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Empty Set Dollar [ESD] - стейблкоин с эластичным сапплаем


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Предложение 9, принимающее EIP-3, которое:

  1. увеличит до 6% печать ESD, пока купоны не будут погашены;
  2. выделит 20% на ЛП и ДАО, даже во время погашения купонов;
  3. увеличит локи с 1 эпохи до 15 для ДАО и 5 для ЛП;

было принято https://emptyset.finance/#/governance/candidate/0x4202Ffe860A2B77225d446bAfb8e346e054dA361.


За проголосовало 99.96%, явка составил 56.8% (!) токенов в ДАО.

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Новое предложение по купонам, в обзоре от Скотта Льюиса (дефипульс) и Уилла Прайса (да, в картошечке же заняться нечем, там уже всё вытащили с пользователей): https://medium.com/@scott_lew_is/a-vision-for-empty-set-dollar-ce29b7e0e297

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Заапрувили метапул Curve ESD - 3Pool:


Yesterday the proposal to add an ESD and 3Pool (DAI, USDT, & USDC) metapool to Curve.fi's platform was approved with the highest voting turnout of any proposal (almost 5m votes cast). It was approved with 52% voting for the proposal.


It's expected that the Curve team will work on the integration in the coming week/s. We'll share the launch here.


Thanks to Mechanism Capital and @AndrewK for proposing this to the Curve governance platform. @here


Link to the vote: https://signal.curve.fi/#/curve/proposal/QmR77ibveT3wHtRipyqQEvwbJE1bnyfgwoGkhPo5m513AJ


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  • cp287 changed the title to Empty Set Dollar [ESD] - стейблкоин с эластичным сапплаем

Empty Set Dollar is the latest DeFi galaxy-brain project, or ‘sci-finance’ as Parsec’s Will Sheehan puts it. Empty Set was launched by an anonymous team at the end of August and builds on the elastic supply model pioneered by Ampleforth, but aims to make rebases less disruptive by abstracting them away. If ESD is trading above $1.00, instead of a positive rebase for the whole supply, it mints new ESD and directs it ESD staked in the DAO, and if ESD is trading below $1.00, instead of a negative rebase, it issues coupons “redeemable for a premium quantity of future ESD” to those that burn ESD. Check out the easy-to-read whitepaper in full.


In the chart in the Tweet above, the second-to-bottom row of bars are coupons that were purchased when ESD traded below $1.00 during the first week of November, and then the bottom of row of bars shows those coupons being redeemed the past week, now that ESD is above its peg. Interest growing in ESD. Will Price and DeFi Pulse’s Scott Lewis penned a proposal to make the coupon mechanism more enticing because “effective hawkish tools are needed to stabilize [the peg] during periods of weakness.” Clearly, lessons are being learned from Maker’s struggle to defend the peg earlier this spring.



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