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Augmate - блокчейн для интернета вещей


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Обзор проекта: Augmate является платформой управления для устройств, подключенных к интернету вещей. Компания предоставляет мостовые платформы, которые обеспечивают безопасность и контроль / управление подключенными устройствами.



Официальный сайт: https://www.augmate.io/

Сумма/дата сборов: ~$11M/12.2017

Известные инвесторы: Siemens,  Tim Draper, UPS Ventures

Команда: Pete Wassell, Dave Evans, Dana Farbo, Eddie Quiroz, Thomas Miller, Peter Orban

Telegram: https://www.t.me/augmate

Medium: https://medium.com/@augmate

Twitter: https://twitter.com/augmate

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Augmate/

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В обзоре rchain и их новом подкасте rcast ближайшее время появятся Translo и Augmate. А отсылку они делают к какому-то обзору 5 самых перспективных стартапов 2018-го, в котором на втором месте  Augmate: https://medium.com/preseries/preseries-predicts-the-5-most-promising-startups-in-augmented-reality-b85cc0d2ad5a

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Кажется, что рчейн в тильте и пытаются притянуть за уши всех своих партнеров. В каждой рассылке поют дифирамбы этим компаниям, которые за почти год не смогли закрыть айсио (на примере Augmate)

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  • 4 weeks later...

Прислали годовое обновление.


Скрытый текст

From all of us at Augmate, we are wishing you a prosperous and happy 2019. This past year has seen significant advancements in the blockchain world and all of us have experienced the volatility of crypto-based assets. Our prediction is that investment volatility will continue, but we are also in a foundational time for blockchain enabled projects. We expect that quality projects will get positioned for institutional interest and some will be further supported by large enterprise and commercial success. Augmate is working hard to be the best of those and we appreciate your involvement at this stage of our growth.

For 2019, expect to see more communication from us as we get our token onto Open Finance and other exchanges. Also expect to see our current product for wearables gain significant market share within the wearables market. We are actively expanding to other devices including VR devices from Oculus, Samsung and others. Unlike many blockchain startups, Augmate has revenue producing clients and we will grow our business significantly in 2019.

Please log in to your Securitize portal if you have not done so recently. We have added a lot of information and you can now set up additional wallets and send your tokens to those. Remember that your tokens have been unlocking 1/6 per month and you should now see at least 50% of your tokens unlocked for movement to your other ERC20 wallets.

We are expecting to be traded on Open Finance sometime the week of January 7th.This could change but our plan is to be on the exchange in early January. Currently, SPiCE VC and Blockchain Capital are being traded on Open Finance. If you have not set up an account on Open Finance, please go to https://openfinance.io/ and do so if you want to trade. We encourage holding but for exchanges to work, there needs to be buyers and sellers. We are also working with AirSwap and others to provide additional ways to trade. More on those as we get closer to finalizing deals.

Another prediction: Digital securities like the MATE will outpace utility token value in the marketplace due to the confidence in the system to produce quality investment opportunities. The core aspect of the MATE token is in its pegged par value to a Connect Platform subscription as set by the final price offered during the sale held between December 2017 and June 2018. The final price was $ .01 per MATE and the par value is $ .05. The par value will never go down, but it does have the opportunity to go up. That is because the value is pegged to the cost of the software as set in 2018. In addition, we will have discretionary dividends tied to certain profitability components as the business matures. Our next communication will focus more on what each of these means to investors.

Thank you for being part of our community and we wish all the best in the new year.


  • токены анлочатся по 1/6 раз в месяц; 
  • будут залистчены на Open Finance с 7 по 13 января (вот это поворот, на том самом, где торгуются BCAP и куда пока не дают зайти, так как аккаунт "under review" уже неделю); 
  • сотрудничают с AirSwap для обмена; 
  • расширяются на другие, например VR, устройства;
  • увеличат нахождение в информационном поле, когда будут на биржах.

Каким-то неведомым образом проекты, в которые вложился абсолютно независимо, начинают переплетаться. Или это всё одна какая-то песочница, или это естественное формирование экосистемы. Хочется верить во второе.

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Пришло письмо для инвесторов. Суть письма в том, что в связи с будущим листингом на биржу секьюрити-токенов OpenFinance необходимо произвести обмен каждый 100 токенов MATE на новый 1 токен MATE. Это продиктовано достаточно странными условиями OpenFinance, что все новые токены, поступающие на их обменник должны стоить не менее $1 за единицу. Именно цена в $1 за новый MATE и будет стартовой ценой торгов при их открытии, которые планируются в середине февраля. Номинальная стоимость новых MATE будет повышена до $5.


