's update will be more abridged, as we sent an important update very recently regarding the Origin Investor Portal and token distribution. 




This month we launched two new initiatives in addition to the Investor Portal.


First, we announced our Decentralized Shopify Alternative. This is our take on an ecommerce storefront that can be run in a distributed way, hosted on the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS. Just like the flagship Origin app (www.shoporigin.com), this app uses the same Origin Marketplace smart contract and shares many of the same features. It demonstrates the power and flexibility of the platform. You can check out the first store built at https://originswag.eth.link/. If you or anyone you know currently runs a Shopify store and would be interested in discussing our alternative, we'd love to be put in touch. We're especially interested in talking to folks that believe Shopify's fees are too high and their control/censorship is too far-reaching (e.g. unable to sell certain types of goods).


Next, we announced Origin Commissions. We have been quietly building this new use case of Origin Tokens (OGN) for some time. Origin Commissions creates an incentive for application developers (and other affiliates like influencers, bloggers, etc. in the future) to promote seller listings in exchange for collecting OGN. Sellers are able to offer up OGN as commissions just like they are in the existing referral and affiliate marketing world today. However, these commissions can only be collected by DApps or other affiliates when real sales are actually generated. This is enforced by the Origin Marketplace smart contract. We believe that incentivizing all the different actors in the Origin ecosystem are essential in building a thriving network.




Likewise, we had several Community initiatives that launched this month.


First, we launched a China-specific marketing campaign in conjunction with imToken (the most widely used wallet in China) and Slife (an established traditional marketplace in the hotel rentals space). Our campaign focused on selling Slife products and services on the Origin marketplace. All three parties were excited about the results of this initial partnership and are looking forward to working together even more closely going forward.


Currently, we are also in the middle of our global referral campaign. Our Korea team is spearheading this effort that rewards our top referrers with cash prizes alongside OGN. We've seen a dramatic increase in referral activity since the beginning of the campaign, with referrers in Korea and Indonesia leading the way. We're excited to announce our winners in about 10 days time.


Coleman traveled to Moscow to host Origin's first ever Russia meetup with our local community manager, Zaur. Russian speakers are actually a large percentage of our user base and community so we decided to travel out there to engage more intimately with them. We met some longtime loyal supporters in person for the first time and signed up new users to Origin Rewards. We also spent time talking to our investors in the region and met with other key players in the industry.


Lastly, here is the latest in our video testimonial series, featuring our lead investors at Pantera Capital and two of our senior engineers.

Paul Veradittakit, partner at Pantera, discusses the Origin team and opportunities for Origin to disrupt emerging markets.

Joey Krug, co-chief investment officer at Pantera and founder of Augur (the earliest Ethereum ICO), explains the value that Origin creates

Franck Chastagnol, senior engineer at Origin, discusses our open-source engineering culture.

Nick Poulden, senior engineer at Origin, compares and contrasts open and closed networks.

As December approaches, we expect a busy and hectic year-end. More updates coming soon.


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  • 5 weeks later...

Даже на новый год они прислали отчёт день в день:

Скрытый текст

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to our entire investor base! We hope you are as excited about crossing into 2020 as we are.


To kick things off right for the new year, we just announced our global 2020 kickoff social media campaign. We're giving away cash prizes ($3,750 in USDT) to over 100 members of the community that create great content about Origin. We'd love for our investors to participate by posting memes, photos, and videos to social media. 


We've also scheduled several press and media events, including multiple AMAs with global partners in China, Korea, Vietnam, and Russia to take our community to new levels in 2020. Please share the news and participate. You can see some of the scheduled events below in the 'Community' section.


This month, we also had our most successful month with Origin Rewards. We saw record highs in the number of referrals to the Origin flagship marketplace app. This also translated to increased DAU and MAU numbers.


In this edition of our investor update, we will also address several topics related to Origin Token (OGN) distribution in addition to our standard product and community updates.




In November we began an Origin Rewards campaign that also offered cash prizes in addition to OGN to top referrers. This proved to be our most successful Origin Rewards month to date, with a broad range of referrers from many countries participating.


One of the most surprising aspects of this campaign was how cash incentives activated users in regions of the world that we previously did not target. We saw a dramatic increase in users from Indonesia and Vietnam for example. Our second most active referrer came from Germany.


As a result of this campaign, we saw increased traffic to the Origin flagship marketplace application.


In the November Origin Rewards campaign, we had 3,249 participants and 1,858 new app installs. Since inception (April 2019), the program has had a total of 11,241 participants and driven 6,735 new app installs. Over 35k total user interactions were rewarded.


This strengthens our thesis that economic incentives can dramatically bootstrap the Origin Platform. We believe that we will be able to further accelerate growth once Origin Tokens (OGN) are listed and have real-time market value.


Of course, there is still a ton of room for improvement. For example, we will continue to experiment with new ways to retain and engage users through Origin Rewards that have already been acquired. Ultimately, our objective is to amass a large buyer and seller user base that actively transacts across the network. This will be a focal point of our incentive mechanisms in early 2020, so expect to see a revamped version of Origin Rewards in the future. We also had to bolster our fraud detection engines and ban several would-be scammers that attempted to attack our referral program with fake referrals.


In December, we also completed a project to get our DApp featured in the Samsung Galaxy store. This version of our app required engineering integration with the Samsung Blockchain Keystore (onboard crypto wallet within the phone's hardware). We're excited that Samsung is leading the way to bring crypto wallets to the masses. You can check out this version of our app here.


This month, we also launched a new partnership referral campaign engine that rewards users of other platforms for using Origin. We believe harnessing the power of cross-promotion between our partners and our current flagship app and our future marketplace and e-commerce apps will be an important strategy.

Our first partnership was with Blockfolio, the popular crypto portfolio management app.

