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AAVE [LEND (ранее ETHLend) - лендинговая p2p-платформа


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Aave в Великобритании была выдана лицензия организации электронных денег (EMI). Aave Limited получила одобрение 7 июля. Такая лицензия позволяет предлагать такие услуги, как выпуск альтернативных цифровых денег и предоставление платежных услуг в Великобритании




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подкаст со @StaniKulechov



Скрытый текст

Welcome to the new website![00:19]

What is Aave?[01:17]

Aave’s ETHLend origins.[02:53]

How did Stani know there would be a market for lending in the crypto space?[04:27]

Thoughts on being the founder for a startup that might just be a little ahead of its time.[06:02]

When and why did ETHLend make the conversion to Aave?[07:47]

How did Stani foster the ETHLend/Aave community early on, and what does it take to maintain active engagement?[08:52]

Is decentralization the key to getting the most out of what a community or organization has to offer, or is it essential to have a visionary figurehead to drive innovation?[13:17]

What steps has Aave taken to ensure network security, and what unique challenges are faced when securing DeFi protocols versus traditional financing platforms?[18:13]

How does Stani cope with the stress of shouldering so much financial responsibility? [21:12]

Thoughts on “ethical” hacking and bug bounties.[22:58]

Where does Aave’s yield come from, and why is decentralized finance better poised to generate interest than traditional banking?[24:06]

Does Stani believe traditional finance will eventually adopt the efficiency of DeFi protocols to operate invisibly behind the scenes?[27:01]

Thoughts on the evolution of DAOs and the changing nature of decision-making in the crypto space.[31:35]

When trying to put everything on the chain in a DeFi system is more of a hindrance than a help from a scaling perspective.[34:26]

Beyond pure DeFi, what does Stani see Aave being used to build?[37:03]

Is building a decentralized Twitter in Aave’s future?[38:47]

Does Stani believe layer two adaptations will allow Ethereum to successfully scale, or is it too late to cut back the bloat? What purpose might Ethereum serve in the future?[39:39]

Why the future may require us to embrace multiple layer twos, and why Stani sees this as a good thing.[42:43]

Thoughts on Solana and EVM. [45:15]

What role do NFTs play in lending from Aave’s perspective?[46:48]

The pros and cons of embracing blockchain technology and NFTs for traditional gaming platforms.[50:01]

Will Aave be accepting NFTs as collateral? If so, how will this work?[50:45]

How is the value of an NFT offered as collateral determined?[51:54]

How soon can we expect to see Aave accepting NFTs as collateral? Will they be governed by a currently existing token, or an entirely new one?[53:56]

What other projects in the crypto realm does Stani find interesting?[55:22]

What we can expect from Aave in the coming months.[57:44]

How can someone interested in what Aave’s doing get more involved?[58:33]

Parting thoughts.[59:16]


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