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Overline.Network (ex Block Collider) - мультичейн протокол с возможностью майнинга


Рекомендованные сообщения

Обзор проекта: мультичейн протокол для стейблкоинов, децентрализованных бирж и мета-контрактов




Сборы: seed round/aug 2017/? (проект назывался StatusRSK)

Официальный сайт: https://www.blockcollider.org/

Roadmap: https://docs.blockcollider.org/docs/roadmap

Изначальная Команда: Patrick McConlogue, Arjun Raj Jain, Craig Weisman, Tomas Korcak, Patrick Schilz, Adam Kloboucnik, Ian Simpson

Актуальный контракт токена: https://etherscan.io/address/0xdb0acc14396d108b3c5574483acb817855c9dc8d

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I think unfortunately interest in the space is in a rut at the moment. But this is a prime time for developers and projects to actually make substantial progress.

In that sense, yes it's gone largely unnoticed but when interest does flow back in, they will be well positioned to gain exposure. Especially as anyone building on rsk might have good exposure being so close to bitcoin, which will be front and centre and when interest flows back.

This lull period should be capitalised to position yourself as best as you can for that interest.


Sergio on several occasions has been passed over. He is single handedly responsibly for Ehash and major corrections to it the original idea (which never would have worked). Now that RSK is live we wont have to use the locked btc version and can use his to which I aim on giving him as much credit as we can

Source: evangelist chat

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Patrick о идее поставить всем аватарки Коллайдера, и о том, что о проекте за пределами их чатиков никто не знает:

Love this idea. Keep in mind its not that we have done a poor job but “zero” job. We have still not spent a dollar. Marketing for a crypto instrument is critical part of community building so it has not been overlooked by the team but without discussing Spectrum its like trying to explain the internet without a computer. TCP is arguably the most important piece of software ever created yet people never really caught on until it was made easily consumable. We know this; decentralized exchange is two words that 0.0001% of the populace has ever even heard of. Spectrum is the consumer facing narrative while the advanced highly technical individuals work on the collider.

В кратком переводе: усилия по маркетингу будут прилагаться, когда будет готов Spectrum.

Source: evangelist chat

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Коллайдеровцы продолжают веселить меня даже в такие "красные деньки". В этот раз пишут по данным алексы, насколько пользователи сайта блокколайдер "лучше", чем пользователи других криптопроектов. Понятно, что это гадание на кофейной гуще, но как троллинг - норм).

Радует и последняя рубрика. Всем, кто внимательно следит за проектом, уже давно известно (хотя может это была пасхалка и неправда), что 6-ой цепью будет urbit.org (проект, который тоже очень нравится, но который продаётся только через личное знакомство). Поэтому последняя рубрика опять же просто потроллить и посмеяться.

Performance Metrics

The ‘performance metrics’ section will be in every email and include relevant growth metrics pertinent to Block Collider & it’s partners.

While near future updates will focus on performance metrics leading up to 1.8 million blocks mined, this update highlights performance metrics from our web visitors to www.blockcollider.org. Based on internet user demographics, the average visitor to www.blockcollider.org is 5% more likely to have a college degree. While obviously interesting, this number as an indicator of academic interest becomes more clear when you compare with Zilliqa (3%), ICON (-10%), or Mainframe (-18%).

Continuing the theme of education, the average www.blockcollider.org visitor is 40% more likely than the average internet user to hold one or more advanced degrees. To put this in perspective, those numbers align more with sites like CERN.ch (41%) and FNAL.gov (39%) than ICON.foundation (-2%) or mainframe.com (0%). These and other metrics can be reviewed from public data provided by Alexa.com’s web panel of over 500M users worldwide.

We are humbled by the interest in Block Collider from the academic community.



The ‘next’ section will be in every email and include a short list of the most relevant upcoming events. 

  • Release of Borderless, (Prev. MADEX) Block Collider’s flagship decentralized exchange which launches first with Emblem Lease <> Emblem pair. Borderless is entirely P2P with no centralized orderbook, validators, or relays.
  • After Target: At block 1.8 million Block Collider miners worldwide will begin listening for the Automated Rover Control Block (ARC Block) which will include the summed NRG and EMBLEM balances of the previous blocks and act. Clients will need to upgrade to 0.8.5
  • Evangelists “Spectrum” Demo and Naming Announcement


The 6th Blockchain

The ‘next’ section will be in every email and include a short list of the most relevant upcoming events. 

  • It’s not DogeCoin. Wow. Much surprise.
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источник: чат евангелистов

Краткое содержание: Borderless (декс от коллайдера) выйдет до рождества, евангелистам первым дадут потестить

Patrick M, [28.11.18 16:39]
Upcoming is Borderless!

P, [28.11.18 16:46]

When ?
BT or just after that ?
Please don't tell me it's coming 'soon'

Patrick M, [28.11.18 17:40]

I love the enthusiasm. Evangelists will be able to test it during the soft opening so you will know here first.

