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Overline.Network (ex Block Collider) - мультичейн протокол с возможностью майнинга


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Выпустили новый апдейт по разработке (en): https://www.embnation.com/t/developer-update-v/619

Скрытый текст

Hanging behind Jim Simon’s desk (founder of Renaissance Technology the highest performing hedge fund of all time) is a painting of a lynx lunging through the air capturing a hare. Snow is exploding in every direction and you can just make out the first signs of blood as the claws of the lynx dig into the hare. The allegory is clear, the hare unsuspecting and vulnerable in the cold weather will meet its untimely end by the patient talented hunter who preys on the weak. This is the state of the financial markets today, there is a grave imbalance toward a powerful few at the expense of public (retail) traders. As we approach the coming recessionary winter the beady eyes of the lynx hedge funds, lynx mutual funds, and lynx banks lie in wait.


Block Collider is an apex predator. It’s rise represents the end of broker-dealers who are single handedly responsible for IPO opening valuations. Block Collider is the end of fees at any level—not to list, not to trade. These fees tilt incentives away from value and toward unhealthy gray-market speculation especially in crypto currency space. Block Collider is the end of exchange’s losing your funds and/or your identity. Trades never leave your wallet, all trades are forcefully anonymous, and unlike atomic solutions spot rate settlement is done in seconds. Once started and running on thousands of computers around the world retail traders are no longer the hunted but the hunters.


And timing could not be more ideal. The halving of Bitcoin, the most watched US presidential election (reelection?) in history, and the longest market bull run without a recession EVER. Like mortuaries and insurance, exchanges are in the rare breed of things that benefit from recession volatility. To launch Borderless successfully Block Collider will act and react with lighting speed and time releases like a fencer. We are constantly adjusting our probability horizon with each macro-economic shift. There are volatility opportunities everywhere: Brexit, Hong Kong, ARAMCO, Trump. When we see an opportunistic window, we will take it and the Block Collider community will lean in with it’s collective force the moment we do.




“BT chain”: A released multichain of Block Collider which was created by early members of the community that mined the first 28.8 m runs on all block chains using rovers.


“AT chain”: A scripting layer that runs on top of all blockchains allowing for complex inter-blockchain transactions. Unlike the BT chain, miners can earn more than 16 NRG per block if they own Emblems.


“Evangelists”: A community of individuals who were allowed to purchase Emblems only if they won an Evangelist event, which required in depth study of the blockchain space and a strong understanding of the blockchain ecosystem.


“Validators”: Used by other interoperability solutions, they are centralized machines which require you to trust them to relay transactions. Block Collider’s technology is unique in that there are no relays, oracles, or single points of trust required. This is comparable to Bitcoin.


“Multichain”: A new type of data structure that create a blockchain but within each of it’s blocks are the blocks of other blockchains.


“Proof of Distance”: The algorithm used when mining Block Collider and validating that miners have done work on all blockchains. It is part of all technologies, Block Collider and future extensions of the protocol.


Previous Milestones

  • Mining began following the genesis event. Unfortunately NEO and WAVs couldn’t handle the load. A learning experience for centralized chains. Block Collider made a quick fix for them and more than 3000 miners began mining the Block Collider BT chain.
  • All three waves of Evangelists were found creating one of the unique communities in the ecosystem.
  • 1.8 million blocks were mined in the BT chain from 55,000 IP addresses in 120 countries. 28.8 million NRG created and loaded in the first block ready for the AT mining chain.
  • February 14th all Emblems were distributed to addresses who purchased them in the genesis event and the developer period started.
  • By April it was clear developers needed more tools and a cleaner language for contributing so Block Collider spent the summer months building and upgrading the entire product including the SDK, the metrics interface, mining simulation, and Borderless into a best-in-class experience.
  • The entire AT software stack and testing of the scripting language was successfully completed without open source contribution. By September 26th Block Collider and 6 members of the community traded on the new Borderless interface with real money on the actual block chains. No validators.

Upcoming Timeline


The upcoming timeline is split into three main parts. AT mining has been split to start first followed by Borderless (which sits as an interface to make trades on the AT chain).


I. AT chain and mining launch.

  • Invitational AT testnet November 11th.
  • Dictionary of trading scripts. November 19th.
  • Public AT testnet (release candidate 1: November 23rd)
  • Public AT testnet (release candidate 2: December 1st)
  • Mainnet AT mining.

II. Small business program (SBP) launch. This will be launched in phases.

  • Run a market maker on Borderless.
  • Become an Emblem Leasing Merchant on Borderless.
  • Become an NRG Lending Merchant.
  • Start your own Decentralized Collateral Market on Block Collider.
  • Transition your DEX to a DCM.
  • Understanding Emblems (email campaign).

III. Borderless launch.


  • Invitational release candidate beginning December 1st.
  • Public release end of December (following AT mining by an estimated 30 days).

Ultimately Block Collider’s goal is to launch both products Borderless and Emblems before December 26th Boxing Day (because we like to be “the boxer in the arena 2”). This puts Block Collider in the ideal position to begin our aggressive user acquisition campaign. As we power into 2020 Block Collider with Borderless will be the only marketplace to support all users, in all countries, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


There is a new picture at Block Collider HQ. It’s wolves surrounding a lynx chased up a tree. The allegory should be clear.


Freedom through cryptography.


Собираются полноценно запуститься до 26 декабря.

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Patrick считает, что подключить Cosmos и Polkadot к Block Collider не будет проблемой, и это поможет подтверждать блоки механизмом PoW:


Farid: Hey Patrick, is it technically possible for BC to add Cosmos and Polkadot to the multichain one way or another? In other words: could BC benefit these projects and viceversa?

Patrick: Great question. Just like Block Collider mine Neo which is essentially an API we can interact with validators and confirm their blocks. Just needs a Cosmos / Polkadot rover.  It would add an auditable PoW version of either and both could trade anonymously through the collider.


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