Оригинал письма:

Скрытый текст

Our product development team is hard at work to deliver on Augmate’s vision of simply connecting all high-value, intelligent smart devices through a platform that is scalable, secure and blockchain-agnostic. We also are excited to share that we have made significant progress on listing our digital security, the MATE, on OpenFinance. We expect to finalize the details by next week and be listed on OpenFinance by mid-February. 

As mentioned in our previous update, OpenFinance recently informed us that new tokens coming onto their exchange must have a required minimum of $1.00 U.S. per unit price. As digital security exchanges drive to legitimize the security token ecosystem, adopting these types of policies (similar to stock trading exchanges) add significant value. We have since been working on various options to bring us into compliance with their policy and prepare for broader adoption by other exchanges.

In addition, we are fully committed to compliance with regulatory bodies such as the SEC in the U.S. In that light, some exchanges have a minimum digital security value of $.01 and trading the MATE on these exchanges at $.01 would create an artificial floor (where the price could not go lower), which may not be in compliance with regulatory guidance.

The solution we feel that positions us most positively for global trading is to execute a reverse split of our tokens at the ratio of 1 for 100 which leaves the total market value unchanged. This means that for every 100 MATE tokens you currently hold, you will be reissued 1 MATE. Therefore, the final price sold during our public sale will change from $.01 per MATE to an equivalent $1.00 per MATE, which will be the opening listing price on OpenFinance.

The par value is the cost of the software at full price. Par value of the MATE will be raised to $5.00 per MATE from $ .05 per MATE. This means that the value for our software access will begin at $5.00 per MATE and won’t be reduced. However, it may increase due to additional offers we add to the core subscription price. In addition, we will have discretionary dividends for MATE holders that will be released at the company’s discretion.

The current distributed MATE tokens will be burned and then immediately reissued based on a 1:100 ratio. An illustrative example is provided below:

  • Current 1,000,000 MATE tokens at $ .01 = $10,000 value
  • New number of held MATEs = 1,000,000 / 100 = 10,000 MATE tokens
  • New MATEs held (10,000) based on $1.00 per MATE = $10,000 value at opening on exchange

We are confident that this direction will help our positioning as a quality offering and adequately prepare Augmate for other exchange listings in the future. Most of the top ranking tokens are listed higher than $1.00, with a few notable exceptions. Our goal is to have a market-driven trading range and we feel that with these changes, that can be realized.

We will also accelerate the unlock period for investors and all of your tokens will be unlocked as soon as they are reissued. Through our partnership with Securitize and their smart contract dynamics, trading restrictions will remain in place to ensure the MATE is only traded on approved exchanges. We are actively building out a roadmap for future exchange listings and will share that once it is in place.


Также мною было обнаружено два материала с Dana Fabo, COO Augmate в медиа, которые были недавно записаны.

Первым был уже упоминавшийся здесь подкаст rcast 14: 



Вторым было интервью с конференции World Crypto Con в Лас-Вегасе, который проходил в октябре. Интервью интересно тем, что раскрывает нескольких ранних инвесторов Augmate, в числе которых Siemens и Тим Дрейпер.



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  • 3 weeks later...

Опять прислали какое-то водное письмо, в котором написали, что некоторые просят отложить листинг, а некоторые, наоборот, просят залистить как можно скорее. Что выберет Augmate - сообщат позднее.


Скрытый текст

The next step to getting the MATE token listed on a U.S. digital securities exchange will happen this week. We are moving forward with a reverse split of the MATE tokens starting Wednesday. Also, we are in discussions with other global exchanges to prepare for additional listings.

As we communicated in our last update, we are fully committed to compliance with regulatory bodies such as the SEC in the U.S. To recap:

Some exchanges have a minimum digital security value of $.01, and trading the MATE on these exchanges at $.01 would create an artificial floor (where the price could not go lower), which may not be in compliance with regulatory guidance.

We will execute a reverse split of our tokens at the ratio of 1 for 100, which leaves the total market value unchanged. This means that for every 100 MATE tokens you currently hold, you will be reissued 1 MATE. Therefore, the final price sold during our public sale will change from $.01 per MATE to an equivalent $1.00 per MATE, which will be the opening listing price on an exchange.

In terms of timing, some investors have requested that we postpone listing on a digital securities exchange due to the lack of liquidity, while other investors have requested that we list as soon as possible. Once we have the reverse split complete, we will assess timing on listing and communicate the final direction.

Thank you for your patience. 


Зачем необходимо было это письмо - непонятно.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Augmate провела звонок с инвесторами, т.к. они на новом инвестиционном раунде (видимо бабки уже закончились).