Codonyat, [28.11.18 18:26]
[In reply to Patrick M]
Do you have an estimate on the soft opening date? December? January? Later? Thanks.

Patrick M, [28.11.18 18:37]
[In reply to Codonyat]
It just passed 3rd party audits. Definitely before Christmas.

Codonyat, [28.11.18 18:59]
[In reply to Patrick M]
Im guessing its a minimalistic-type of exchange given how fast the development has proceeded?

Patrick M, [28.11.18 19:06]
[In reply to Codonyat]
I am very pleased with how it turned out. @multichain is the mastermind behind it and the resulting functionality is more than I expected for a V1 release. Oddly, we are rapidly becoming the only option for high speed interchain trading...turns out when you say to the public (and regulators) its decentralized...it better be decentralized.


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источник: чат евангелистов


Rish, [30.11.18 03:46]
Hey @schnorr , what is our timeline for adding more chains to the multichain? How difficult is it to add the next chain and does the difficulty decrease as we add more chains? Is the process of choosing the specific chain going to be democratic? Would love an update on the expansion of the multichain.


Patrick M, [30.11.18 07:06]
[In reply to Rish]
Decentralized governence in my opinion is still an unexplored evolution of "ballot box democracy". Another completely unexplored decentralization of power is to remove the weight that audit boards of markets like NYSE and NASDAQ get when selecting companies that should or should not go public--public companies have an enormous mindshare of the economy. We plan on 2 years from BT to start the Studiorum election process (yes the same Studiorum coin awarded to all Evangelist accounts) we may use the work being done by Decred with Politea, I think they are like minded in their pursuit of strong decentralized communities. We decided to wait 2 years so that we can protect against communities who manipulate counts from getting uninteresting fork technology or protocols that do not drive the capabilities of multichains or the ecosystem forward (*ahem* Tron, Bcash, Cosmos). Assuming the Evangelists continue to be the next level of leadership for the collider, the transition will also likely be managed by some of them. Great question.


Codonyat, [30.11.18 05:51]
[In reply to Rish]
And when m-token airdrops?


Patrick M, [30.11.18 07:07]
[In reply to Codonyat]
marked tokens are being tested now. Fortunately Rootstock finally came out so we need to move the Counterparty based version. This will happen after Emblems are unlocked for tier 1 trading.

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Очередная рассылка от коллайдера пришла. Всё ближе и ближе они к запуску декса своего. Вчера уже Патрик в чате писал: 

Ref: https://twitter.com/blockcollider/status/1068783601553166337 ...for the Evangelists eyes only (EEO) the primary op codes for trading are OP_MAKER, OP_TAKER, and OP_BACKPROOF. OP_BACKPROOF doubles as a point-in-time audit flag for monitoring centralized blockchains. The more trades conducted on Block Collider, the stronger the integrity of the crypto ecosystem.

Только я не понял, почему только для евангелистов? Все ринутся сразу писать что-то на их Beam, и им это не понравится? Непонятно.

В общем кратко о рассылке:

  • Декс будет скорее системой, которую можно подключать
  • Роверы работают быстрее даже чем native node
  • Новый язык Beam, который взял начало из дедовского OPCODE
  • Очередные непонятные слова про "Тёмные фибры" (нигде норм не объясняют как это будет работать)
  • Какой-то Spectrum, который будет "наибольшим апдейтом экосистемы ЭВЕР после POW. Если Block Collider - TCP, то Spectrum - интернет.
  • NRG будут выпущены в ARC (Automated Rover Control). В общем СКОРО!
  • 6-ой цепочкой будет не урбит, как упоминалось, а какой-то форкоклон эфира (ВОТ ЭТО ПОВОРОТ! На самом деле видимо факапятся урбитовцы, или их сложно подключить, а ещё одну цепочку схожую - изи. И будет как и обещали, 6 цепочек)

Оригинал для сверки:


As we grow closer to the After-Target period, the Block Collider team is rapidly accelerating development. Yesterday's completion of Block Collider’s OPCODEs is one significant step forward in our journey towards AT and ultimately a world where trading can be relentless, unstoppable, and borderless. This email is #3 in the Block Collider Global State series. Each email is broken into three sections: Performance Metrics, Next, and The 6th Blockchain.


Performance Metrics

In this update, we look at new technologies or "0 to 1" meaning it did not exist in the ecosystem before Block Collider. While collectively valuable, each of these innovations can be use to advance the industry in ways previously impossible or to gain efficiency.


We have yet to be introduced to an interoperability protocol that does not believe that ‘some’ trust is ‘ok’. As is often the case the harder path is often the most valuable. From relayers, to validators, to figherman this is centralization of power through capital or infrastructure. We believe you should be able to move between blockchains--or any data structure--and do so equal access and a product so decentralized you must turn off the internet to stop it.


