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TODA.NETWORK - протокол масштабирования блокчейн-сетей


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Обзор TODA: протокол масштабирования блокчейн-сетей.

The TODA Protocol enables businesses to efficiently and securely scale their blockchain implementations without transactional or management dependency on any third parties - including exchanges, miners, cloud, servers, databases, routers, etc.

TODA-T is considered the next evolution of TCP/IP for value transfer over the communication layer in a P2P decentralized setting.


Официальный сайт: https://www.toda.network/

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выпустили ролик в стиле документалок с HBO: 


Создатель - Мигель Фрэнсис-Сантьяго, чья мама родом из Москвы. Делает документальные фильмы для Russia Today. Ещё немного инфы о нём: https://rtd.rt.com/crew/miguel-francis-santiago/

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удалось обнаружить, что у проекта есть ещё один смежный сайт: https://trie.foundation/

Из названий разделов данного сайта ясно, что проект будет иметь токен, который в данный момент хотят выпустить в третьем квартале 2019-го.

Также был найдет WP, которого пока нет на сайте, от августа месяца: T.R.I.E. Whitepaper (11_18).pdf

Ближайшее время постараюсь собрать всю информацию, которая мне известна по проекту (раунды продажи, цены на них, бывшие планы).

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Папа, сын, и лучший друг узнали о Тоде в пятницу, и уже в воскресенье переделали свою демку сбора уникальных электронных вещей с открытым кодом (код найти не удалось) под Toda. Снимает Toufi:


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  • 8 months later...

Toda собирается стать единорогом в будущем году, и нанимает для этого CEO. Также создает специальный фонд, который будет забирать эквити сотрудничающих компаний по дешевке (собирают $10M), и сообщает о добавление ещё трёх компаний в текущую структуру. Как выйти из текущей инвестиции - не сообщается.



Todalarity.Fund LLP and Todalarity.MarketPlace Corp: It is an Al marketplace for any app, platform or developer. Metaphorically, think of the mall as the place you go shopping for clothing, this is the place you go shopping for cutting edge Al. Not just our own, any AI engine that proves itself.  Here are few posts talking about this over the last couple weeks. 


Supermassive Inc: Anti Deepfake, speeches, lectures, keynotes, blogs, news, articles, tweets (basically any public representation) across the globe, gave birth to this company which is geared to counter fake news deterministically. Jamie Wilks as CEO, seasoned fellow with fabulous track record (previous company grew to $4B) they are raising $10M Series A in 2020, currently raising seed $1M and came over subscribed last I heard up by 55% ($1.55M) 


BaP53 DAO:  Any Hodlers or bitcoiners in the room will find this particularly interesting. So What is BaP53? While in the past I expressed the interest of couple Bitcoin developers building Bitcoin on Toda, in September, one of them got all the test results they need to feel confident to go out to the world with it. We do not think, technical solution alone is sufficient and must think of social scalability, so they threw it back at me to brainstorm and came up with this concept that they seem to like, love and cherish. Bap53 would be valued at $10M day one, it does "NOT*" have any investment round, it will not be seeking investors at any stage, it will be built by developers and owned by developers. If anyone is interested in sponsoring some developers and taking piece of the pie in exchange, we will be happy to discuss facilitating this collaboration, please reach out and will connect you accordingly. 



Second Year > 2019: This December 2019 is looking like we will have $4.6M in fully signed POs and $21.7M vested solely in 2019 in various company equities. Highlights on our portfolio companies starting with TodaQ which is launching TDN this quarter, some of their latest news acquiring $25M in Grafite and Hyundai selecting them last June. Many current JVs growing and catching up quickly. YouBase.OT is currently in M&A discussions towards 20X the original investments committed last January. To be clear again, that's January 2019 and now 20X potential exit, not bad at all. Some of you have invested in this particular JV and we have already communicated with you separately, given your 1X liquidation preference this may result in 21X liquidity beyond the lockup period.. While we can't disclose any more details at this point, if this deal goes through the other company absorbing them will be listed in the Nasdaq mid 2020. By then, even if you aren't an investor in it and therefore not amongst the beneficiaries of the 20X it does add more confidence in the validation of our business model here at Toda.Network our Valuation will likely skyrocket as its currently in the $100M and is based valuing JVs like YouBase at only $2M. Think of it when one JV out of many similar liquidates at 20X ($40M) this $40M is tiny but for the age of the company and progress is huge. This will lift up the valuations of all of our JVs and therefore our valuation. Regardless if this deal goes through or not, we see it as a bonus, we remain diligent and confident in our progress towards setting our company to be a Unicorn. 


Toda.Network Corp to Unicorn status: In 2020 we would be looking to hiring a growth CEO who has done it before, taking companies from $100M valuations to $B+ (Unicorn status) Obviously this isn't an easy search, nor guaranteed, but we will give it our best shot. Of course what can work in our favor is not only for us finding the right candidate and lure them over, but also ourselves, become that company that would attract a topnotch growth CEO and attract Top VCs and attract top talent etc. I think you get the idea. 



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