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TrueFI (ранее TrustToken) [TRU] - токенизирование реального мира


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Официальный сайт: https://www.trusttoken.com/

Описание проекта: токенизация активов реального мира в сфере криптовалют. Фокус изначально взят на различные валюты

Команда: Jai An, Rafael Cosman, Stephen Kade, Alex de Lorraine, Ryan Rodenbaugh

Дата/сумма сборов/капитализация: 01.2018/$1.7M/?, 06.2018/$20M/?

Инвесторы: Andreessen Horowitz (a16z crypto), Founders Fund Angel, Foundation Capital, Stanford-StartX, DHVC, Jump Capital, Distributed Global, ZhenFund, GGV Capital, Slow Ventures, Signia VC, and BlockTower Capital

eth-адрес, куда собирались средства: https://etherscan.io/address/0x9Bd33fC5a56F2A4813936F1FD08688261E8344E1

Twitter: https://twitter.com/trusttoken

Medium: https://blog.trusttoken.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/HihkMkTja1gIyBRM1J1_vg

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/trusttoken/

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TrustToken выпустили 7-страничный роадмап. Саммари:

1. Q2 2019 - смартконтрактовая платформа ТрастТокен бета в мейн нете

2. Q2-Q4 2019:

  •  выпуск трасттокенов; 
  • официальный запуск платформы в мейн нете;
  • Веб-интерфейс трасттокен платформы

Хайринги и обновления по существующим продуктам инклюдед.


Скрытый текст


The end of the year always comes with a lot of time for reflection and as we have been looking back on 2018, we wanted to share some detailed updates regarding the TrustToken roadmap and what we expect 2019 will bring. Please click the hyperlinked link to find a 7-page update called the TrustToken Roadmap. TL/DR, we estimate: 

  1. Q2 2019 - TrustToken Platform smart contracts Beta Launch on Main Net
  2. Q2-Q4 2019 (contingent upon regulatory analysis and engagement)
    1. TrustTokens issuance
    2. Official TrustToken Platform staking smart contracts launch on Main Net. The TrustToken smart contract and the staking smart contract will be audited by an external security auditor before the official launch
    3. TrustToken Platform Web GUI launch. The TrustToken Staking site will make it easy for TrustToken purchasers to stake on asset-backed tokens

Please refer to the full document for more detail and if you have follow-ups beyond that, please contact Danny directly at danny.an@trusttoken.com 

Product Updates


Over the past month, we announced more exchange listings along with the fact that we are now listed on 50+ exchanges, including some surprising listings like Bitfinex

And after many months, we are finally excited to be opening up TUSD denominated markets on Binance (e.g., BTC/TUSD, ETH/TUSD, etc.).

We also announced a planned TrueUSD Token upgrade, released our Security Best Practices, announced our Fiat-Backed Stablecoin Code of Ethics, and detailed how we live up to these standards


Building a World-Class Team and Culture (New Hires):

Alvin Chow (Principal Engineer)

  • In this role, Alvin will be leading development for the TrustToken apps teams and working on the full stack. Prior to joining TrustToken, Alvin was a senior staff engineer at DoorDash, where he built out many core components of the backend. An an early engineer there, he drove many of the architecture and infrastructure initiatives that helped DoorDash scale more than 500x in order volume. He looks forward to bringing in his experience and learning to make TrustToken’s engineering practices world-class. Prior to DoorDash, Alvin worked at an early stage software startup and at Ambarella, a video and image processing chip company. Alvin holds a BSEE/MSEE from Stanford University. 

Parinaz Firozi (Business Strategy Manager)

  • Parinaz leads business strategy development for TrustToken. Parinaz is a Venture Partner for Next Gen Venture Partners and prior to joining TrustToken she was a late stage venture investor at the International Finance Corporation (World Bank) focused on on consumer and education investments. She was the Managing Director for Jumia Kenya, the largest e-commerce platform in Kenya (part of Africa’s first unicorn) where she scaled the organization to 29x GMV. Parinaz started her career in investment banking at JPMorgan.

 Valerie Pang (Operations Generalist) 

  • Valerie is an Operations Generalist at TrustToken. In this role, she will be executing the on-boarding and launch of exchanges and fiduciary partners, provide training and support to TrustToken partners, and a host of other ad-hoc projects. Prior to TrustToken, Valerie was a Business Operations Associate at an AI startup. She was the co-founder of a social enterprise helping migrant workers in Singapore to learn English. She’s also done 11 internships in various tech and startup organizations, including Google and Stripe. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies from Yale-NUS College, and was part of the inaugural cohort of students.