Proof Of Distance (PoD)
A Proof of Work mining algorithm that enables the verification of ‘current state” of each child chain in the multichain. Proof Of Distance has will be used in many ways now and in the future, it can be used to measure pseudo-random chaotic data of any structure. 


Block Collider’s mechanisms to provide the most powerful cross-chain data feed inexistence. These highly optimized network processes which scour the known blockchain ecosystem for the latest blocks. The result is rovers operate 10-30% faster than even the native node designed for the blockchain.


A first of its kind, truly decentralized exchange allowing you to trade and lease Emblems. Borderless is a flagship application demonstrating how other exchanges can use Block Collider to operate truly decentralized orderbooks, partial orders, and interchain transactions.


A new type of data structure which that weaves multiple chains together into a new mineable, decentralized blockchain.


New Language (BEAM)
The native scripting language used by Block Collider. Bitcoin uses OPCODEs to execute transactions. In the same vein, BEAM extends this language to support cross-chain transactions, promises, callbacks etc...


Super Collider
A new multi-chain made up of multiple multi-chains. This is made possible due to the PoD’s ability to integrate disparate blockchains, and the fact that multichains built with Block Collider are their own chains. The focus of this technology is for colliders run by jurisdictions or enterprises. 


Dark Fibers
Method of integrating centralized chains into a decentralized multi-chain protocol without compromise. Dark Fibers algorithmically restructure timelines to enable support of things beyond blockchains such as websites or databases.

Project Spectrum (public name not announced)
This is the largest update to the decentralized ecosystem ever presented since the introduction of Proof of Work. As with much of our work if you look closely parts of the technology have been in the code base for two years and in every wallet ever created. If Block Collider is the not-consumer-facing highly technical "TCP of the internet", Project Spectrum is the consumer facing computer that makes the internet usable by the world.



Next week’s update include a detailed rollout plan for After Target. This will include timelines for: Borderless Launch, Automated Rover Control (ARC) Block, and Spectrum Naming Announcement

Launch of Borderless (prev. MADEX)

After Target Milestone and the update to 0.8.5

Release of the ARC Block with NRG balances.


The 6th Blockchain

With Ethereum already integrated it will be projects that just launched on an ETH/EVM fork or clone (AION, AELF, TRON, etc…)


Freedom Through Cryptography,

Block Collider Core

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Очередная рассылка.

Краткое содержание:

менее 13 дней осталось до "after Target" ("before target" должен был завершиться или на 1.5М блоке, но позже был перенесён на 1.8М блок или на хэш-пауэр 1.1GHz). В этот раз выпуск будет больше посвящён процессу перехода майнеров из одной эры в другую.


Бордерлесс, тот самый Декс на основе коллайдера, будет запущен 15 декабря в 21:00 EST (16 декабря 05:00 msk). Это будет клиентская версия, веб версии не будет (печалька. По опыту Blocknet качать для того, чтобы что-то поменять никто не будет).


В Before Target уже есть майнеры GPU, которые, по их информации, не поддерживают многоцепочную синхронизацию. Новое программное обеспечение будет выпущено через 14 дней после достижения нужного блока. Все, кто не перейдут на новый софт будут майнить собственную цепочку.


После запуска версии 0.8.5 ваши роверы будут работать в пассивном режиме и ждать блока от базового узла (видимо под управлением разработчиков, типа генезис блока, только на нужной высоте), в котором будут:

  • подпись для адреса before target, на которую ссылаются все блоки цепочки Before Taget;
  • The Overline Regional address;
  • полный баланс NRG для каждого адреса, который участвова в Before Target;
  • Хардкоженный (закреплённый) адрес контракта Эмблем, содержащий все балансы эмблем;
  • Установленные комиссии, основанные на времени выпуска блоков подключённых чейнов;
  • Бонус за эмблемовый грант (хз что такое).

Через 72 часа после перехода на 0.8.5 нода "фаундейшн" выпустит этот блок, и все ноды начнут майнинг. Первые 50.000 блоков будет мягкий период, в течение которого роверы будут принимать дополнительные блоки, подписанные адресом "фаундейшн" для предотвращения проблем.


Что будет "After Target"?

"After target" начнётся проект Спектрум, который является наибольшим фундаментальным обновлением обмена вэлью с момента появления PoW. С момента создания мультицепочного кошелька около дух лет назад отсылка на проект Спектрум хранилась с каждым адресом. Если вы откроете ваш кошелёк BSEC, то вы увидите поле с названием "networkAddress". Это поле необходимо для доступа в проект Спектрум, и вы будете использовать его до Overline. Период After Target будет до 3 квартала 2019 года, после которого начнётся Overline Regional и Overline Global.


Что такое Overline?

Если Block Collider - TCP для интернета, то Overline - это продукт, который делает интернет доступным для всего мира. Более подробная информация будет опубликована в первом квартале 2019 года, но ближайшие 6 месяцев основное внимание будет уделено dex Бордерлесс, и обучению пользователей составлять мета-контракты.


