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Выкатили по сути годовой отчёт о проделанной работе. Выглядит внушительно. Для меня только всё ещё остаётся непонятной постоянно падающая жёстко цена в течение года с такого рода активностью. Или инфляция слишком большая, или где-то кто-то нашёл какую-то дыру и льёт постоянно пофиг на цену.

Отчёт (eng):

Скрытый текст

2018 was a busy year for Blocknet. Between the launch of Block DX (the Blocknets’ decentralized exchange), winning best blockchain developer of 2018, and making blockchain history by sending a transaction without a blockchain installed, it has been a very productive year! This is what was achieved…

The year started out with a show of confidence and commitment to the project, when some of the team relocated to Austin, Texas, one of the fastest growing tech capitals of the world. BLOCK was added to the CryptoBridge exchange, the first roadmap of 2018 was published, Blocknet reached 15K followers on Twitter, and a support team for Block DX was created.

February saw the publication of our most popular article to date: Understanding a Decentralized Exchange, as well as the publication of the first Marketing plan of 2018.

The month of March was a productive and busy time for Blocknet with various milestones completed. On March 1st, the beta version of Block DX was released and this was shortly followed by the publication of the Blocknet Whitepaper. Additionally, there was a Blocknet branding reveal by VSA Partners, the release of a slick two minute introductory video to Blocknet and Block DX, the launch of the revamped Blocknet website, and the design reveal for the new Blocknet wallet. Blocknet also attended the Tokenfest event, and published an article on the Blocknet Protocol.

In April, BLOCK was added to the Cryptopia exchange and were the first to partner with the NIX project via their forthcoming DEX manager. On social media we held a Reddit AMA on Blockchain interoperability and released an article on Healthcare and Interoperability. Blocknet attended the Global Blockchain Expo in London where Arlyn Culwick was a sponsored speaker at the Expo giving a 30 minute lecture on the topic, “What should inter-blockchain infrastructure look like?” Many projects spoke highly of us, including kind words from our friends at the Decred project in the first part of their live stream (at around the 1:17 mark).

May marked the commencement of our first round of coin announcements for Block DX, as well as the start of our weekly coin recap series. Additionally, the first iteration of the Blocknet Coin Hub was unveiled. On the social media front, an Instagram presence was added to our online communication inventory and a new article was published on the need for interoperability. However the biggest event in May was the announcement of XRouter, an inter-blockchain SPV client (or “light wallet”) backend, enabling the verification of blockchain records from theoretically any blockchain without requiring users to download the blockchain in question. This accomplishment is nothing less than a huge leap forward for the whole blockchain ecosystem!

As May turned to June, innovations from Blocknet continued to roll out in quick succession. Blocknet released its alpha API for XRouter and presented its beautiful redesigned Qt wallet. Blocknet also gained recognition both from Blockfolio (when Blocknet was one of the first projects to be added to its Signal system) and the wider crypto community as a whole when it won the “Best blockchain developer of 2018” at the Block Awards Amsterdam while attending the European Blockchain Expo. From over 250 applicants, the judges felt that Blocknet was the most revolutionary advancement in blockchain technology in 2018! At the end of June, social media teams were established.

Midway through 2018, word about Blocknet was spreading rapidly as the project was covered on a number of crypto focused YouTube channels during July including the Crypto Tips channel here, the Crypto Investing channel here, the Crypto Candor channel here and the Crypto Zombie channel here. A new facebook group, the Internet of Blockchains, was created as an initiative to share ideas and facilitate discussions between communities that are part of the internet of blockchains.

Youtube coverage continued in August with Crypto Zombie reportinging yet another historical groundbreaking blockchain event made possible by Blocknet’s XRouter technology: the successful sending of a Syscoin transaction from one address to another, all without the SYS blockchain installed. This was the very first mainnet SPV transaction of it’s kind, ever! The Blocknet community continued to grow with Discord hitting the 2000 users mark.

