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Из TrustToken ушёл один из кофаундеров, Jai An, который теперь будет заниматься личными проектами (первым проектом видимо будет http://val.com/).
В новый совет директоров вошли Tom Shields, Alex de Lorraine, Rafael Cosman :


With Trust Relay’s finishing touches nearly complete, my friend, co-founder, and our CEO Jai An completes his tour of duty with TrustToken. Jai has ended his role as TrustToken CEO on 6th of July 2020. We’re grateful for his intellectual curiosity, visionary leadership, and wish him happiness and success as he transitions his focus to personal projects.

With our vision now a product, Rafael Cosman will act as interim CEO, Alex de Lorraine becomes our new COO, and we’re proud to introduce TrustToken’s new board of directors:


Tom Shields: Tom is a seasoned technical founder and investor. Having taken NetGravity public in 1998 as CTO, Tom has since founded, invested in, sat on the boards of, and advised founders at dozens of mission-driven companies. Having acted as an advisor to TrustToken for years, he joins the board with strong context on our business and a personal relationship with our team.

Alex de Lorraine: now COO, former Director of Finance Alex has long served as TrustToken’s voice of reason & fiscal responsibility, all while remaining celebrated by the team at large. Alex brings over 20 years of experience in finance, operations, and compliance from Google, Pfizer, IBM and beyond.

Rafael Cosman, TrustToken’s earliest co-founder and former Head of Engineering, Rafael will now be serving as CEO. As a deeply technical leader, Rafael has been responsible for TrustToken’s tokenomics and software architecture, while as a founder, he’s been a driving force in cultivating our company culture and building the team across all departments. 


Ещё немного об уходе Jai An:


On why Jai is leaving, the primary motivation in changing leadership has been to deliver the TrustToken platform without further delays, by putting the project in the hands of leadership that can both build and scale the product, and do so transparently and effectively. The current leadership was selected for their ability to deliver on our commitments and has the full confidence of Company employees in their intended direction for the business. As discussions about Jai’s future role in the company are ongoing, we don’t have more to add at this time.


О токенах:


On TRU issuance, your tokens remain on track to begin vesting with the launch of the TrustToken platform. While it’s tempting to offer a date, it’s more accurate to say issuance is a top priority, and to share progress and considerations we are making around issuance. In product, we’re close to launch on purchaser portal where you’ll be able to review and stake your TRU (demo screenshot of alpha product); in engineering, we’re exploring an opportunity to issue TRU in full to purchasers wrapped in a smart contract to manage vesting, allowing you to custody your holdings as they programmatically vest; finally, in utility, we hope to allow purchasers to experiment with staking a nominal amount of TRU during the beta phase of the TrustToken platform. These explorations may change, but if you feel strongly about any of them we’d love to hear it in the forum.


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Токены розданы покупателям, но 1/8 будут разлочена 21 ноября 2020, и дальше по 1/8 каждые 90 дней:



Why can’t I transfer my TRU?

Purchaser TRU is locked under a distribution period. The first ⅛ of your TRU balance will be unlocked 11/21/2020, then ⅛ unlocked every 90 days thereafter.


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Придумали также делать новый продукт, TrueFi (в простонародии трюффель), позволяющий делать недообеспеченное (беззалоговое) кредитование:


TrueFi high-level overview


TrueFi’s Goals


1. Create a compelling product which includes significant utility for TrustTokens
2. Grow TrueCurrencies by offering the highest interest rates available, while still managing risk


TrueFi is a protocol for uncollateralized lending. While much of DeFi’s success so far has been built on over-collateralized lending (Compound, AAVE, etc.), many people on the cutting edge of DeFi see that uncollateralized lending is important for DeFi’s next stage. Innovative projects such as AAVE are already making moves in this direction, and this is what TrueFi is intended to address.


TrueFi is a product that we are actively designing and this post is intended to convey its high-level design.


How TrueFi works at a high-level

  1. Users put TrueUSD or other TrueCurrencies into a pool
  2. Borrowers (such as large OTC desks) can submit proposals to borrow capital from the pool. They submit how much capital they want, the % APR, the term, and the Ethereum address to send the capital to if the proposal is approved.
  3. These proposals are voted on by TrustToken holders. Voting YES on a proposal stakes your TrustTokens on that loan and exposes you to upside & downside from it.
  4. If a proposal is approved, the capital is given as an uncollateralized loan to the borrower
  5. The borrower must return the capital before the term is up. If they return the full amount including interest, TrustToken voters that voted YES on the proposal receive a reward. If they fail to return the full amount including interest, TrustToken voters that voted YES on the proposal will have some of their TrustTokens burned.
  6. Capital that is not actively being loaned out will be sitting in curve.fi 1 or another DeFi product where it can earn a high interest rate.

At first, borrowers will be a small number of whitelisted funds that our team has carefully vetted. This will ensure a low default risk for the initial loans while the protocol is still growing. Over time, the platform will open up and any Ethereum address (including other DeFi smart contracts) will be able to request a loan.


Additionally, each loan the pool makes will become a tradable ERC20 token which can have its own liquidity on Uniswap and other protocols. Down the road, we also expect to add additional pools with different parameters, for example, a pool focused on lending to exchanges.


На будущий майнинг ликвидностью выделяют 39% общего сапплая.


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Последнее обновление смарт-контракта TUSD привело к несовместимости с некоторыми контрактами, которые использовали TUSD, что заблокировало некоторые деньги на счетах. Чтобы разблокировать их TUSD проведёт ещё одно обновление контрактов: https://blog.trusttoken.com/upcoming-smart-contract-upgrade-to-restore-legacy-tusd-support-e05097592d51

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Выкатили большую статью, объясняющую что такое TrueFi как продукт, и как оно будет работать (недообеспеченные кредиты) (en): https://blog.trusttoken.com/introducing-truefi-the-defi-protocol-for-uncollateralized-lending-9bfd6594a48

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