Известный иллюстратор Martin Beckett создал визуализацию вселенной Block Collider, в том числе таких понятий как роверы, "Dark Fibres", "Timeline Skinning". Мы начнём их твиттить в течение нескольких следующих недель.


6-ой блокчейн  - не мимбл вимбл (грин).

Скрытый текст


We estimate less than 13 days remain until the After Target minimum block height will be achieved. This is the largest milestone to date accomplished by our community. We appreciate your continued support and patience. Unlike the previous updates which included sections for Performance Metrics and Next, this update will mostly outline the transition process during which we hope to see a peaceful transition of thousands of miners around the world.

This email is #4 in the Block Collider Global State series.


The flagship, fully decentralized exchange “Borderless”

Borderless will be released on the Ethereum test network Ropsten on Saturday December 15th at 9:00PM EST. Borderless operates as a fully contained client from your machine meaning unlike other early DEXs you will not visit a website but download the Borderless application to read and place orders in Block Collider. No centralized hosting, execution, or transactions: Borderless is decentralized. More information will made be available on the official blog.


Can we continue mining once After Target (block 1.8M) has been reached?

Yes. All miners have 14 days from block 1.8M to prepare for 0.8.5, remove all data and uninstall  GPU/CPU software in mining facilities. Foundation nodes will remain on during this time. After the 14 day window, miners operating sub-0.8.5 will be mining without NRG reward as the final NRG block height will be hardcoded into in the ARC Block and NRG balance totals will be rolled up. This hard cap height will be announced on all public channels.


How will I prepare my miner or mining facility?

While multiple builds of a GPU miner have surfaced during Before Target, to our knowledge, no GPU miner build has been released that supports multichain synchronization. The software for 0.8.5 will by syndicated on the 14 days after block height has been achieved. All public channels will receive the announcement of the availability of the software. Miners who do not upgrade to 0.8.5 will fork onto their own chain.


Can we have exact dates?

We can only provide relative dates until we achieve the After Target height. We estimate this will be between December 24th and December 28th 2018. A fortunate Christmas blessing.  


What happens after I start running version 0.8.5?

Your machine and rovers will run in a passive mode waiting for the broadcast of the Automated Rover Control (ARC) Block. The block is unique and contains the following:

  • A valid signature for the beforeTarget address which is referenced in all blocks in the Before Target chain.

  • The Overline Regional address.

  • The complete NRG balance for each address that participated in Before Target.

  • The hardcoded address of the Emblem contract containing al Emblem balances.

  • Fees based on block issuance times of the connected chains are set.

  • The Emblem grant bonus.

A foundation node running 0.8.5 will broadcast the ARC Block which will signal to the rovers After Target chain is ready. We expect this to happen within 72 hours of the deadline to move to 0.8.5. Upon receiving the block all miners will begin mining on top of the ARC Block. The first 50,000 blocks will be a soft period during which Rovers will accept additional ARC blocks signed by the foundation ARC block address in the event an issue arises.


What follows After Target?

Following After Target is “Project Spectrum”. The technology is the largest fundamental upgrade to the cryptographic exchange of value since Bitcoin introduced Proof of Work to hash-cash. Since the first multichain wallet was created over two years ago reference to Project Spectrum has been quietly stored with every address. If you open your BSEC wallet you will see a field called “networkAddress”. This field is required to access Project Spectrum--or to announce the official name, you will use it to reach Overlinewith Proof of Distance. After Target will run until 3rd quarter 2019 after which begins Overline Regionaland Overline Global.


What is Overline?

If Block Collider is something only technologists care about, like TCP for the internet, then Overline is the consumer facing product that makes the internet accessible to the world. As you may have noticed with the Evangelist Community deeper function and meaning is in everything we build, this is not just a strategy, but a method to automatically inform and engage new users. Overline is built into Block Collider and is the reason for many of the unorthodox selections (e.g. the reason Cosine Distances were used in a Proof-of-Work style algorithm “Proof of Distance”).

More information on Overline will be released first quarter 2019. However, the focus for the next six months is on the decentralized exchange Borderless, how to build your own decentralized exchange, and educating users on how to write meta contracts. b0


With so much going on, how do I share this?

Working with renowned illustrator Martin Beckett, we have created visualizations of the Block Collider Universe so that you can see and share renditions of unique concepts like “Rovers”, “Dark Fibers”, and “Timeline Skinning”. We will start Tweeting these out over the the next several weeks and roll them up into a visualized glossary.


The 6th Blockchain

It is not Mimble Wimble (or Grin) which is not hocus pocus. 


Freedom Through Cryptography,

Block Collider Core

P.S. также в сообщении была найдена отсылка на адрес, связанный со взломом DAO Ethereum:




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Потыкал, биржа как биржа, только обычно если надо качать приложение, то никто не хочет этим заморачиваться. Зато уже скоро можно будет сдавать свои эмблемы в лизинг (аренду), что уже сейчас реализовано. После покупки этих лизинговых эмблем ещё их надо подключить к майнингу (тут я не понял как это реализовано, но есть кнопка "Start Mining", как будто кто-то будет майнить с помощью этих эмблем за тебя).

