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bZx [bzrx] - протокол кредитования на блокчейне (Fulcrum/Torque)

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3 минуты назад, kom6auhep сказал:

Ликвидити-майнинг - это майнинг их токена за предоставление ликвидности? 

Да, обычно это подразумевали под данным словосочетанием. Но судя по "сюрпризу", могут придумать какие-то новые условия.

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58 минут назад, MrSkill сказал:

Кроме того в статье описаны принципы работы bzrx и как они будут увеличивать свою стоимость:

1. Распределение комиссий;

2. Распределение комиссий Балансера;

3. Распределение начисленных токенов BAL;

4. Фонд страхования.

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Loopring и bZx будут вознаграждать пользователей, которые будут размещать лимитные ордера в пару bzrx-eth на бирже Loopring: https://medium.com/loopring-protocol/bzrx-eth-liquidity-mining-on-loopring-exchange-7605fbc9e91d.

В данный момент награда составляет $2k в токенах vBZRX (токены BZRX с локом).

Каждый час нахождения ордера в книге заказов будет награждаться, а акция продлится в течение месяца.

Ну а для хайпа, данная инициатива также названа майнинг ликвидностью (хотя по сути она сильно отличается от майнинга ликвидностью на платформах займа или дексах с АММ)

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bZx будет выплачивать свои награды за майнинг в локнутых токенах BZRX на 4 года, vBZRX, к счастью токены vBZRX можно будет перемещать и торговать ими.


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С гаверненс колла: "Some of those already involved include Kain Warwick, Loi Luu, Alison Liu, Symbolic Capital, DeFi Dad, Alex Masmej, PieDAO, Andrew Kang, the Bankless community, CryptoDog, and Pentoshi."




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Выжимка из АМА чейнлинк и bZx:


1:  For those who think education is important: Kyle has Master's degree in computational biology. Kyle worked in vaccine research. Tom has background in computer engineering and master's  business. Tom also worked for Nokia for about 15 years leading software team and software architecture.  


2: BZX 2.0: Why you should be excited?
Kyle says they're hitting all the pinpoints people had voiced about version 1.0 such as real-time charting, order histories, collateral management, bringing down gas costs. Before you had to refresh fulcrum each time to see price and position updates. Now:
-Interface and trading view charts update in real time
-Protocol is now sleeker, more efficient
-Consumes less than half the gas of its predecessor.
-New feature, BZX will add chi token to further reduce gas costs. 
-BZX are also investing heavily in security; They have 19 person-weeks of manual auditing by Peckshield and CertiK. On top of all that, the contracts will be formally verified
-BZX are launching with one of the most aggressive yield farming programs the industry has seen yet. In the relaunch, BZX need to build substantial liquidity, so yield farming will be short and concentrated with intention of providing larger yields than anything we've seen yet. (do read the other highlight I made, where Kyle said the yield farming will have long term plans too but this is to underline the potential of the beginning stages of the relaunch)


3: Tom: "We just want to come back with a bang and just really incentivize people to use the platform heavily. Past users will be really happy with our new product"


4: How big of a deal is the auditing process?
Biggest part is to be really ready to be audited: to be production ready, to have tests and tools ready to be audited. There's a pre-audit checklist to be audit ready. Time and more money is wasted if it is not ready.
BZX have to meet auditors every week, it is time intensive working with multiple auditors at the same time. They feel really good about where it is at right now. 


5: How will Chainlink will be used in BZX?
Tom says Chainlink is heavily imbedded into BZX protocol. We're pricing all the assets, positions, pricing our own token, have our own Chainlink feed. It really is the core to securing BZX protocol having highly secure, decentralized price feeds. 
BZX was built from 2017.


6: Some of the internals of BZX system: 
As positions fluctuate in value, they have a 2-tiered system to manage liquidations.
The liquidation infrastructure:
- First layer; A delegated closing contract that allows anybody to close your position for you, provided it's below margin maintenance. So calling the delegated close provides a fixed rate bounty plus a small percentage base reward. And to ensure the position is below margin maintenance, BZX call chainlink oracles to verify the exchange rate. So somebody can't prematurely close the position or manipulate the prices of exchanges to collect the bounties on every open position. It's separate from the core contracts but BZX believes this is the most capital efficient manner of liquidating. Currently, there's tens of millions of $ going towards liquidation bots and miners. BZX want their protocol to avoid participating in this as much as possible.
- Second layer: Built into core protocol contracts. It allows liquidators to purchase collateral at a discount. To determine the appropriate exchange rate of the collateral, BZX use chainlink price feeds. Without a robust price feed, premature liquidations could be triggered at a great loss to the traders. As Tom said, BZX uses chainlink to their liquidity mining program. Chainlink is securing BZX liquidity mining program.


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