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  1. MrSkill

    Linear Finance - yet another synthetic asset protocol

  2. MrSkill

    Sushi - новая АММ-биржа

    Скорее всего через 2 дня увидим байбек на 14 млн долл..
  3. Новая эфирная стратегия на следущей неделе
  4. И еще, от етерскана https://etherscan.io/yieldfarms
  5. MrSkill

    Sushi - новая АММ-биржа

    Послемиграционный fаq Do I need to unstake and restake? If you were deposited before the migration then no. If werent part of SushiSwap before the migration, then you'd need to redeem your Uniswap LP tokens and come deposit them at exchange.sushiswapclassic.org to deposit. Do I need to approve SLP? Yes. SLP is our version of UNI-v2 LP tokens. They need to be approved to interact with the system. Why don't I see my tokens on exchange.sushiswapclassic.org after migrating? exchange.sushiswapclassic.org and sushiswapclassic.org/farms are two different smart contracts. The exchange.sushiswapclassic.org page looks for LP tokens that are in your wallet (such as metamask) it cannot see what you have deposited into the farms on the /farms page. So it will show 0, but your LP tokens are still safe in that contract. What is xSUSHI? xSushi is what you get when you stake SUSHI on the new sushiswapclassic.org/staking page - the xSUSHI staked earns a reward fee of 0.05% of all trades. How do I get trade rewards? If you have LP tokens you automatically get 0.25% of all trades in your pool added back to that pool, so you get a proportional share. If you have xSUSHI staked then you continue to get 0.05% of all trade fees from all pools divided proportionally against your stake. MORE FAQ When will we get the 2M migration airdrop? As soon as SBFs team is ready. They've had a LONG day with the migration and I assume have passed out right now. Let them sleep. What is the APR of the xSUSHI token? No one knows, because it is based on fees and use. Do I continue to get new $SUSHI rewards? Yes new $SUSHI is issued every block for sushi staked in the /farms Can I add new pairs to the default list on SushiSwap? Not at this time. Please make a community proposal vote for that. Are there plans to cap the $SUSHI distribution, lower the emission, or add burning? Yes, all of those are being discussed and proposed. Did any pairs not migrate? Yes BASED is still using UNI-V2 tokens instead of SLP tokens due to the issues with their rebasing. I can't see my LP tokens showing up? Make sure to refresh your cache. There are lots of caching issues. Something on the page says Uniswap or UNI-V2 That's outdated refresh your cache. Where can I see the TVL? Right now I dont think any public page is updated with that, but at last check it was around $1b Is SushiSwap now the largest DEX by liqudity? Yes. is there a SushiSwap version of Uniswap.info? No not yet but it is in the works.
  6. MrSkill

    Sushi - новая АММ-биржа

    Первый пул перенесен!
  7. MrSkill

    Sushi - новая АММ-биржа

    Ответы на вопросы по миграции https://medium.com/sushiswap-org/migration-faq-effdf940e167
  8. MrSkill

    Sushi - новая АММ-биржа

    1 млн суши будет распределен между теми кто сохранит стейк на период миграции
  9. MrSkill


    награды за 13 неделю https://github.com/balancer-labs/bal-mining-scripts/blob/master/reports/13/_totals.json
  10. Последние награды за сентябрьский пул и первые за октябрьский.. рассылка в ближайшее время. https://github.com/UMAprotocol/protocol/pull/1929/files
  11. IMG_0348 (1).mov YFI на Россия 24 + прогноз цены
  12. Опубликовали роадмэп и раскрыли сид инвесторов https://medium.com/dodoex/dodo-announces-seed-round-led-by-framework-ventures-unveils-long-term-roadmap-3bdef33736d4
  13. Вот и пришло время ребрендинга, правда в этот раз название осталось прежним: https://blog.synthetix.io/new-synthetix-visual-brand/
  14. В понедельник 31 августа в 23-59 по мск проект будет проводить обновление. В течение нескольких часов сервисы проекта будут недоступны. Подробнее об изменениях в блоге https://blog.synthetix.io/the-pollux-release/
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