AND As always, we are actively hiring for over a dozen roles roles including:


Over the next month our key priorities will be:

  1. Close out the end of the year with additional exchange listings for TUSD
  2. Executing on the roadmap from the "Summary section"
  3. Enjoying the holidays with family and close friends

Happy Holidays to All!


сам роадмап: 


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Мимо меня по каким-то причинам прошло создание удобного инструмента от TrustToken - AutoSweep. Это смарт-контракт, который позволяет вам вместо использования одного адреса иметь миллион уникальных адресов, которые автоматически без комиссии будут перекидывать средства на указанный вами кошелёк. 


Зачем же нужен такой сервис? Например вы компания, и вам необходимо понимать от кого пришли деньги. Вместо того, чтобы использовать один адрес и потом узнавать от кого пришли деньги, или собирать адреса кошельков и сопоставлять их с данными клиентами, вы можете выдавать каждому клиенту свой кошелёк. Таким образом когда вы получите деньги, вы будете знать кто их отправитель, а деньги окажутся на вашем основном счёте, без необходимости собирать их по этим уникальным адресам.


Сервисы, которым такой контракт будет удобен - OTC Desks, биржи, продавцы, хранители крипты.

К сожалению TrustToken позволяет этому контракту на данный момент работать только с TrueUSD, но так как код контракта является открытым, то можно его переделать под приём любых средств.


AutoSweep начал работать с  3 января.

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  • 2 months later...

TrustToken запускает TrueGBP - стабильный токен, курс которого привязан к британскому фунту:

Скрытый текст

Today we are very excited to announce TrueGBP, our new British Pound-backed stablecoin! TrueGBP joins our stablecoin family alongside TrueUSD, the world’s most traded, fully regulated stablecoin backed by US Dollars.

View our TrueGBP launch video here.

With TrueUSD’s launch last year, we built a bridge between traditional finance and the crypto industry, freeing people from being tied to any one exchange. With the launch of TrueGBP, we’ve made a substantial step towards fulfilling the promise of blockchain through the frictionless exchange of global assets that settle within minutes. TrueGBP is available on OTC desks or through the TrustToken app, and will be trading on exchanges soon. 


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TrustToken прислали отчёт за 1-ый квартал. Рассказывают о запуске TrueGBP и о том, что в ближайшее время планируется запустить также AUD, CAD и HKD.

Смарт-контракты TrustToken были запущены на Ethereum Testnet, бета-платформа TrustToken планируется на конец 2019 года. TrustToken будет стейкинг-токеном, поэтому ведут переговоры и надеятся увидеть поддержку своего токена на Coinbase Custody.

Продолжается рост объёма торгов TrueUSD на различных биржах, хотя капитализация токена остаётся на постоянном уровне.

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Прислали отчёт за второй квартал. Переносят выпуск токенов на Q1 2020. Пишут кучу каких-то нелепых оправданий, но смысл один, боятся регуляторов. Обещают, что если решать не выпускать токен, то можно будет посланные за токены деньги или обменять на эквити компании (интересно, по какому курсу?), или сделать конвертируемым долгом компании. Когда/если запустят токен TRUST, то его можно будет стейкать выбирая определённый актив на Trust, получая часть комиссий связанных с данным активом.


Скрытый текст

Thank you for your support during this exciting and formative time. This quarter has seen exciting progress on TrustToken staking, currency tokenization, and infrastructure development. We’d like to share an update on the TrustToken Roadmap. 


Update on the timing for the launch of TrustTokens


We are continuing to execute on the roadmap shared with you last quarter. 


We are updating TrustTokens issuance timing to Q1 2020 because:


Tax Difference

  • Earlier in June, our tax advisor (Deloitte) informed us that by deferring our launch until 2020, TrustToken will be able to effectively defer a net tax liability of ~$2.2M USD, cash that could otherwise be invested in building the product.

Regulatory Clarity

  • Due to regulatory uncertainty, our strategy has been to follow the precedent set by another company’s successful conversion of SAFTs to tokens.
  • We appreciate the efforts of Filecoin and Cooley (who wrote our SAFT). They pioneered the SAFT and have the resources to navigate the regulatory and legal process. Filecoin recently adjusted its timelines to launch in Q4 2019, and so we plan to launch TRUST soon after in Q1 2020.
  • Recently, Kik went to court with SEC to contest the violation of U.S. securities laws for their token, KIN. The outcome of this litigation could potentially impact other token projects.
  • Many token projects have been blocked by regulation: “Stonewalled by FINRA, Up to 40 Crypto Securities Wait in Limbo for Launch”
  • Coin Center has published extensive research to propose a framework for the securities regulation of cryptocurrencies and tokens.
  • We will continue to work with internal and external legal counsel to develop the regulatory strategy for TrustToken launch.

