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nebulus hosting aka node-vps.com

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https://nebulus.host - хостинг, который специализируется на мастернодах и пассивном доходе от крипты. Нет необходимости настраивать кошельки самостоятельно, а можно просто покликать в меню какую монету ты хочешь поставить. В плане удобства более или менее, в плане цены - хорошо, в плане саппорта - бывает напряжённо, в плане стабильности - с периодическим успехом, но обещают исправиться.

Владелец хостинга - Fabian Olesen (аккаунт на биткоинтолке), кофаундер криптовалюты crown, благодаря чему на сервисе постоянно идут промо относительно этой крипты.

Обновление о развитии сервиса:

Завершил поддержку 227 токенов, добавлено оповещение о необходимости обновить версию через e-mail.

В будущем возможно добавления стоимости ваших доходов относительно цен мастерноды, будет добавлено уведомление об изменении статуса ноды.


Оригинальное сообщение:

Current dev updates in regard to what happening at node-vps.com.

* There has been a user suggestions page added.

* currently working on the compile server, which is currently recompiling 227 tokens to extract version and protocol from the source as well as make sure that it can compile all, when this process is done, i will add the "email when token is updated" so that if your running fx crown, and an update was detected on github, it will compile the new version, then email you to notify you of this update

* a few VPS did not accept the coindaemon for controlling them, i will fix those when the need arrises

* the system can now compile new tokens on demand, those that it has issues with will be marked by the system, and ill go over and fix the issue, or custom compile it

* new features are coming, some surprising ones as well, but if you have suggestions, please share them via the user suggestion page.

* also looking into adding value info in regards to your masternodes, and later, tracking of earnings.

and last but not least, when the compile server is finished, i will start the development of the "Matrix Core" which will have a load of features, but one of them is, notify you of changes to your nodes status.

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1 мая было сообщение, что жена-мигера жить мешала сервису:


Im sorry for the long absense, but i litterally could not access anything, reason being the last 4 months has been, to be honest, hell, at home, im now in a middle of a divorce, and wife had changed the locks on all the doors so i could not access anything, so i had to go through the courts to get access to my things, and force her to either, buy me out of the house, or to sign the contract with the broker, so that the house could be sold, im now at a temporary place, with my desktop computer and my laptop, so i can access everything again, i will be going over the ones that have issues, and fix it, and compensate those for a full month. now that im away from the toxic invornment, i can finally concentrate on node-vps again.

I am really sorry for any inconviniences this has caused, and can say that im now back in full force on node-vps - and i will update you all, when im moving to a more permanent place, but worste case, would only count for 24 - 48 hours of not being able to do tickets.


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Сегодня хостинг пытались взломать. Вся ситуация лишний раз напоминает как тяжело в данный момент обеспечить действительную безопасность:


at [28/May/2019:02:47:07 +0200] until  [28/May/2019:03:18:22 +0200]

someone accessed the systems unauthorized, they did not seem to be going after specific things

then at [28/May/2019:20:36:11 +0200]

they logged in again, didnt do much, looked into the livechat, but didnt gain access,

then at [28/May/2019:21:05:39 +0200] they reset whmcs admin password after having changed theadmin email address.

That person also tried reset other admin accounts, those have been deleted. alert system on main access computer warned about this,

at [28/May/2019:21:15:47 +0200] the ip address was banned by me.

they didnt seem to know exactly what they where looking for,

they did however access 6 different users details, those will be notified.

We have cleared all userpasswords, therefor you need to reset your password, as a precaution.

Node-vps uses salted hashed passwords, and the person behind this, did never gain access to the servers filesystem, therefor your passwords are still safe, and we did not detect any db download happening either

those part that seemed like the way the user gained password access to the db has been removed, and phpmyadmin (webbased database management, has been logged down to admin ip address)

backend administration system, has been seperated out from the host server, and is now running on a secondary vps instead, to further security as well, and we will over the next few days activate totp authentication as a 2nd layer,

which we hope you will use.

Also please refrain from paying any invoices over the next 24 hours, we will be verifying that nothing has been tampered with over that course of time




the nessessarily authorities have been notified, and the whole vps has been copied, for forensic.


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