In September, Brian D. Colwell (CryptoHobbit Twitter) published an in-depth interview and article with the Blocknet team and an article on how Blocknet represents a digital revolution for Blockchain was published. Block DX and the Blocknet wallet both received major updates with Block DX now having the ability for automated setup. Blocknet also had a representative at the IBM Blockchain summit in L.A. Blocknet community contributions continued to flow in thick and fast with community member ishkb1 continuing work on his Block Node Info site, Littleeagle creating blockdx.co, and Scott Wehman beginning a series of podcasts.

Recognition of Blocknet continued to grow, when in October Blocknet was invited to attend a selective high level European Union roundtable event in Brussels on the future of blockchain. Following our attendance at this event, the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies has invited us to create a second EU government roundtable, this time aimed specifically at blockchain interoperability and agreeing to an interchain standard. This will be explored further in the coming months. Blocknet was featured in the first screenshots of a new crypto-based arena shooter called CryptoBLAST. Block DX development continued when Ethereum trades commenced on testnet and Cloudchains Inc revealed they will be creating a decentralized lite multi-wallet dApp, which uses XRouter’s multi-chain SPV technology.

In November, the XRouter powered, Cloudchanis Inc. proof-of-concept decentralized lite multi-wallet was demonstrated at the North American Blockchain Expo in California. The first wallet of its kind anywhere! A demonstration of Ethereum, Syscoin, and many other blockchains running on XRouter also took place at the Expo and once again, Arlyn Culwick made a presentation at the expo titled “Blockchain interoperability and the inter-chain era: how decentralized API’s will transform the internet”, which will be released in December. Blocknet officially launched Coin Portals on its website and resumed coin announcements. Coin Portals showcase every token that is ready for cross-chain dApps, compatible with the Internet of Blockchains, and can be trustlessly traded on Block DX.

December saw the release of a new interview with Blocknet project coordinator Hanni and major updates to both the Blocknet wallet and Block DX. As the year ends and as the Blocknet tech stack draws ever closer to maturity, focus has now started to encompass mutually beneficial partnerships with many exciting leads already being explored as well as the beginning of the Block DX marketing push and various community outreach initiatives.

Looking Into 2019

As 2018 turns to 2019, all development lines of the Blocknet Protocol will continue to mature as we lay the foundation for an “internet of blockchains”. Check out the latest roadmap to see what the future will bring. Additionally, there will be a marketing initiative for Block DX and a community engagement campaign and bounty program. We hope that you are as excited as us for a Blocknet’s future and a Blocknet-powered blockchain ecosystem.


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источник: discord block

Один из членов сообщества Block Dungor выдвинул предложение о финансировании, в котором попросил 1060 блоков (около $1500). Суть пропозала заключается в том, что Block необходим директор по развитию и бизнес-менеджер, и он себя предлагает на эту роль. В качестве подготовительной работы он уже связался по своим личным связям с Hyperledger и ISO для соответствия их стандартам и партнёрству с ними.

Оригинал предложения:

Скрытый текст

This is a proposal for: 

* Main role is as an interim-Business Developer & Growth Hacker. (Operational)
* Secondary role is Process Consultant. (Tactical, Strategic)

Interim-Business Developer & Growth Hacker
This role is interim as Blocknet really needs a professional Growth Hacker with the required education and experience. However the project and especially the product life-cycle process isn't tuned to match growth hacking yet. How to get Blocknet ready will be covered in the secondary role as Process Consultant.
We have a current need for a Business Developer role. We want Blocknet to be if not the standard for interoperability then at-least part of it. Two initiatives for this are ongoing: 
* Join the standards work surrounding the ISO and IEEE. Synechist and I are both approaching ISO from our respective personal networks while coordinating efforts and progress. (This will not be completed within a month, this is just working towards the goal)
* Join Hyperledger which is a project governance standard under the Linux foundation, but also a partnerships channel. I have received material and process. ( will make a plan and do as much as possible minimising  dev resources on it)
Furthermore I will continue working on the leads generated from the NA Blockchain Expo. I will work on finding "low-hanging" reference cases for Blocknet with smaller providers. I will produce a value stream visualisation, which is an overview of what Blocknet the project focus on in it's market, and what opportunities there are for partnership organisations to service customers using Blocknet. (In a more lay-man format than Lean VS mapping)