In the scenario where TrustTokens cannot be issued:

  • “In the event that we determine that we will not issue TrustTokens for any reason, we will work in good faith with the holders of a majority of the TrustTokens to determine the terms and conditions upon which the TrustTokens may be exchanged for company equity, convertible debt, or other financial vehicle.” 

Plan going forward:

  • Please see the Roadmap Document shared in Q1, on which we will continue to execute.
  • Once the platform launches, TRUST purchasers will have the opportunity to stake on TrueUSD, other TrueCurrencies, and asset tokens to earn staking fees. For a refresher on how TrustTokens may be staked on TrueUSD and other TrueCurrencies, please see the Roadmap Update shared in Q1.
  • The TrustToken staking contracts have launched and TrueCurrencies have given us the chance to build the core tokenization infrastructure.

Q2 Progress on tokenized currencies via the TrustToken Platform 

  • Q2 has seen the launch of four new tokenized currencies on the TrustToken Platform: 
  1. TrueGBP (April 2019)
  2. TrueAUD (April 2019)
  3. TrueCAD (May 2019)
  4. TrueHKD (June 2019). TrueHKD is our first Asia-based tokenized currency, and opens the door to the Asian market. 
  • We launched a partnership with Binance to allows Binance users to easily mint and redeem TUSD. 
  • In March, we partnered with Armanino to launch a real-time attestation dashboard for TrueUSD, so that TrueUSD users can have real-time confirmation of the USD backing TrueUSD tokens. 



Further Communication 


  • We understand that the launch of TrustTokens is informed by evolving legal and regulatory context, which not all TRUST purchasers have

Jai will host a quarterly webinar for TrustToken purchasers. 

  • We’d love for you to join one of the upcoming webinars. Click one of the links to register for the webinar:

Wednesday, July 10 3:30-4:30pm PT - Zoom Registration Link

Friday, July 12 11am-12pm PT - Zoom Registration Link

  • If you’re in the Bay Area, we’d welcome you to visit our office for lunch.


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Пришел отчёт для инвесторов за последний квартал:


We are excited to kick off the quarter leading up to the anticipated launch of TRU in Q1 2020. This newsletter will be followed by more communications this quarter on TRU and product development. 


Updates on TrueCurrencies Usage

Over the last quarter, we’ve seen demand for the TrueCurrency fiat on-ramp service, which helps wallets, exchanges and dApps to easily offer TrueCurrencies to their users.

The TrueCurrency fiat on-ramp service started with our web app, which allows users to purchase and redeem TrueCurrencies. We have had a large number of exchanges, wallets and dApps request this service within their own apps. Now, the TrueCurrency fiat on-ramp service allows exchanges and wallets like Binance, Bittrue, and Crypto.com to offer an interface for users to purchase and redeem TrueCurrencies. It’s a “Buy TrueUSD” button inside of many apps and exchanges. 


Regulatory Updates 

We continue to track updates in the regulatory landscape. Here are the highlights from this quarter: 

FINRA is approving crypto broker-dealers (link)

Reg-A+ approved for Blockstack and others (link)

FATF crypto travel rule requires crypto apps to share identity data (link)

Beyond regulatory activity, industry working groups like the Crypto Rating Council are banding together to create more clarity (link, link)

Regulation has continued to be one of the largest sources of uncertainty in our industry. These early signs of decisions from regulators are promising and pave the way for future mainstream and institutional trust and growth


Q1 2020 Launch of TrustTokens

We’re gearing up for the anticipated Q1 2020 launch of TrustTokens. The preparation process includes conversations with external partners, launch partners, in coordination with our legal, compliance, marketing, and product teams. We are preparing an announcement that will include uses of TRU and how TRU leverages our products, along with relevant industry and regulatory context. 

After full legal and compliance review, TrustToken purchasers will be receiving an email newsletter prior to the announcement.


Кратко: ничего интересного, обзор новостей, выпуск токена планируют в первом квартале 2020 года.

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  • 3 months later...

Свеженький отчёт для инвесторов подъехал:


The TrustToken Staking Platform 

The launch of TrustTokens is still on track for March 2020! 

When the TrustToken smart contract launches, anyone will be able to register a new TrustToken staking opportunity on the TrustToken platform. This will be the birth of a decentralized risk management platform where TrustTokens serve as staked collateral. We aim for the staking protocol to grow organically, with more projects benefiting from the on-chain risk management system. 


