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Решили закрыть проект и начать новый. Тем, кто хоть раз участвовал в голосовании и имеет залоченные токены в контракте гавернанс получат дроп нового проекта:


We (team ™️ /core contributors) have collectively decided to branch out and have a fresh start with a new direction, new tokenomics, and a new roadmap. While we will continue to support Swerve in a limited capacity, our focus would be on the new project.


What does this mean for Swerve Finance?


Swerve Finance will continue to live on, everything stays as is - no changes done, no actions required. The pool(s) are functional, and the UI works. Any open-source contributor or a group of contributors can pick it up from here and take it in a new direction with the support of the community. The community itself could organise these efforts. Anything is possible. Heck, even John might return!


What does this mean for supporters of Swerve Finance?


The supporters and the community that has formed around Swerve is what makes Swerve so unique. We believe the community would be able to pave a new path forward for Swerve with their active participation, by appointing new leaders, and supporting them in their vision, just as they have done so far.


We would like to thank everyone for their active support and contributions to the project. Moreover, to truly show our appreciation, we have allocated ~10% of the supply of the upcoming project (vesting) to be distributed to the active governance participants.


If you have participated in at least one DAO vote in the past, and have an active lock during the time of snapshot, you would be eligible for the airdrop. The allocated supply will be distributed pro-rata to all active governance participants factoring in their SWRV locked, and the duration of lock.


The snapshot would be taken at 00:00:00, 10th February, 2021 AoE time (UTC minus 12).


If you are an active governance participant you can still (prior to snapshot):

1. Lock more SWRV to be eligible for a larger share of airdrop.

2. Increase your lock-time to be eligible for a larger share of airdrop.


источник: discord Swerve

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