В принципе положительное впечатление, не совсем ужасный интерфейс, декс похожий на обычный обменник. Теперь это всё надо перетащить в веб, добавить возможность смены цветовых гамм (а то чёрная не всем зайдёт) и будет уже совсем неплохо)

Ссылка на комментарий

В чём отличие Бордерлесс (буду его называть лучше Безграничным) от других дексов? Такой вопрос задаёт пользователь чата Блокколайдера David Tham Wei Fan, пытаясь рассмотреть слабые места других дексов:

Я пытаюсь выяснить, чем наш Borderless отличается от других DEX? Каково наше ценностное предложение, что нового мы приносим на стол?
1) больше сопротивления цензуре? (черт возьми, я уверен, что тут мы круче);
2) менее подвержены фронтенд эксплойту?
3) обеспечить хороший пользовательский опыт (скорость транзакции - это одно, я считаю, что есть и другие аспекты, такие как интуитивность пользовательского интерфейса, отсутствие ошибок, отзывчивость интерфейса и т. д.);
4) ликвидность;
5) безопасность; мы отключили централизованный веб-компонент, мы переносим вектор атаки на рабочую станцию каждого пользователя / мобильный? Как насчет того, чтобы сделать этот компонент чрезвычайно защищенным, чтобы даже зараженная вредоносным ПО рабочая станция не могла легко скомпрометировать приложение? Сквозное шифрование (даже в памяти), 2FA, песочница;



Скрытый текст

What I am trying to find out is, how is our Borderless differ from other DEX? What’s our value proposition, what are the new stuff we bring to the table, are we:
1) more censorship resistance? (Hell ya I have no doubt we are)
2) less susceptible to front running?
3) provide good user experience (transaction speed is one thing, I believe there are other aspects like intuitiveness of the user interface, bug free, UI responsiveness etc.)
4) liquid, enuf said. 
5) secure; we have cut away the centralized web component, we are shifting the attack vector to each individual user’s workstation / mobile? How about make it extremely hardened that even a malware infected workstation cannot easily compromise the application? End-to-end encryption (even in memory), 2FA, sandbox....


Ссылка на комментарий

Последний выпуск рассылки посвящён некоторым цифрам по тесту Безграничного, и ссылкам на то, как можно попробовать данный декс самостоятельно.

Также мы узнали, что 6-ой базовой монетой БлокКоллайдера не будет стейблкоин, например Basis (отсылка к тому, что Basis на прошлой неделе прекратил своё существование.


Источник (eng):

Скрытый текст


We are nearly a week away from After Target period. As covered in the previous email, the launch of After Target will bring about many changes for the community. Please review that email for further guidance and preparation for those upcoming changes. We look forward to beyond Before Target, the launch of After Target, and the revelation of  OVERLINE.

This email is #6 in the Block Collider Global State series. As always, each email is broken into three sections: Performance Metrics, Next, and The 6th Blockchain.


Performance Metrics

In this update, we look metrics from the launch of BORDERLESS (prev. MADEX). In the span of two short days, the Block Collider community has rallied behind the flagship application which is the first decentralized exchange without hosted validators, orderbooks, or centralization of any kind. In fact, you don’t even visit a website to use BORDERLESS and instead download a P2P client application which runs on your computer.


The performance metrics from the BORDERLESS soft launch are:

  • 4919.186 EMB converted to L-EMB

  • 35 New Vanities Purchased

  • 10 Vanities Traded

  • 135 EMB/ETH Orders Filled

  • 59 Leases Purchased

  • 21 Existing Leases Purchased

How to try out BORDERLESS (detailed introduction?

  1. Request testnet Emblems (yes Emblems!)

  2. You may need to request testnet Ether.

  3. We strongly recommend you do not use your BSEC wallet but that you generate a new one.  

  4. Download the application.

In addition to being the flagship example of how decentralized exchanges could use Block Collider, BORDERLESS introduces the following features:

  • Emblem Leasing or L-EMB which permit users to grant or sell their Emblems to miners.

  • Vanity Addresses: short name 12 character addresses which can be used seamlessly by enterprises.

  • L-EMB and Vanity Address marketplace.

  • Emblem Lease Mining Administration.

We are thrilled about the adoption, even while we are in the testnet phase. We’ve also received a lot of great suggestions for features and improvements from the community and will be using them for future releases moving forward. Please continue to provide any feedback, bugs, questions to the following link:https://goo.gl/forms/UGu2uN3oF3N4asNs2 or read the detailed introduction.



  • Miners have 14 days following block 1.8 to shut down operations and prepare to migrate to 0.8.5

  • 0.8.5 will be released and the ARC Block will be broadcast to the network. 