Process Consultant
The objective of this role is to do an analysis of what it would take to make Blocknet optimised to get to market with it's products faster, and how we could define products and value propositions to scale our user base faster. Example: It is easy to articulate that a shapeshift like UI could open a market before the DEX gathers enough volume to open up the market that suits it's UI. However actually hashing this out in a plan and getting contributors on board takes more than a wish of an end goal. This is coordination of full stack and full life-cycle.
Role Description for a Growth Hacker - To be used in recruiting when the Superblock can sustain it.
Analysis of what it would take to setup the project organisation to work in a way that would support and utilise the mindset. Process analysis for later process improvements, Sales funnel and product life-cycle.
Cost to Company analysis
Partnership management Process
Business rules for partnerships (i.e. we don't partner with centralised Master node pools) This will make taking decisions on potential partnerships more efficient. The Business rules can involve the community without breaching NDA or requiring Service nodes to have to micro-manage the project.

I ask for 1060 Block, currently at 1.80$
This is 4 times less than a full time salary for me. This rate is so that nodes can try out my work.
The proposal is conditioned by that the new funding proposal is passed and it can be paid by the 40k Superblock (no community funds) and that all dev expenses has been covered first. If the raised Superblock needs time to be effective, this payment can be delayed until it's ready, while under promise of payment my work will start immediately.

About me
Strategic Advisor for Blocknet since it was an idea. Trusted advisor to the team. I have a background in Business Process Management, Enterprise Architecture and PRINCE2 Project Management. I have 7 years experience building and implementing complex capabilities into organisations through process work, training/adoption and project initiatives. I have seldom been subject matter expert in the areas where I up-skilled the organisation, yet I have implemented best practices and training of key personal and required changes to processes and IT. For the last 1½ year I have worked as a Business Consultant for Denmark's Leading Microsoft Gold Partner, doing the same kind of tasks but mostly related to Microsoft Software implementation projects.
I hold a Master in IT Management and Business Economics. My full resume is available through linkedin. 

My Motivation for this proposal is that in relation to the NA Blockchain Expo my loyalty and focus was brought into question because I was taking time off to work on Blocknet (and thus not billing hours). At a partner level it was decided that Blockchain no longer would be an area of focus for the company. I chose that I will continue working with Blockchain tech, and contribute to Blocknet. December has been used closing down projects and I will have a month of garden leave in January that I would like to spend as described in this proposal. If the market conditions of Blocknet allows for it, I would like to seek either a permanent or part-time role with Blocknet paid. I have worked pro-bono for Blocknet for more than 4 years now. My Strategic Adviser role will continue to be pro-bono.

При обсуждении предложения в discord'е кто-то спросил о партнёрских отношениях, которые есть сейчас.

Ответ Dungor: 

Скрытый текст

Thank you for the feedback and honesty. I see I’m already getting a mixed voting result so I appreciate being able to comment on this now. The state of partnerships is mostly 'pipe-dreams' as you put it. We have generated a lot of leads from events, but people didn't have time to follow up or it wasn't a focus. As you mention Baron was supposed to do this, but he didn't deliver. I was not part of the NIX partnership process so I can't speak about that one. What I have been involved with is the ISO standard talks. I have a meeting in February at "Dansk Standard" which is the Danish branch that deals with ISO work. I have a meeting in the books early January with Overledger but this is preliminary. I’m trying to approach ISO from several angles, Arlyn also has a contact that he is working. I’ve contacted Hyperledger and during these days I'm going through the material it would take to get us involved. I'm chasing Hyperledger because I see it as giving us legitimacy and opening the market for XRouter. There are some other projects of this type that showed interest that I would pursuit. My focus for XRouter is not primarily inside the Blockchain/crypto ecosystem, but rather the ‘old’ world that are to use this technology for further digitization of old manual processes. Supporting new coins are great, and I have a few ideas on how we could make ourselves even more attractive in this regard, but my focus would be making us attractive to land actual users. Regarding pay, I’m not asking for a 3 months contract. I’ve set my price for one month symbolically. I’m not looking to drain the project of funds, the proof of that would be my 4 years pro-bono contribution to the project. If I find that I’m not able to add the value I hope to, I won’t put up a renew proposal.