Пишут, что продадут в Q1 2019 своих услуг на $60.000 доходов, во втором квартале - на $78к, в третьем - на $410к, в четвертом - на $421k, что в сумме составит $909k. В 2020 году собираются продать на прибыль в $8.6M, т.е. за год увеличить свои продажи в 9 раз (блин, какие же они фантазёры). Дальше-больше. После 9x за год аппетиты будут пониже, и доходы от продаж по годам планируется 2021 - 16M, 2022 - 26M, 2023 - 48M, 2024 - 89M, при это надеются, что 1% из всех работающих устройств Интернета Вещей будет работать на Augmate.

На данном этапе хотят собрать $3M, при оценке компании в $20M.

В общем выглядит как типичный фантазёрский питч дек. Но как по другому, если надо деньги собирать :madness::angel:.


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  • 3 weeks later...

Продолжают активно просить деньги, выложили свой питч дек: Augmate_Presentation.pdf


Я только во что не понимаю: если они активно собирают деньги, то это просто не в их интересах выходить сейчас на биржу, так как деньги, которые они могут собрать, уйдут на ликвидность этой биржи. Т.е. видимо получается, что ближайшее время биржи не ждать?

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  • 4 weeks later...

Пришёл очередной инвесторский апдейт. Рассказывают как у них всё классно, и жалуются, что профукали кучу денег на курсах, и что видимо RV не додаст им деньги, и хотят их привлечь, токены задерживаются до июля:

Скрытый текст

Spring is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere and, with the price of popular cryptocurrencies on a recent up trend, we are re-energized after a long winter. 
During this time, the Augmate team has been focused on three areas:

  • Building out Augmate Connect with blockchain as a core module of its scalable architecture
  • Driving sales of our wearable platform
  • Securing additional investment to help us realize the vision of what can be done

We have also been quiet with the community as we have been heads down on the above. Augmate is not a hype machine but focused on results. That will change soon as we will have lots to talk about. In the meantime, here is more information on our areas of focus:

  1. Building software right takes time. Our open architecture framework is being built for scalability to allow for dominance in the markets we are pursuing. With less than four weeks until the launch of the Alpha phase of Augmate Connect, our team is busy with:
    • Wearable device management on Augmate Connect to utilize object-based development for scale
    • Two-factor authentication with wearables, such as palm print and voice print verification
    • Multi-tenant capabilities to allow for usage billing and other needed improvements
    • Integration of multiple blockchain protocols where appropriate
    • Customer requested feature set additions
  2. Sales. The Alpha phase will enable us to grow dramatically by focusing on key device verticals to become the leader in each. We are well on the way with:
    • Augmented Reality glasses for enterprise
      • New deals, including ThirdEye for our code approval
    • Virtual Reality headset management
      • HTC approval of code for use on their HTC VIVE Focus
      • Pico G2 approval
      • Others in progress including discussions with Oculus and Lenovo
    • Customer sales pipeline with Annual Recurring Revenue projections at $2 million and growing
      • Big 4 Consulting firm deal starting with 7000 units under management in final stages of approval
    • Initial discussions around the needs of the growing drone marker
  3. Investment, beyond anything else, has been the most difficult of the three focus areas. As we are all painfully aware, the value of Ethereum holdings dramatically decreased our runway and has put many other ICO projects on hold or out of business.

    We are enthusiastic believers in blockchain and we believed the value of our Ethereum, through your investments, would hold at levels that allowed for several years of runway. Unfortunately we were wrong and 50% of the Ethereum was held through the downturn. The significant decrease in cryptocurrency pricing also hurt in another way as over $2 million in contracted VC funding has been held up in this downturn. We are still working with this VC but need to fill the hole left in our plan from this delay.

    Therefore, our focus is on securing additional investment to take us to the point where revenue funds the business. Our investment needs and spending has always been focused primarily on building product by employing the right people to do that. We have not been driving hype through advertising, sponsoring conferences or wild, outlandish spending. Rather, we are building a future based on a solid product and working on many opportunities with potential investors such as:
    • Plug and Play Ventures. We were approved for their IoT Accelerator which starts this week. It is a 3-month process, and they may invest and lead a round coming out of the Accelerator in June. This also gives us access to many corporate and other VC investors in their network.
    • A number of current investors are interested in following up with another investment round and we are working to close several of those. And we welcome you to join!
    • Additional VC investor interest with 4-5 calls per week at various stages.

Lastly, I’d like to address the timing for release of the MATE tokens on exchanges.Many of us want to trade but we have several considerations holding us back. These include:

  • The need to stay regulatory compliant. Regardless of the latest SEC released notes, the MATE is still a digital security. There continues to be significant grey areas of understanding on what is and what is not a utility token. Unless we can get the SEC to approve the MATE as a utility token, it will continue to be treated as a digital security.
  • OpenFinance will not allow US investors to trade (buy or sell) until July. We thought that US investors would be able to sell but not buy in the interim between now and July, however they clarified that neither will be allowed until that time. Therefore, we believe that the fairest way to proceed is to hold on listing until July so that all investors, regardless of where they live, have the same terms.
  • An alternative OTC option for all to trade on prior to July. Considering the above, we are working hard to find an alternative for trading using an OTC platform. We believe that we will have a solution for this very soon.

