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Curve - децентрализованный обмен активов с близкой стоимостью


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Немножечко FUD'а про Ивана:


Ivan Golovko Used the CRV Token Release to Defraud the Entire Blockchain Space 


I've documented exactly how this was done here: https://librehash.org/ivan-and-lobsterdao-defrauded-the-blockchain-space-via-the-crv-token-release-2/


Some Quick Facts 


1. CRV (iearn.finance's governance token) was actually released on August 12th (not on the 13th as was announced). 

2. Ivan Golovko was the individual that broke this news to everyone (because he was the one that deployed the contract). 

3. Despite being the one to deploy the contract, he openly speculated about its legitimacy via his Telegram channel ("Blockchain Lobsters") when he finally decided to divulge its existence around 22:00 UTC August 13th, 2020 

4. I tracked down the contract address, then took a peak at the initial transactions (as well as the contract creator). Appears that the vast majority of the tokens were dispersed immediately after deployment (again, this was an entire day before the larger blockchain space was aware of this contract's existence) 

5. After tracking down the flow of funds (using Etherscan.io, Bloxy.info and Bitquery.io), I was able to definitively identify Binance, OKex, and Huobi as the **source of cash inflow (Ethereum) into the contract (I'm assuming to purchase it). 

6. To be clear, #5 means that Ethereum was leaving those exchanges, not being liquidated there. 

I suppose that its entirely plausible that there were whales that just so happened to hold accounts at the same three major exchanges that immediately listed CRV's governance token the second news of its quasi-release became public. 

But my instincts tell me that this probably wasn't the case and that the exchanges themselves (OKex / Binance / Huobi) were busy allocating, aggregating, dispersing and storing the token funds with the intentions of obfuscating their involvement + their total holdings of this project (some transactions carried a value of >$1 billion at the time of transfer as this project was spiking through the roof post-deployment)


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По итогу фаундер залочил 71% силы голосования на данный момент, и не будет голосовать. А для прохода голосования необходим 30% кворум. Таким образом единственная возможность что-то решить - чтобы другие люди залочили больше и больше CRV в контракте голосования:


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23.08.2020 в 11:36, cp287 сказал:

Андре чуть наезжает на Curve, Curve отбивается:



Более подробное описание ситуации и как она развивалась: https://thedefiant.substack.com/p/de-in-defi-questioned-teams-accused

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