Put it like this: I don't think BlockDX needs much classic business development. I think XRouter do. I think both offerings need Growth hacking, a redesign to our product lifecycle process, much more lean/agile whatever buzz word you could attach to it. But in laymen terms we need to think about how to actually get users on our products. We are building "end-game" content but we are ignoring the starting zone. Trading on a low volume exchange will put people off before they even try it. Being confused about placing pairs and their respective value will put others off. There is a very niche specific market for the current form of BlockDX but to get wider adoption we need to offer other user experiences until we have matured our customer base into the full potential final form of Block. This way of thinking could be more officially represented. I tried to convey in my proposal that I’m not the Growth Hacker person that Blocknet needs. But what I can do is help us get to a place where we could utilize such a role. I would be ‘treating water’ with trying to reach out to the leads we did get from the Expo. I have only talked with those that contacted me directly, as I didn’t have time for anything else, and there must be some reason to just how much I work for free for this project. I can’t promise you that they will materialize into anything but I can promise you that if I don’t do it, nothing will happen. I believe that the project now is in a stage where we have to setup processes that can sustain partnerships, or we will have ended up building great tech under the hood but see little actual adoption. We need reference cases for XRouter, BlockDX is a good first reference as it showcases the tech, but it’s not an external customer using our tech. We need external customers using our tech. Partnerships won’t happen on their own. We need processes and staffing around them.

Is now the right time? Now is the time that you can get me to this role, else I will be locked up in a new full-time contract minding my career. I don’t believe you will get someone with my experience and knowledge about the project and our market at this rate at a later stage. Can we afford this role? That is for you the Service nodes to decide. You declined unlocking more funds last month, which has resulted in that we are down to 1 full time coder (Besides Dan whom isn’t paid). Others were cut and then of cause lost. We also lost Shane. If our Service nodes only concern themselves on their % of the total pie, they might miss the opportunity to grow said pie. Blocknet is a utility token, not a cryptocurrency. Yes issuing new tokens will offset fee generation and thus ROI. But it must be seen in a bigger picture. Dash is a great example of a project that grew it's pie (inflated but price of each coin)


Краткое изложение: "мне кажется, что HyperLedger был бы нашей путёвкой в жизнь, поэтому я приложу все усилия к этому. Не думаю, что надо фокусироваться на партнёрствах в блокчейн-пространстве, а думаю, что надо смотреть на "старый" мир. Если ждать для этой должности "устойчивых партнёрств", то всё так и не сдвинется с мёртвой точки, так как им неоткуда будет взяться. Нам надо расширить спектр услуг, чтобы набрать достаточную пользовательскую базу. И я не думаю, что вы найдёте кого-то лучше меня на эту должность".

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Осталось два дня для того, чтобы обновить софт и кошельки - блокнет сделал какой-то глобальный апдейт и обещает начать маркетинговую кампанию, позиционируя себя, как самый безопасный dex 



Может он и самый безопасный, и самый приватный (не нужен kyc), но юзать начнут только тогда, когда не нужно будет скачивать кошельки по каждой монете и загружать их блкч

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Сделаю дубль сюда также. В видео делается обзор листинга Blocknet на Binance, в котором вопросы для листинга явно выходят за пределы необходимых для подачи заявки, а больше напоминают изучение проекта/конкурента и пониманию как решить некоторые возникающие у них проблемы с DEX. Выглядит мягко говоря некрасиво. Но из видео можно увидеть что думает по некоторым вопросам Co-founder проекта Blocknet Arlyn Culwick. Так, например, по поводу web-версии биржи он уверен, что такой продукт скоро будет осуществлён, но команда бы не хотела делать это самостоятельно, а готова была бы оказать всестороннюю поддержку для тех, кто будет готов это сделать, так как такой запрос приходит к ним постоянно.

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Arly Culwick продолжает путешествие по подкастам, и в этот раз пришёл на Blockcrunch и обсудил почему они для общения между блокчейнами выбрали решения второго уровня  (Layer 2) в отличии от подходов Polkadot и Cosmos, выбравших решение первого уровня (Layer 1), и как Blocknet подключается к Ethereum и Bitcoin (en): http://blockcrunch.libsyn.com/blocknet

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