In closing, we want to continue to ask for your patience, but we also ask for your support. If you are interested in our convertible note, we have drafted very good terms for investment into Augmate’s equity.

Let’s build a great future together.


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  • 1 month later...

Похоже на exit scam:

Скрытый текст

This letter is to inform you that my role as COO at Augmate is coming to an end. Augmate has the global potential to be a major force in IoT and, over the last two years while I have been with them, we rebuilt the platform to be ready for scaling with any IoT device.


That said, and as you have seen from past emails, several factors have occurred to put this at risk. One of those was the loss of a major investor and their inability to secure funds for their commitment to Augmate resulting in a shortfall of close to $2 million in investment. Another factor is the massively devalued ETH price that affected the ETH that Augmate was holding. Bridging the gap for holding ETH did not occur as past equity investors did not step up to fund during the crypto winter. As such, it was necessary to liquidate ETH for continuing to build the platform.


As I step back, Pete Wassell, Augmate’s founder & CEO will fill my role. Pete has been in active discussions with several companies for possible acquisition and/or bridge financing. I will be acting in my shareholder and token holder role, and will continue to push for the company’s success by being an active shareholder.


However, the business faces challenges. It was the right decision to keep SEC compliant by preparing for a listing as a digital/security token. But the exchanges have been slower to adopt this approach and there continues to be road bumps. Augmate will continue to pursue the path for listing on a digital security exchange and I, as an investor and token holder, will continue to work to try to find a path to liquidity.

Thank you and all the best,



Двух миллионов, которые Reflective Ventures (Rchain) им пообещала, но решила не давать, и потратить на свои дворца и яхты, им не хватило, да ещё и eth они продали видимо на самом дне.


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  • 1 month later...

Пришло письмо от Augmate:

Скрытый текст
Now that Augmate has graduated from the PNP Ventures IoT Program, we are working on getting the MATE Token listed on an exchange. We have been in a holding pattern waiting for an Augmate equity holder to fulfill their $2M financial commitment to us. We were required to disclose to the OpenFinance Network (OFN) exchange that this investor defaulted (or is extremely late) and OFN said that this would delay us being listed since it affected our balance sheet. 
The equity investor has an issue with their main limited partner of their fund and the second and third tranche to us are significantly delayed. Our VC says they are committed to fulfilling their financial obligation and asked us for more time while they sort out an ownership percentage issue of their fund. Augmate invested a significant amount of time and money with both the Securitize DS Token Platform and OpenFinance exchange and we need to see this through. While the issue with the investor gets resolved, we are looking at other exchanges as a secondary method for liquidity and trading of our digital security. 
It can be a frustrating process, however, we are trying to be patient with regulation, digital securities compliance, and paperwork needed for us to get listed on an exchange. We will broadcast a communication email as soon as we have a substantial announcement to make. 
Many thanks for your continued support


Напомню, что хоть это и не написано напрямую, но Augmate ждёт эти деньги от фонда, с которым судится Rchain, Reflective Ventures. Reflective Ventures (RV) не имеет своих 2 миллионов, а Rchain не собирается больше спонсировать расточительство RV, поэтому не понятно почему фонд до сих пор обещает средства компании, а компания ожидает эти деньги и надеется на них. Но забавно смотреть на это, зная информацию с разных сторон.

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  • 1 month later...

Продолжают барахтаться и ищут $500k чтобы ускорить процесс листинга на секьюрити-биржах:

Скрытый текст
We appreciate your patience as we work through the next few months of business. As you know, a VC Firm’s commitment to fund Augmate for $2 million did not materialize as contracted. This put the timeline for listing on a regulated exchange at risk because of the need to show strong financials to the exchanges.
On the positive side, we have been working with this VC and they have reconfirmed their commitment to close on a new round of funding intended to replace their limited partner by the end of October / early November. 
A couple questions have come in asking about the timeframe for listing on an exchange. We continue to work with Securitize and their partners to find an exchange so that the MATE can be listed. The default of the above referenced VC was an unforeseen issue and delays us but should hopefully be resolved before the end of the year. The only way to move faster would be to raise an additional $500k and we welcome the support from you to toward this goal. 
We also realize the frustration of delay but we stress that the only way all of us can work this out is by closing on the investment needed to get to move forward. Please have patience and understand that we are doing our best to achieve positive results.


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