The 6th Blockchain

It will not be an individual stable coin such as Basis.


Ссылка на комментарий

источник: tg evangelists chat

В ответ на вопрос юзера Патрик объясняет как формируются блоки в БК:


Скрытый текст


David Tham Wei Fan, [22.12.18 09:50]
In particular, knowledge of the memberchain’s state (by allowing all blocks generated, orphan and/or uncles alike) would surely help / leads to advance knowledge of which potential fork get finalised in the next block, but does it extend all the way to the N+1, N+2...? This is important as while BC confirming a BTC block on BC multichain, an chain-reorg could be underway that alto haven’t become the winning chain now, but will later.


Patrick M, [22.12.18 11:58]
[In reply to David Tham Wei Fan]
Enjoying the emerging thought leadership from you @davidthamwf . The field of study for this topic is Combinatorial Proofs. Copying some notes on it, for a rough draft paper called Sets of Sets, for Prescient Sets of Sets, yes I will change the name.

Sets of Sets, for Prescient Sets of Sets. (SSPSS) 

I like toh think in trees and while this deserves a paper I will try and explain like that. The root is that all blocks of all blockchains are mutations of the same global state--the same organism. From here we solve this by breaking into two branches.  Branch A you are unbounded by time or have perfect prescience of all blocks as a set from the beginning to the end of all blockchains. Branch B you are bounded by time and must build a probabilistic model or B -> 1 minus PROB(next) for scoring the next likely block. As the length of mutations referencing any given block is extended the function decreases in weight or “1 - PROB(next) / REFERENCES”. Until the threshold of 1 is achieved.  Each following mutation is a reference. 

Consider an Ethereum node at a given height deciding between two blocks. If we are thinking in terms of branch B we can run our function and get a simple score to determine which block we should choose. If we are thinking in terms of A with prescience we see at every point in time how accurate our PROB function was without introducing bias (unless we foolishly trained on that score). Let’s call this the FORE function. 

Assuming rational actors consult the functions PROB vs FORE everyone would choose the FORE function because this knows all mutations for all time. Seems obvious. This is where Combintorial Proofs (also take a look at Pascals Triangle) come in. The FORE function simply has a much larger reference table. 

Let’s switch to an evil player. In a 51% attack the evil actor is not destroying all previous work but temporarily capturing all future work. This means his/her attack space is the number of mutations that must be controlled for non existent transaction to be valid in a timeline dependant on the blockchain on which it is making decisions. For instance, I must trick the Coinbase nodes that a deposit or withdrawal happened on Ethereum long enough to trigger a deposit or withdrawal update on their own end causing the double spend. 

Now let’s look at the same Branch B PROB function for a Block Collider node. Instead of comparing 2 mutations it is always comparing the set of all mutations for each Block Collider block provided while this is not the FORE function it is taking all mutations from all connected chains and the Ethereum nodes mutations. Let’s call this function BCOL. Comparing B -> BCOL vs B -> PROB,  BCOL is the set S = { PROB(next) / REF … PROB(next.n) / REFn }. This is also how TxPanels get us to billions of messages in Overline Global. The first obvious thought is that more references must be better which is sometimes true but not actually the big evolution here. The big evolution is that through Block Collider nodes are looking at the number of references that reference that set which means there is an addition MULTICHAIN REF multiplier of the whole set. e.g. The best next set of sets of mutations is the constant decision every Block Collider node makes. Each new multichain ‘mutation’ is both the extension of it’s own sequence and the highest mutation from all other connected sequences. 

This means that a 51% attacker must consistently create a better set of sets instead of a singular set of mutations. Or more simply in terms of a Coinbase node under attack is not relying on the next best block but the next best set of blocks which makes the cost of the 51% multiplied by the height of the number of set mutations it must control to trick Coinbase’s BC node’s timeline. On the down side there is a dimensionality problem in a MULTICHAIN data structure ever having turing like scripting functionality. 

One node
SBlock1 = PROB(next) / REF
SBlock1 = PROB(next) / REF
SBlock1 = PROB(next) / REF

BC Node



Ссылка на комментарий


источник: рассылка BC

Несмотря на рождество, рассылка БлокКоллайдера пришла вовремя. Видимо рассылающий не католик.

Интересное: из восьми членов-основателей BC шесть имеют степень по экономике.

Overline (ранее Spectrum) следует философии "underdogs win", что позволяет бороться с централизацией (прим. перев. да что там за Оверлайн такой?).

В обзоре описывается экономическая модель EMB в контексте трёх групп: Шахтеров, Трейдеров и Потребителей. Вывод: Эмблемы будут нужны и полезны всем трём группам.


PS: Merry Christmas and if you are reading or will one day read this Satoshi we hope you are also gathered with your friends and family around a brightly lit Merkle Tree. 