We were able to drive several hundred new downloads of our app with only an experimental campaign and plan to increase our efforts with Blockfolio and other top blockchain and crypto brands.

Our engineering team has made progress across several new initiatives. We have built features in our Decentralized Shopify Alternative this month to enable automatic fulfillment of products for some of our early customers. Gitcoin is the first partner using this new DApp that focuses on e-commerce merchants (which uses the same Origin marketplace smart contracts and blockchain/IPFS architecture). We have several other new partners that we will announce next month.


Finally, we've recently begun working on several additional experimental applications that will take advantage of OGN to incentivize user acquisition and growth. For these experiments, we are taking a more centralized technical approach for core parts of the applications (e.g. user accounts and merchant listings) but will rely heavily on OGN as a bootstrapping and engagement mechanism. We are excited to make progress on these vertical applications to demonstrate the flexibility of the Origin Platform and also drive increased usage of our product suite.




December has been a busy month for the Community team, and we expect Q1 to be very action-packed on the marketing and PR front. Ahead of Origin's token launch and distribution, we want to make sure that our project is well-known across all the major global markets.


Tonight, I participated in a New Years Eve Wechat discussion event in China with approximately a dozen other top projects.

Recently, an in-depth review that Tokengazer wrote about Origin was published. We received media coverage from 16 other media outlets regarding this, including from Jinse, Mars, and Chainnews.


Here is a long list of other events that are planned/underway for Q1 across China, Korea, Southeast Asia, Russia, and of course, the US:

Origin Rewards Holiday Edition (12/26/2019 - 1/31/2020) 

2020 Kickoff Social Media Contest (12/30/2019 - 1/15/2020) 

CoinList <> Origin Protocol Announcement (Global)

Blockfolio <> Origin Protocol Collaboration (Global)

Origin AMA with Cobak (Korea)

Origin AMA with Bigcoin (Vietnam)

Origin AMA with Mimajike (China)

Origin <> HKB News Interview (Korea)

Origin <> Blox Announcement (US)

Origin AMA with VBC/VOZ/BTA/VIC/Coiner (Vietnam)

Origin ForkLog project review (Russia)

Token distribution: Investor Portal


We want to encourage you to sign into the Origin Investor Portal with your verified email if you haven't already.

While the majority of investors have already done this, we have observed that there are still many who have not. It is crucial that you log into your account in order for you to be able to manage your OGN tokens when they are released. If you need to change the primary email address on file, please change it in the portal directly or contact us ASAP if you no longer have access to the email that you used to originally invest in Origin.

You will need to accept the terms and conditions of using the portal and set up your two-factor authentication if you haven't already.

Note that if you invested through a fund or a syndicate, the fund administrator or syndicate lead will be the only individual that can access the Investor Portal so please talk to him or her.

Token distribution: Timeline


Next, we wanted to address token distribution. As mentioned in our last update, we have been working very hard on the Origin Token (OGN) launch. However, due to the recent uncertainty in the Asian cryptocurrency market, there have been a few unexpected delays.


Josh and I recently took a trip to multiple cities in China to get a firsthand account of the current climate. We came back highly encouraged. After gathering this data from regional markets, we do not believe that there will be major delays to our release schedule.

From talking to many of our local investors, partners, and community members, we've determined that the regulatory crackdown is targeted at eradicating projects and exchanges that are engaging in malicious and fraudulent behavior.

The government still has a favorable stance towards blockchain.

Most of the top-tier and second-tier exchanges anticipate a positive shift in the market and regulatory conditions after the Lunar New Year (beginning January 25th). 

We are now looking at a distributing tokens in Q1 and remain highly confident we will pull off a successful OGN and platform 1.0 launch. We ask for your continued support and patience in this period.


Token distribution: Token release schedule amendment


As we communicated in previous months, we have been working with our investors and the top exchanges on structuring a revised token release schedule that we believe will be in the best interests of our investors, the project, and our exchange partners.


After tabulating the votes from our investor base, we're pleased to announce that we have received overwhelming support for the proposed amendment and new token release schedule.


From the ~$38.1M of invested capital, our investor base voted as follows:

In favor the amendment: $29.61M  (77.8% of invested capital)

In favor of the original release schedule: $1.31M (3.4% of invested capital)

Abstained: $1.25M (3.3% of invested capital)

Did not respond: $5.84M (15.3% of invested capital)


As a result, the token release schedule has been adjusted to the following schedule (with Origin's option to accelerate at our discretion):

6% of tokens unlocked at initial launch

11.75% of tokens unlocked 4-months later

11.75% of tokens unlocked every 3-months thereafter

All investor tokens will be unlocked over 25 months. As a reminder, all investors will be treated the same. There are no preferential unlock schedules, regardless of the size of the investors' investments.




We are pleased to announce that we have recently hired a highly-respected and influential member of the Chinese crypto community to join our team alongside Anna Wang and Holly Gu. Leslie Song joins us from Bihu, the largest crypto media platform in China. There, Leslie led many initiatives as Content Officer. We are excited to lean on Leslie to more actively engage with press, influencers/KOLs, and developers in China as we continue to invest in that region. Beyond having strong relationships with the top exchanges (Huobi, OKEx, Binance, etc.), Leslie has also worked very closely with projects such as MakerDAO, Tron, Ontology, etc. and wallets like Hoo, Cobo, and imToken.


Again, we wish you all the best during the holidays and a happy new year. Here's to 2020!




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Origin, в связи с тем, что задействованы стали не только приватные инвесторы, но и люди, купившие токен с биржи, решили делать ежемесячный отчёт публичным (имхо правильно) (en): https://medium.com/originprotocol/january-2020-origin-token-ogn-holder-update-35c8446de360

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