As part of the TrustToken launch, we’ll support an initial TrueUSD staking opportunity to bootstrap the ecosystem and provide an example of TrustToken use. This means that TrustToken holders will be able to stake on the assets backing TrueUSD, in exchange for staking rewards. We are preparing additional staking opportunities based on TrueUSD. 


A Decentralized TrueName System 

As we explored the usage of TrueUSD and future exchange of other on-chain assets, we saw the industry was blocked by a lack of reliable infrastructure for identity, credit histories, and private stablecoin transactions and balances. We saw this as another opportunity for TrustTokens to have decentralized utility and address this key infrastructure problem. 

Therefore, we are partnering with an existing community project to integrate both TrustTokens and TrueUSD. Users will be able to create true.eth usernames (i.e. satoshi.true.eth), through an easy-to-access interface built on top of the Ethereum Naming System. The True username system will improve upon ENS by enabling private TUSD transactions and account balances through a partnership with Ernst & Young (PR announcement coming soon). As real-world identity is used more on blockchains (and away from pseudonymous addresses), it will become important that no one can see how much money you have or where you’ve sent money (while including the technical capabilities for regulatory compliance).

To create a TrueName, users will need to burn TrustTokens in order to purchase their username and annually burn TrustTokens to keep it. This is similar to when someone registers a domain name.



It’s been an exciting journey so far, and we remain grateful for the ongoing support and advice we receive from the TrustToken purchaser community. We’re looking forward to the launch of TrustTokens and the next chapter in our mission to empower people by opening access to financial opportunities. 


Кратко: запуск токенов все еще планируется на март 2020 года, будет стейкинг траст-токенов, планируется создание системы имен TrueName на основе ENS.

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4 часа назад, leopold89 сказал:

Март 2020 года подходит к концу - есть какие то новости от проекта?

Я не видел и не получал никаких обновлений по выпуску токена. Последний пост о регистрации бизнеса, обслуживающего деньги (регистрация в процессе).

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Прислали посмотреть и предложить что-либо для их TrustToken Artpaper, которая уже составляет 65 страниц. Копировать не даёт, доступ закрытый, поэтому некоторые видосы оттуда (en):










Ссылка на комментарий

Выдача токенов ожидается 14 апреля. Денег команды хватит минимум ещё на 18 месяцев:


We are aiming for “issuance readiness” by April 14th: to have legal, technical, operational, and partnership components ready to issue TrustTokens to purchasers. 

Given the current market circumstances - coronavirus, financial market volatility, large stimulus packages, DeFi incidents, SEC Telegram case, and upcoming bitcoin halvening - we are actively assessing the appropriate date for issuance. 

As an important caveat, the issuance date may shift for any number of reasons. We are witnessing perhaps the largest shifts in global markets and financial systems in lifetimes, so it is an evolving balancing act. Yet there is never a better time to be building new market infrastructure and a new financial system.

The timing of the TrustToken launch is important for the token’s adoption and utility, and we aim to launch when stakeholders and the ecosystem are ready. It might be unwise to launch now when many stakeholders, participants, and partners are caught up in turbulent times. With more participation during the early days of launching, the TrustToken ecosystem will be more likely to see adoption and usage success. 


Company Financial Health Update

Our budget is planned for over 18 months of runway.

Over the next few weeks, we will be closely monitoring industry activity and global markets to determine the best time to launch TrustTokens. We will keep you updated regularly as news develops. 


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TrustToken для увеличения веры в свои стейблкоины сделали прикольный механизм чека сколько средств находится в обеспечении того или иного токена, выпущенного на их платформе: https://real-time-attest.trustexplorer.io/

Информация обновляется каждые 30 секунд.


Платформа работает не только для популярного TUSD, но и для TGBP, TCAD, THKD и TAUD.

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Trusttoken увеличил локи для покупателей в июне 2018-г года. На данный момент токены будут распределяться по 1/8 в 120-ый, 210-ый, 300-ый, 390-ый, 480-ый, 570-ый, 660-ый и 750-ый день после выпуска токенов. Взамен этого проект будет иметь листинг на топ1 бирже (все мы догадываемся какой).

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В связи с последними хаками в пространтсве DeFi решили усилить рассмотрение безопасности и заказали ещё несколько аудитов безопасности. В связи с чем основной запуск откладывается.

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  • cp287 changed the title to TrueFI (ранее TrustToken) [TRU] - токенизирование реального мира

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