Скрытый текст

At the time of this email, Block Collider’s multichain is at block height 1,792,780. We are no longer counting in months or weeks we are mere days from After Target. The team has been working tirelessly to take us beyond the Before Target period and that mission is almost at an end. This email is #7 in the Block Collider Global State series. As always, each email is broken into three sections: Performance Metrics, Next, and The 6th Blockchain.


Performance Metrics

Of the eight founding members of Block Collider six (75%) have degrees in Economics. With Economics being 2.5% of all degrees (datausa.io) Block Collider has 30x what would be expected from an average sample. The  economic theory is woven deeply into the ecosystem of Block Collider. This performance update breaks down the widgets and implications of the meso-economic model of Block Collider studying the numbers behind the theory of “Emblem Utility Economics from 2000-2050 A.D.”

In the 1980s academics argued that policy as pertains to the influence of global economics on state level actors created “borderless” game theoretic situations which warranted a new field of study called Meso-economics. This field would operate as a in between macro and micro fields specifically focuses on Volatility, Regulated Trade, Remittances, Non-linear Dynamics (information flow), and Game Theory--sound blockchain-esque?

Like national fiat is the ‘coin’ of macro-micro policy, Emblems are the ‘coin’ of meso-economic policy. With this Emblems should provide automatic exposure to their owners regarding businesses that deal in aforementioned meso topics Volatility, Regulated Trade, Remittances etc. Let's look at the applied Emblem economic model in context of three significant forces Miners, Traders, and Consumers (Overline):

  • Emblem Demand from Miners: Miners are faced with increasing Proof Of Distance difficulty, R&D competition from other miner, and deflationary scarcity of the reward (NRG). To grow their operation miners who own Emblems get more NRG per unit of electric spent. This would be like telling a gold miner not only do you own the land of the the mine you are mining but you own a piece of the land of all miners. Looking at this through the lense of designing Emblems to work now and in 2050 A.D. we can see similarities in early agrarian societies where Emblem owners, then ‘Lords & Ladies’ or 'Gentry Elite" have significant influence over the environment. Emblem owners will define the future culture of Block Collider (yes protocols have cultures like companies). This is why Block Collider itself didn't pay for advertising of any kind which results ‘short term vision clickbait users’ but instead focused on word-of-mouth only academically minded people and the intellectual extremes found in the Evangelists.  

  • Emblem Demand from Traders: Market forces impact miner incentives but more importantly traders represent a point-in-time preference change in value BTC->ETH, EMB<-RMB, etc. The preference changes are functionally in shorter time horizons than any given miner time horizon preventing the miner to respond to short term market movements such as heavy transaction fees. During the short term event of conducting a trade and executing on this preference the trader must collateralize a portion of NRG locking up this collateral for trade cycle. This is done by both the maker and taker of the order. The result is that unlike regular preference changes or decisions impacting a singular pair such as BTC-USDT or ETH-NEO, NRG is locked up for all decisions in all pairs. This puts downward pressure on the available supply of NRG and makes the amount of NRG locked up at any given window of time a ecosystem wide volatility indicator.  As the period becomes more volatile miners can capture lucrative NRG pairs from eager traders by purchasing Emblems to earn more NRG. Since Emblem grants are only applied after a 100 block ‘cool off’ period Emblems become the first fully decentralized utility function of Volatility.

  • Emblem Demand from Consumers: Overline (prev. Project Spectrum) is the public facing product of Block Collider. If Block Collider is the highly technical ‘TCP of the literal internet, Overline is the consumer facing computer which abstracts the user from this technology. More importantly the computer can self-educate the adopting user e.g. you can study computers by searching the internet for computers. Overline is how transaction mining takes place and protecting our ‘underdogs win’ philosophy against centralization. This protection makes Block Collider accessible to the entire planet.  More than two years in the making Overline is the final component of the meso-economic model of Emblems. We look forward to sharing it.

In conclusion we looked at a few of the significant forces that drive Emblems into the future and more importantly shared how Emblems can be utilized to capture the meso-economic value streams in the coming convergence of communication and trade.


  • Block 1.8 million will be mined by our community.

  • 14 days following block 1.8 million, miners must stop operations and prepare to migrate to 0.8.5.

  • Remember, mining after those 14 days with a sub-0.8.5 miner will yield no NRG reward and run on a strange lonely chain.
  • 0.8.5 will be released and the ARC Block will be broadcast to the network.


The 6th Blockchain

  • It’s XRP the database! It’s not, ZeroCoin and 0x either.


Freedom Through Cryptography,.

Block Collider Core

PS: Merry Christmas and if you are reading or will one day read this Satoshi we hope you are also gathered with your friends and family around a brightly lit Merkle Tree. 


Ссылка на комментарий

Патрик отвечает в евангелистском чате на ФУД о сорванных сроках и отсутствию команды за компьютерами во время наступления AT:

Скрытый текст

This has no place in the Evangelist chat. Speaking without emotion on behalf of the project compare Block Collider with any other interoperability project. We are at a minimum 10x less funded and are literally the only one that is building its own chain that isnt a fork of Ethereum. For scientific  exploration alone Block Collider must exist. Speaking with emotion personally I expect more from an Evangelist. This group are the core philosophers of the project and regardless of feedback in the general they take a strong stance to defend and protect the philosophy and vision—and they have done so with flying colors on Twitter, Telegram, wnd Reddit. If its not Block Collider we live in a future of centralized validator projects on Ethereum. Wild non quantitive remarks such as 5 times longer would mean 5 years? That sounds like Dfinity or Cosmos time. Speaking from an ecosystem perspective. Fueled by concerns in the general market coupled with a weakened crypto market will cause a large clearing out the speculators. Unfortunately speculators help emerging markets by sacrificing long term vision and strategy with short term behavior (often at their own expense). While we needed them to kick start the bull market, in a bear market the winner One. Hundred. Percent—are those with long term precise vision. Now, if Block Collider says 14 days to release an exchange that cannot be stopped ever without turning off the internet. Id give it to them. The implications of such a technology would upend global trade—especially if they were able to figure out how to make consumers use it. I am going to get back to the testnet.


Если коротко: "спасибо спекулянтам за бычье ралли, но на медвежьем рынке на первое место выходят технологии. Поэтому я пошёл работать в тестнет, а спекулянты пусть идут нахрен".

Ссылка на комментарий

Block Collider прислал очередную, 8-ую рассылку с новостями. Сильно никаких крупных новостей нет, больше подводят итоги года, сравнивают себя с другими interoperability проектами, выставляют напоказ свои преимущества: 

Скрытый текст


As the 2018 comes to a close, our team couldn’t be more grateful for the last year nor more excited for the coming one. As the final email of 2018 here are some major milestones in the 8 months following the Genesis Event.

With the incoming release of 0.8.5 imminent and more details about Overline on the horizon and well it;s fun to think about what the BCGS update will be December 2019 or December 2020. It is important to take note of the last 8 months  has been just over 8 months since the Generation Event and we are grateful to have you on the journey ahead.

  • Launch of Multiverse the first multichain explorer.

  • Borderless flagship decentralized exchange launched.

  • Dark Fibers deployed to help centralized chains like NEO and Waves to handle the load.

  • 3 Evangelist events brought together 6000 contestants, winners becoming active members of the community.

  • Code base transpile between Rust for maximum performance and Javascript.

  • Generation Event completed April 24th with more than 70,000 users attempting to join.  

  • Organic open source leading to GPU miners, pools, and block explorers.

  • Deploy both single thread and multi-thread nodes.  

  • BEAM scripting language enabling data structures with following rules category theory.

After Target Transition

We are grateful for the overwhelming response and excitement directed toward mining. While some individuals may not enjoy the timeline, their discomfort demonstrates the demand for Block Collider moving forward. A few necessary points:


  • The community has noticed a large drop off of Difficulty during the After Target period. This is to be expected as up until the ARC block miners are mining for social good only in the continuation of the Multichain. NRG rewards are not being given away.

  • It has been 14 days since the launch of Borderless and we have gathered excellent feedback on Borderless.

  • We are on schedule to launch 0.8.5 -- 14 days (January 10th) from the After Target block height. Nodes running 0.8.5 support full sync of all 6 chains, partial sync, and BEAM meta-contracts.

  • BEAM the custom language built to support data, messaging, and trading on top of Proof of Distance.

  • A soft launch will be made available in Borderless to let people test writing and initiating trades.

This email is #8 in the Block Collider Global State series. As always, each email is broken into three sections: Performance Metrics, Next, and The 6th Blockchain.


Performance Metrics

Over 2019 will see many Ethereum alternatives which raised capital over that year, this of course will increase the narrative around interoperability and especially as these entrant projects carve specializations. We as the community need to understand what makes Block Collider different particularly that we are not competitors with any companies. Relatively Block Collider has a very unique technical position but that is most likely due to it’s longer term vision in Overline. The thought leadership at Speculative Rationality has put together an excellent comparative table.




Category Leaders

The following projects represent significant mindshare in the interoperability multichain space.



Built From Clone

Target MainNet Date?

Interoperability is Trustless


Yes. ETH -> TM


No. 100 Validators.

Polka Dot


Q3 2019

No. ‘Fishermen’




No. Threshold Oracle.


Yes. ETH.

Q2 2019

No. Relay channels.


Yes. ETH.


No. Centralized API.


Yes. LISK.


No. Masternodes.



  • Miners must stop operations and prepare to migrate to 0.8.5 on January 10th, 2019.

  • 0.8.5 will be released and the ARC Block will be broadcast to the network.


The 6th Blockchain

While there has be much speculation, the 6th chain will not be Facebook’s new stablecoin. No Zuckcoin.


Ссылка на комментарий
  • cryptoseal changed the title to Overline.Network (ex Block Collider) - мультичейн протокол с возможностью майнинга

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